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Black Agate Stone: A Protection From Evil Eye

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Black Agate Stone

Whenever you try to start something new or fresh, there is always an obstacle waiting for you. Or maybe suddenly, your successful career or business witnesses drastic losses. Chances are that you are the victim of an evil eye. This is when the magic of the black agate stone benefits come into play.

Apart from enhancing your beauty as jewellery, the black agate stone works wonders for you with its astrological, metaphysical and spiritual properties. With this guardian gemstone, it is your golden chance to bring transformative changes in your life be it personal or professional. So, let us take a deep dive into the world of the black agate stone and discover how it benefits you. 

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Black Agate Meaning and Significance 

Meet one of the magical and transformative stones in astrology, the black agate stone. Derived from the word ‘Achates’ (river in Greece), the black agate stone is popular for evil eye removal. The black colour of the stone is said to absorb all the negative energies around a person and send positivity and peaceful vibrations instead.

Coming in a variety of colours, such as white, yellow, blue and red, the agate stone leads you to a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Back in the time, the black agate stone was used as a decorative item as well as a tool for protection from the evil eye. Even now, people use this magical gemstone to bring balance and peacefulness to their lives. 

Astrologically, the white stripes on the black agate stone are associated with the malefic planet Ketu. But it is the ruling planet of black agate stone, Saturn, that protects you from the ill effects of the malefic planets such as Rahu or Ketu. 


Black Agate Stone 


Root Chakra 
Ruling Planet 


Ruling Element 


Ruling God 

Lord Shiva 

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Unlocking 4 Surprising Black Agate Stone Benefits

Right from boosting your confidence to promoting a healthy life, the black agate stone is no less than your guardian. Why, you may ask? Well, by looking at the following black agate stone benefits you will know why. 

1. Removes Health Issues 

Along with providing you with complete protection from the evil eye, the black agate stone takes care of your health, too. It is the magic and the power of the black agate stone that provides relief on the health issues related to kidney, nervous, eyes, and heart. 

2. Eliminates Vastu Dosha 

Individuals dealing with vastu dosha in their birth charts must keep the black agate stone in their homes. Also known as the guardian gemstone, the Sulemani hakik stone helps in vastu correction and removes all the problems associated with Vastu dosha from life. 

3. Boosts Confidence and Courage

Wearing this magical stone can fade away all your fears and doubts and gift you a more confident, bold and courageous personality. With newly found confidence and courage, you start making smart and rightful decisions and leave no room for error. If this weren’t enough, this guardian gemstone also calms your anxiety and surrounds you with more balanced and positive energies. 

4. Removes Negative or Evil Energies 

Just think of the black agate stone as a shield against all the negative energies or evil eyes! This is why a black agate stone is also known as the evil eye crystal. Along with this, the magical stone, black agate, keeps you away from negative thoughts and emotions and encourages you to think positively. With a positive set of mind, it gets easier for you to concentrate on your goals and ambitions. 

Things to keep in mind while wearing Black Agate Stone 

Before you get your hands on this magical stone Sulemani hakik, there are some important things that you need to know. What should be the ideal time to wear the stone, or what metal should it be worn with? These are the things that you need to know before wearing the stone. So, here are the important tips that elevate the magical properties of Black agate stone, aka the evil eye crystal: 

1. Ideal Time to Wear 

Wearing the black agate stone or sulemani hakik stone on a Saturday evening shows the best results as per astrological beliefs. This is because Saturday is the day dedicated to the ruling planet of the Black agate stone, aka Saturn. Moreover, during the evening or nighttime, the energies of Saturn are less malefic and provide greater benefits. So, performing the ritual during this time gives suitable results. 

2. Select the Right Finger

For a person who wants to attain the maximum benefits of the black agate stone, then wearing this stone on the middle finger would be the best. Astrologically, the middle finger is associated with the planet of karma, Saturn (the ruling planet of black agate stone). Females must wear the stone on the middle finger of the left hand, and the males on the middle finger of the right hand. 

3. Suitable Metal 

Astrology believes that the suitable metal that a black agate stone should be worn with is silver. The wearer can wear it as a ring, black banded agate, pendant, or bracelet, completely depending on the wearer’s choice. 

4. Right Procedure to Wear 

To enjoy the black agate stone benefits one must perform a simple ritual that involves dipping the stone in milk. This ritual must be performed on Saturday evening by chanting the powerful mantra, Shani Beej Mantra. After performing this step, now is the time to take out the black agate stone and rinse it with water. 

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How Black Agate Stone Remedies Can Transform Your Life 

Wearing the black agate stone provides you protection from negative energies and removes obstacles. But what about something more? Here are the most simple and effective remedies that hold the potential to transform your life in a better way. From removing the evil eye to financial problems, the following black agate stone remedies do it all. 

1. Remedy for Financial Problems 

To get rid of all the financial burdens, you need to take a black agate stone and keep it in your offices, home or shop on Friday. The sulemani hakik stone must be kept there until next Wednesday. Now, take this black agate stone and keep it in your temple or the place where you keep the money. Doing this simple remedy can eliminate all your financial worries and promote good luck and fortune. 

2. Remedy for Disturbed Sleep and Ketu Dosha 

The imbalanced or negative energies around a person can sometimes lead to sleep-related problems such as insomnia or a disturbed sleep schedule. So, to promote better sleep and remove the Ketu dosha from your kundli, you must wear it as a bracelet, pendant or ring. Doing this simple remedy also benefits those dealing with anxiety or mental health problems. 

3. Remedy for a Peaceful and Positive Environment

People dealing with a negative and chaotic environment at home must perform this simple remedy to bring peaceful energies. For this, you need to move the black agate stone from the head to the toe of your family members. After this, the stone must be thrown in the South direction on Saturday. It is believed the sulemani hakik will absorb all the negativity in your home and make room for peace and positivity. 

Well, that’s a wrap on the miraculous benefits of the Black agate stone aka the Sulemani hakik stone. Bringing this magical stone into your life is indirectly saying goodbye to problems related to your health and career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are Black agate stone benefits?

Also known as evil eye crystal, the Black agate stone removes the evil eye or the negative energies around the wearer. Along with this, it helps in removing career problems such as instability or stagnant growth.

2. What zodiac is black agate stone for?

As per the astrological beliefs, the black agate stone benefits the zodiac signs Aquarius, Cancer and Gemini the most. However, some other beliefs claim that black agate stone benefits the responsible and determined zodiac Capricorn.

3. Who should wear black agate?

People suffering from the ill-effects of Ketu, Saturn or Rahu in their chart must wear the black agate stone. Along with this, black agate stone benefits the people who need protection from the evil eye or negative energies.

4. What is the ruling planet of black agate?

In astrology, the magical black agate stone is associated with the planet of karma, Saturn. However, some astrological beliefs claim that Mercury is the ruling planet of the sulemani hakik stone (black agate stone).

5. What is the name of the Hakik stone in English?

Hakik stone or Sulemani Hakik stone is known as Black agate stone in english. This magical stone is popular for its healing properties and protection from the negative energies of the evil eye.

6. Are there any side effects of wearing Black Agate stone?

No, there is no such side effect of wearing a black agate stone. In fact, it provides relief for health issues related to the heart, kidneys and eyes. Moreover, the wearer gets the blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

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