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Discover the Lucky Birthstone for February Borns 

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Lucky Birthstone

The month of February has arrived, tagging along several ups and downs for the February borns. For some of you, the month of February will be all about financial setbacks, while others will deal with chaos in your love life. Don’t worry, as February birthstone is no less than a magic problem solver for you. How, you may ask?

Sometimes, by raising the positive energies and bringing clarity and confidence the Feb birthstone, such as Amethyst, has its own ways to spread the magic. So, are you ready to turn all those downs into ups and add a touch of good luck to your life with a lucky birthstone for February borns? Let’s begin! 

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What is February Birthstone? 

Wondering what a February birthstone is and what does it even do? Well, astrology might have the answer for you. People born in the month of love, aka February, have been assigned mainly one birthstone: Amethyst. Known for its metaphysical properties, Amethyst February gemstone comes in different shades of purple, i.e. from light purple to dark purple. 

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Moving onto the Red Garnet, a February birthstone takes care of the love department and provides a strong base and foundation for romantic relationships. Where on the other hand, another lucky birthstone for February borns, Jasper takes care of the health department and keeps you away from health issues specifically related to stomach. Now is the time to look at this February birthstone one by one and discover the various reasons why adding these into your life can bring a positive change. 


Amethyst  Red Garnet 


Family  Quartz family  Silicate Minerals 

Quartz family 


Crown Chakra  Base Chakra 

Base Chakra 


Power and authority  Strength, courage and wisdom 

Faith, constancy and cheerfulness 

Known As 

Aquarius zodiac gemstone  Special apostle birthstone 

February guardian angel birthstone


Eliminates fear and enhances passion and romance  Brings the energies of commitment, trust and protection 

Provides stability and groundedness 

Ruling Planet 

Saturn  Saturn 


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Top 3 Stunning Birthstones That Bring Luck to February Borns 

Once in your life, you must have felt that good luck was playing hide and seek from you. No matter what you do or try, there was always something you lacked. But what if we told you that astrology has assigned your own set of magical gems as per your birthday month? This time, the limelight is on the people born in February. So, bring good luck and fortune to your side with the three stunning February birthstones. 

1. Amethyst Stone

The first February birthstone on our list is the most beautiful and precious birthstone: Amethyst. Derived from the two Greek words ‘A’ and ‘Methystos’, the word Amethyst means not drunk. Back in Greek mythology, people used this February birthstone as a way to prevent themselves from getting drunk or intoxicated.

But in modern times, this precious stone can be used in healing and bringing positive and calm vibes into an individual’s life. Astrologically, this Feb birthstone can bring immense benefits to those born under the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces, represented by the Air and Water elements, respectively. 

Reasons Why Amethyst Birthstone is a Must-Have Crystal 

Famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said the ‘Amethyst birthstone holds the potential to remove negativity and enhance intelligence and wit’. The reason why Da Vinci said this was not just because he was mesmerised by its beauty but because he was aware of the magical benefits of this precious gemstone. So, let us explore how Amethyst, the master healer of the gemstones, sprinkle its magic on our lives! 

  • Enhances mental clarity 

Thoughts of fear, confusion, and self-doubts become a past affair when an individual starts using the lucky birthstone for February borns, aka Amethyst. Blessing a person with mental clarity, the Amethyst also makes sure to fade away all the negative energies around him. 

  • Calms anger issues 

By bringing in the energies of peace and calm, the Amethyst birthstone helps in relieving a person’s anger issues. With a calm and positive attitude, the wearer also improves his social and personal relationships. Moreover, his focus and concentration levels also enhanced with the entry of Amethyst’s birthstone into his life. 

  • Strengthens love relationships 

Having a peaceful and strong romantic relationship is everyone’s dream. Right? The master healer, aka the Amethyst February birthstone, does exactly to your love relationship. It not only brings calm and peace to your romantic relationships but also brings back the lost spark and passion. 

2. Jasper Stone

Known as the ‘stone of endurance’, Red Jasper belongs to the Quartz family and has shown miraculous results in healing. Not only today, but back in the time, Red Jasper was used by the warriors mainly for two reasons. First, it helped in healing and enhancing their overall health and well-being.

Second, it gifted them with immense courage and confidence to destroy their enemies on the battlefield. Coming back to today, the supreme nurturer gemstone, Jasper makes sure that it enhances the health of the wearer by detoxifying the circulatory system, blood as well as liver. 

Reasons Why Jasper Birthstone is a Must-Have Crystal 

Handling the health department of the wearer brings incredible changes in the wearer’s health. However, if you think that the Jasper can only be used to correct the wearer’s health, this is exactly where you are wrong. Apart from the health benefits, the stone of health, aka Jasper birthstone, does a lot more to make the wearer’s life free from problems. So, let us explore all those benefits, aka the reasons to use Jasper birthstone: 

  • Enhances focus and strength 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it gets so difficult to focus or concentrate on your work/ studies. Right? This is exactly where the magic of Jasper starts to kick in. It is believed that after using the Jasper, the wearer tends to focus and concentrate more on his work or studies. Along with this, the Jasper stone also provides protection from evil and negative energies and makes the atmosphere more happeninng and peaceful. 

  • Helps overcome anxiety and stress 

People suffering from anxiety issues, stress or tension benefit the most from the Jasper February birthstone. So, whenever a person faces a stressful situation, this is exactly when Jasper’s healing properties take the lead, encouraging him to calm down. So, instead of panicking or doing things in stress or anxiety, a person takes a peaceful and calm approach. 

  • Keeps you grounded and stable 

The last and the most important reason for choosing Jasper, a lucky birthstone for February borns, is the energies of groundedness and stability. Speaking of stability, Jasper also tries to balance the wearer’s emotions and encourages him to live life with a positive mindset. 

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3. Red Garnet Stone

Derived from the Latin word ‘granutus’, the garnet gemstone comes in a variety of colours, such as orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, green and brown. However, the one associated with the February borns is Red Garnet, which is the symbol of faith and strength.

But did you know that besides bringing romance and passion to our love relationships, the Red Garnet Birthstone was known for providing protection to ancient travellers? Used as a talisman, the red garnet birthstone used to sparkle whenever there was danger nearby. Astrologically, this legendary February birthstone is associated with the Base or Root chakra. 

Reasons Why Red Garnet Birthstone is a Must-Have Crystal 

The Red Garnet stone is here for your rescue if you are dealing with chaos and mess in your love life. Or if the malefic planet, Rahu, is giving you a tough time by sending out uninvited problems and setbacks into your life. But before you get your hands on this magical gemstone, first look at the benefits it could have to your life. 

  • Protection from the Ill-effects of Rahu 

Just think of the Red Garnet Feb birthstone as a cloak of protection from the harmful effects of the malefic planet, Rahu. People with the bad or poor placement of Rahu in their birth charts can make use of this birthstone to balance the ill effects of Rahu. Besides balancing the negative influence of Rahu, individuals can also strengthen the placement of Rahu in their kundali as per astrological beliefs. 

  • Brings Success and Encouragement

In the world of gemstones, the Red Garnet is the gemstone famous for enhancing the chances of success and achievements. What it does is fill the wearer with the energies of passion, drive and zeal to work hard towards his goals and ambitions. Along with the passion and zeal comes confidence and courage to face the upcoming challenges. 

  • Brings passion and romance to love relationships 

Calling this magical birthstone the ‘love guru’ of your love relationship would not be wrong. Why, you may ask? For committed individuals, the Red Garnet releases a positive energy that encourages individuals to work on strengthening their bonds. Along with this, wearing a red garnet birthstone enhances communication skills and eliminates existing misunderstandings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why is February’s birthstone Amethyst?

The beautiful birthstone, Amethyst, has been assigned as the lucky gemstone for the February borns as per astrological beliefs. Ever since ancient times, the Feb birthstone, Amethyst, is known for its calming and healing properties.

2. What is February birthstone color?

For people born in the month of February, shades of purple such as lilac, lavender or deep purple are their birthstone colours. Known as the ‘master healer’ of the gemstones, the Amethyst blocks all negativity and blesses a person with strong intuition and confidence.

3. What does the February birthstone mean?

The word, ‘amethyst’ has been derived from the Greek language meaning a solution for hangovers. So, in Greek mythology, people used to believe that the Amethyst would protect from drunkenness and prevent intoxication. However, in the world of gemstones, the Amethyst is used as the symbol of power and authority.

4. What is the February star sign and its birthstone?

As per astrology, the February star sign is a confident and innovative zodiac sign, Aquarius. On the other hand, the birthstones for the February star sign, aka Aquarius, are Amethyst, Red Garnet, Red Jasper and Opal, as per astrological beliefs.

5. What are the benefits of birthstone for February?

One of the most talked about benefits of the February birthstone, Amethyst, is that it helps open the third eye chakra. Now, with the third eye chakra opened, an individual witnesses strong intuition and psychic abilities. Along with this, wearing an Amethyst birthstone eliminates feelings of fear and anxiety and blesses a person with confidence and power.

6. Does February birthstone have healing powers?

Yes, astrology believes that the February gemstone, aka Amethyst, has healing powers. It not only brings calmness and removes anxiety but also helps with health issues related to lung, skin and sleep disorders.

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