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Benefits of Wearing Black Colour on Saturday!

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Did you know why so many people wear black clothes on Saturday? It is because Saturday is the day of Saturn! In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as Shani. Black is Lord Shani’s colour. Therefore, wearing black colour on Saturday helps us gain the blessings of Shani Dev. This colour also has a deep significance in Astrology. Hence, the black colour helps determine an individual’s personality traits as well. Do you want to know the benefits of wearing black colour on Saturday? Keep reading to find out!

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Black Colour Meaning in Astrology

The colour black is captivating. It is a strong colour which draws attention towards itself. It is the darkest colour of all colours. Therefore, this dark colour represents various dark aspects of our lives. It is a significant colour in the world of Vedic Astrology.

According to Astrology, black is a colour of protection. It offers protection against various negative energies. In Astrology, black has a connection with our root chakra. Therefore, it is responsible for our connection with reality and safety. Moreover, the most important black colour meaning is its association with Saturn or Shani.

Who is Shani?

According to Hindu mythology and Vedic astrology, Saturn is also known as Shani. Shani is a powerful god who has a unique image in Hinduism. He is the god of Karma. Therefore, he is responsible for giving us the results of our actions.

People check their Kundlis to find the position of Shani. Many believe that having Shani in your Kundli is inauspicious. But, it is not true, as a good placement of Shani is highly beneficial.

Furthermore, he is also a punisher. Shani severely punishes those who have done bad or unethical acts in their lives. This strong nature of Shani is the reason why many fear this deity. However, Shani can also give us various benefits, which can be life-changing.

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What does Black Color Personality signify?

Along with Astrology, black colour also has a meaning in colour theory. This means that there is certain Black color meaning personality; let’s find out:

  • Black represents a mysterious yet magnetic personality.
  • Those who like black have an extremely strong will. Therefore, no circumstances can move them.
  • Black also symbolises strength and courage. It is the perfect colour for strong individuals.
  • Furthermore, this wonderful colour represents control. People who like black like to be in control of their situations.
  • However, black also represents a reserved nature. Therefore, people fond of this colour need to loosen up a bit to enjoy life.

Why do people wear black clothes on Saturdays?

There is a special reason behind wearing black colour on Saturday. It is because it’s Lord Shani’s favourite colour! Saturn rules Saturday, which is why it is also called Shanivar.

  • Wearing black colour on Saturday can help you attract blessings from lord shani. It can also help remove the ill effects of Shani from your Kundli.
  • Black colour can also help you embrace various qualities of Saturn. Saturn is famous for its just and righteous nature. Therefore, wearing black on Saturdays helps you embody these qualities in your life.
  • Black clothes also help you gain Lord Shani’s protection. He will protect you from negative energies and bring harmony to your life. The effects of Shani can damage your relationship with your father. Therefore, people wear black clothes to strengthen their relationships with their fathers.
  • Wearing black clothes on Saturday prevents you from becoming self-centred because of the ill effects of Saturn.

Story of Shani

There is a fascinating story behind lord Shani’s connection to the black colour. However, this story has many variations in its narrative. This is because of the diversity of culture in our country. Therefore, people across India narrate this story in their own ways, but its essence remains the same.

According to Hindu mythology, Shani is the son of Lord Surya and Chhaya. The legend goes back to describing the marriage between Surya Dev and Sandhya. Surya is the Sun deity in Hinduism. Therefore, his heat was too much to bear for his wife. She made various attempts to live with Lord Surya but could not tolerate the heat.

Hence, he left their abode and went to live at her maternal home. However, Sandhya could not bear living away from her spouse. Her devotion towards her husband deeply worried her. Therefore, she created Chhaya and sent her to Lord Surya to serve and take care of him. Chhaya was a duplicate of Sandhya, so she went to Lord Surya and began living as his wife.

Afterwards, Chhaya gave birth to a son. However, his skin was extremely dark because of the intense heat of his father, Surya. Seeing the black colour of the child, Surya refused to accept him as his son. This led to his son putting an evil eye on his father.

Chhaya was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Therefore, he stepped in to solve the situation. Shiv Ji made Surya Dev accept his mistake. Afterwards, Lord Surya accepted the son as his own, and he came to be known as Shani. Furthermore, Shani also became a dedicated follower of Lord Shiva.

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Benefits of wearing Black Clothes on Saturday

There are various effects of wearing black clothes on Saturday. Doing this gives an individual a number of blessings from Lord Shani. Therefore, let’s explore these immense benefits of wearing lord Shani’s favourite colour on Saturday.

  • Wearing black clothes on Saturday gives an individual relief from Shani Sade Sati. This is a period of 7.5 years where Lord Shani sits in a particular zodiac. This period has various positive as well as negative effects. Therefore, wearing black clothes astrology helps you in dealing with the ill effects of Sade Sati.
  • Saturdays are the days of Shani Dev. Hence wearing black clothes on this day can improve your overall health. Shani Dev has a deep connection to individuals well being and health. Therefore, his blessings bring vitality and good health into people’s lives.
  • Wearing black clothes on Saturday also blesses people with great intellect. By receiving the blessings of Lord Shani, they can become excellent in academics and studies. Hence, wearing this colour on Saturday is extra beneficial for students.
  • If you wear black colour on Lord Shani’s Day, you can experience amazing financial gains. You will welcome money into your life. Lord Shani will bless you with abundant wealth as well as fortune.
  • One of the striking qualities of Saturn is that it is a planet of luxury. Therefore, the black colour attracts luxury. If you wear black clothes on Shanivar, you will lead a life full of riches, and you will not experience a lack of resources.
  • Shani Dev will bless you with the strength to overcome any challenges that come your way. You will also experience good luck in finding a good spouse. Therefore, you will enjoy a harmonious married life.

In conclusion, wearing black colour on Saturday helps us receive the blessings of Lord Shani. Saturn is widely feared in Astrology, but it can also give us immense benefits. Therefore, knowing the effects of wearing black clothes on Saturday can improve your life. To read about more such topics, check out InstaAstro’s website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which colour is good to wear on Saturday?

Black is the best colour to wear on Saturdays. This is because Saturdays are ruled by Lord Shani, and he favours the black colour the most.

2. How to make Shani Positive?

There are various things you can do to make Shani positive. Donating to those in need, performing Shani Abhishek and reciting the Shani mantra are a few remedies to make Shani positive.

3. What does black symbolise in Hinduism?

Many people believe that black symbolises negative energies. This colour absorbs energies which include various types of evil forces as well. However, black can also absorb positivity and blessings.

4. Why do people not wear black during auspicious occasions?

People avoid wearing black on various auspicious Hindu occasions. It is because many believe that black represents negativity and mourning. Therefore, people prefer wearing brighter colours.

5. What happens when your Shani is heavy?

When your Shani is heavy, it can cause various problems in your life. You can experience loss of wealth, bad health, conflicts in your relationships as well as an unhappy marriage.

6. Who should wear Black Clothes?

People who are suffering from the ill effects of Shani or Shani dosha in their Kundli should wear black clothes. This will reverse the adverse effects of Shani in your Kundli.

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