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Bamboo Plant Benefits: Attract Luck And Fortune!

By June 24, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Bamboo Plant

Did you know what Lord Krishna’s beloved flute was made of? The answer is Bamboo! Let’s discuss some magical bamboo plant benefits which will bring all good things to you. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of Bamboo!

Both Feng Shui as well Vastu Shastra consider the Bamboo plant to be very auspicious. Therefore, this plant is very important in Southeast Asian culture. In Hindu mythology, we see the bamboo plant as highly sacred and auspicious. The bamboo plant also represents companionship and friendship as it connects with the hindu God Lord Krishna.

In Feng Shui, the bamboo tree plant represents elegance and simplicity. The hollow inside of the plant helps with the movement of ‘Chi’, which is the vital life force. It is also a very important part of many Southeast Asian festivals, such as the Chinese New Year. 

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Lucky Bamboo and Its Five Elements

According to Feng Shui, Bamboo plants are deeply connected to the balance of nature. Bringing bamboo plants to your house can help you sync with your surroundings. One of the most important Bamboo plant significance is that they connect with the five elements- Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal.

Therefore, adding these elements to your plant can attract great luck and favourable things. These are the ways you can add elements to your plant to achieve maximum lucky bamboo benefits:

1. Earth

Earth represents transformation and change. In order to connect your bamboo plant with Earth, you can add pebbles to your container. Doing this would help you transform the habits that are coming in the way of your success and change the present conditions you are facing. It would turn your bad luck into good luck.

Bamboo Plant

2. Wood

The wood element is the symbol of development and progress. The stem of your bamboo tree plant connects it to Wood. This guides you in the direction of progress and growth. You will gain positive results in your workplace or academics as your bamboo plant benefits you. You will certainly grow in your career.

3. Water

Water is the element of peace, fluidity and calmness. Adding water to the container of your lucky bamboo plant benefits you as it connects your plant to the element. By doing this, you can self-reflect and overcome any circumstances with calmness. It increases your intellect and helps you connect with your emotions. 

Bamboo Plant

4. Metal 

Metal cuts through things. Similarly, adding a coin to your lucky bamboo pot can help you cut through all obstacles of life. Connecting your Bamboo to metal will give you immense courage to cut through your challenges. It will also help you let go of things weighing you down and give you the wisdom to make the correct decisions. 

5. Fire

The element of Fire represents great strength and energy. To connect your Bamboo with Fire, tie its stems with a red ribbon or band. Tying the stems with a red ribbon will make sure that you are never struck down and have the strength to deal with any situation. It also gives you passion and determination to achieve your goals. Fire also represents light. Therefore, your Bamboo will make sure that you are constantly surrounded by light.

Bamboo Plant

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Which kind of lucky Bamboo should you get?

There are various types of Bamboo which represent different qualities and give different benefits. All of us cannot give our time to growing or taking care of plants, so let us know which bamboo type to get according to our needs:

1. The two-layer lucky Bamboo plant

These bamboo plants grow well in filtered sunlight. People usually grow them in glass bowls with pebbles. Exposing them to direct and bright sunlight can cause them to dry. Two layered bamboo plants can be gifted to couples as the two layers represent yin and yang energies.

2. Three-layer lucky Bamboo plant

Three-layer bamboo plants are the most common indoor plants in Indian and Southeast Asian households. It has various other names, such as Friendship Bamboo, Curly Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo, and Chinese Water Bamboo. This type of bamboo plant is a low-maintenance plant that can grow well even in poor lighting conditions and adverse situations. It can improve and help build friendships and relationships. 

Bamboo Plant

3. Seven-layer lucky Bamboo plant

If you are looking for a gift, the seven-layer Bamboo plant is perfect! You can gift it to someone wishing for their good fortune. This plant brings you peace as well as tranquillity. However, you should remember to use filtered water for the maintenance of this plant.

Bamboo plant benefits

There are significant Bamboo plant benefits that can come your way if you place it in your home or business. Putting a bamboo plant can give you amazing effects ranging from purifying air to bringing luck and health!

  • Living room 

The living room is a great place to keep your lucky bamboo plant. People usually spend the most time with their families in their living rooms. Therefore, keeping the bamboo tree plant in your living room can act as a massive factor in improving the relationships with your family. The bamboo plant benefits you if you keep it in the centre of the living room table. Doing so can attract positivity and helps to maintain peace and harmony within the house. 

  • Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place we associate the most with health and well-being. Since we cook our meals and eat in our kitchen, putting a bamboo plant in there can influence your health. One of the bamboo plant benefits is that they attract good health and prosperity. Therefore, keeping a lucky bamboo in your kitchen can help you improve your health and overall well-being. Also, it ensures protection from diseases or illnesses. 

Bamboo Plant

  • Bedroom 

Bedrooms are our personal safe spaces. Keeping a lucky bamboo in your bedroom can help you connect better with your emotions. It is the perfect plant to keep in your bedroom as it does not require much attention or care. Bamboo also attracts love, especially the two-layer Bamboo. Keep your Bamboo in your bedroom to attain good luck and improve your emotional balance!

  • Workplace

You can keep your Bamboo in your office or your home workplace. Bamboos are the perfect plant for your business and career. If you place a lucky bamboo in your workplace, it will bring you wealth and success. It is a low-maintenance plant which does not require much sunlight so it will compliment your workspace. Bamboo attracts prosperity and expansion. If you want to flourish in your business and achieve great success, place a lucky bamboo in your workplace.

Bamboo Plant

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Bamboo Plant Vastu 

If you are wondering where to keep a bamboo plant in house as per vastu to gain its transforming benefits. We are here to tell you exactly that. 

  • According to Vastu, keeping your bamboo plant in the east direction of your house will bring peace and harmony.
  • If you keep a lucky bamboo in the southwest direction, it will attract good wealth and fortune.
  • You can keep your lucky Bamboo at the entrance of your house as it welcomes prosperity and peace into your home.
  • Stairs represent growth and development. Keeping your Bamboo on stairs will help in your overall growth, and you will achieve success.
  • You can keep your lucky Bamboo in the northwest direction. Doing so enhances creativity and increases intellect.
  • Keeping the bamboo plant in the centre of your house ensures a positive environment and purity.

How to take care of a Bamboo plant? 

Now that we have bought a lucky bamboo, we must know how to take care of a bamboo plant. If we take care of our lucky Bamboo properly, it will ensure its longevity, and we will continue to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

  • You should keep your bamboo plant in a place with enough amount of light. 
  • Remember not to keep your plant in direct sunlight as it will dry up. 
  • You should clean the leaves of your lucky Bamboo lightly with a brush. Do this because dust collects on the leaves and hence blocks their pores. 
  • Regularly clean the vessel or pot in which you have placed your lucky Bamboo. 
  • Do not let the bamboo tree plant dry out or water it too frequently. 
  • Make sure to cover the roots of the plant with water. Covering them will help them grow properly.
  • Yellow leaves tend to spoil the entire plant; therefore, remove any yellow leaves. 
  • Do not keep your plant in very hot or very cold places. For example, you should not keep it near ACs.

Now that you know all about which Bamboo to get and where to place it, Hurry up and bring your own! Bamboos are great decorative pieces that will increase your house’s beauty and give you amazing benefits. Bring your Bamboo and welcome peace, wealth and good health to your home. If you found this blog helpful, visit InstaAstro’s website and download the app to read about more such interesting topics!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are 3-layer bamboo plant benefits?

There are many 3 layer bamboo plant benefits. Three layers or three stalks of the bamboo plant bring three kinds of luck to you- Wealth, happiness and long life.

2. What is lucky bamboo direction for money?

You should keep your lucky bamboo in the southwest direction. This lucky bamboo direction attracts wealth and fortune in your life.

3. What is bamboo plant gift meaning?

Different bamboo plants can be gifted for different reasons. If you wish for someone to achieve success, gain wealth and stay in good health, you should gift them a bamboo plant.

4. What things to consider when buying lucky bamboo?

You should Always buy healthy bamboo stems. They should be green in colour. You should also buy a transparent container which allows you to see the roots.

5. What do 8 stalks of bamboo do?

Eight stalks of bamboo are very good for the money. When you place an 8-stalked bamboo in your home or workplace, you will gain wealth and success in your career.

6. Can I keep bamboo at my shop?

Yes! Keeping bamboo in shops can lead to growth in your business. It will also help maintain a positive environment in your shop and bring you peace and expansion.

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