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Astrological Remedies for Extramarital Problems

By July 22, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
Hrithik Roshan

Marriage in Astrology

Marriage is a precious union in which two individuals commit to one other for the rest of their lives. However, you will see that some people seek love outside of marriage and form secret relationships. These extramarital affairs destroy married life and create a significant block between a husband and a wife. Infidelity and the existence of a hidden love affair connection can lead to divorce, separation, and various marital troubles. In astrology, the growing influence of the Kalyug arena and Rahu’s supremacy might be two main factors for extramarital relationships. Let’s dig in and find the questions to all such questions in this astrological remedies for extra marital problems article. Keep reading know about secret relationships in astrology or extramarital affairs in astrology. 

What are the remedies for Extra Marital Affairs?

Vedic astrology has answers to all of life’s problems. The astrological remedies for extramarital problems recommended by experienced astrologers can help you end your partner’s love affair, but they can also help you accelerate your relationship with your spouse. So, employ these practical and potent extramarital affair cures. Discover your spouse’s extramarital connection or learn about the love affair in your astrological chart.

  • Spread kumkum on the one side of the bed where your partner sleeps. Collect the kumkum the following day and pour it on your Maang (hair partition), where you usually use it. Recite the name of Goddess Parvathi and ask for her blessings while applying kumkum to your head. This is the most basic and effective astrological solution for an extramarital issue. It is recommended that you follow these remedies on Sunday night to avoid extramarital affairs.


  • Another basic and easy-to-follow astrological therapy for a husband’s extramarital affair is to light up a camphor cube in the bedroom. This remedy is not performed on a particular day. This may be done on any given weeknight. This remedy might also assist the spouse in ending his secret love affair.

Another Power Remedy in case of the wife

Another powerful remedy to stop the husband’s extramarital affair is to take the name of the individual you think has an affair with your husband. To follow this remedy, you should take some lotus seeds (makhana) and write that person’s name on those seeds. Once you have written the letters of that person’s name, burn those seeds until it turns into ashes. This astrological remedy will help your spouse get away from that person and come out of the extramarital relationship.

  • There are specific foolproof astrological remedies for extramarital problems are various. The first and foremost treatment is to go to Goddess Durga’s temple three times a week. It helps your marriage union to last a long time and that your spouse will stop having extramarital relationships.
  • Another efficient way to stop a husband from cheating in the future is to chant the following mantra every day for the best results. 

|| Namaskaromi namai shatam tuhe Shanai cha sur de kum Namo vidhmahe sharade sute Sharomi kahe suda anshu dhum ||

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