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Astrological Predictions on Corona End or Continuation in 2021

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Astrological Predictions on Corona End

Almost a year and a half ago, the Covid-19 took the world by storm and trapped everything in its evil clutch. The global pandemic COVID-19 has unprecedented damage to the economy, human health, infrastructure, society, and humanity. Although vaccination drives in on and many people got the vaccine, the upcoming waves and strains are set to make things quite a hell. All of us want to get rid of this devil-like infection in the least amount of time, yet nobody has a clear answer on the same. Indian Vedic astrology seems to answer every question. The virus has claimed millions of lives worldwide and prompted the government to impose lockdown, and weekly curfew has already taken away many jobs. Let’s read the content on Corona astrology and check when and the world feels relieved from the coronavirus pandemic’s fastening grip. Check this statement in the wake of astrologers’ predictions.

Coronavirus free world

The impact of COVID-19 has been severe in India last year. Yet, the situation is grim. People, administration, authorities, and government are still clueless about what’s in store for us in the future. Unfortunately, India has become a playground for the virus and rising COVID cases are breaking the record every new day. Let’s have a look at what astrologers think about the future of deadly Coronavirus.

“In 2019, I had predicted that many people would lose jobs and face a financial crisis in 2020. I also predicted that many people living abroad would come back to India. In fact, I had even told some of my clients that they might face some health problems, and it came true because of the pandemic,” says astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji

This statement by a famous astrologer indicates the ill effects of the pandemic on the economy and health. Astrologer Somanath Sastry predicts large-scale chaos and unknown effects of the virus.

“In 2019, astrologers found that the most slow-moving planets Saturn and Jupiter were already there in Sagittarius and Capricorn around the time of the new year (2020). Further, on a rare occurrence, six planets came together (appear to be in the same range in the solar system) at the beginning of 2020. In such cases, astrologers generally suspect that something would happen to the earth — some said it was a natural calamity, some predicted health complications. Nobody knew it would be a virus.”

“There are shlokas which say that whenever Jupiter and Saturn come together, it may lead to “hahakara” or chaos, and may result in the loss of “seven crore population” to indicate the large impact. And that is what happened in 2020,” he added.
Sastry added, “Jupiter, which is a “positive energy-giving planet,” is gradually “taking control.” Based on that, people are expected to be recovering this year, and things are likely to be normal by April when Jupiter and Saturn will be quite distant. Astrologers are now very carefully studying the position of the planets to predict what can happen in 2021.”

Will Coronavirus end in the year 2021?

Astrologer Narsimha Rao thinks the year 2021 can be a year of freedom from Coronavirus. “In my astrological assessment, the terrible peak is likely to occur during 2021 May 7-15. During May 15-June 24, there may be a gradual slowdown. By around June 24, things may be pretty much under control.”

Astrologer Mahama Hopadya Pandit looks more positive on the end of Coronavirus in India. He has already predicted that the pandemic will be over by the end of 2021. Contrary to it, astrologer Suresh Koshal thinks the worst time is over, and things are about to improve after May 4, 2021. However, you need to careful till June 13 this year.

“In astrology, Cancer rules lungs and chest cavity, therefore Covid-19 has it in its worst form. In India’s horoscope, Moon is extremely weak and the country is also passing through the worst period of Saturn from December 11, 2019 till July 7, 2021. This is responsible for the outbreak of Covid-19 and also the period when India is worst hit by it.” He added, “On May 1, this year, Mercury entered Taurus which is favorable for India and the world. Cases have already begun to decline and deaths too will lessen by May 26.”

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Delhi-based astrologer Ajai Bhambi puts a different opinion on the disappearance of Coronavirus. He thinks the virus is here to stay.

“There is one formula, or sutra, in astrology that whichever bacteria or virus takes birth it continues to live on this planet. It does not die. That is why malaria, cholera, swine flu, dengue and other viruses have continued to live. They have not gone anywhere. Yet two things have happened: one, they have become muted and two the people in general have learnt to adapt to them and live with these viruses. This is what will happen in the case of Corona. It will continue but in a mutated form and people will adapt to it like they have with swine flu etc. Importantly the fear will go away as also the intensity of the virus. It will cease to be the killer virus as it is now”.

Astrologers have a different way of calculating things and giving predictions. Even famous astrologers don’t share the same opinion on the end of Coronavirus in 2021. But, we are hopeful that things will improve, and we will get absolute freedom from the evil clutch of Coronavirus. Go for vaccination, mask, social distancing, and health precautions are the best remedies to keep Coronavirus at bay in the tough times of Coronavirus. You can talk to astro experts and take help from experienced online astrologers from India to get a clear view of your health status as per your birth chart.

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