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Astrological Perception of Third Gender Planets and LGBTQ Community

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LGBTQ in Vedic Astrology

LGBTQ and Mythology

After the decriminalization of section 377, the LGBTQ society has more reasons to celebrate sexuality regarding their own sexual preferences. For centuries, there has been a brawl over the acceptance of such people. Moreover, they go beyond the natural physical pleasure activities, determined by the nature and society around us. Even mythology had some interesting characters like Prince Sikhandi, a female-to-male transgender person, and Arjuna, the greatest hero of the Mahabharata era. As a male-to-female transgender person, Arjuna spent his life in exile as ‘Brihannala’ for one year. Moreover, the concept of Ardhanarishvara, Mohini (the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu), Aravan (a god for the transgender community), and gender-swapping tells more about gender differences in mythology. Read this content and determine the classification of third gender planets that directly affect sexual preferences of LGBTQ on the basis of Indian Vedic astrology.

Gender classification in Vedic astrology

Call it impotence, homosexuality, or eunuch, the issue of gender difference has existed since the early period of human civilization. According to Indian astrology, a gender difference is there in the Navagraha. The division of planets is based on gender. The moon is the queen of planets and is a female gender. Moreover, Mars is the commander of planets is the male gender. Similarly, Jupiter is the teacher of all planets and is the male gender. Furthermore, Venus is the teacher of demons having the title of a woman. Also, Mercury is the prince of the planets is male but impotent. Next, the infamous Saturn is the God of justice is a female but impotent. Moreover, Rahu is the shadow planet and a male. Lastly, Ketu is the tail of Rahu and is also marked impotent.

When it comes to deciding the male, female, and third gender classification, you need to divide all planets into three different categories: Male planets (The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter); Female planets (Venus and Moon), and third gender planets (Saturn, Ketu, and Mercury).

This analysis shows the following outcomes:

• Mercury – This planet leans toward homosexuality. A child planet, Mercury is not fit for sexual activity. He is a male who acts like a woman.
• Saturn – The planet has a low libido due to physical deformity. He is a female who acts like a man. Saturn is linked to low libido.
• Ketu – The south node of the moon, the Ketu planet is also marked impotent. Moreover, it is a monk planet that offers salvation away from indulgence. Ketu is asexual and can induce celibacy.

Positions indicating non-heterosexual tendencies

Accordingly, the zodiac signs also determine gender differences. Moreover, male zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Libra are female zodiac signs. Impotent zodiac signs cover Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Furthermore, as per Vedic astrology, the 7th, 8th, and 12th houses have an association with sexual organs. Vedic astrology says sexuality and homosexuality are related to the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 12th house of any horoscope.

Mercury plays a vital role in making people gay. Venus and Ketu also influence gay people. In addition to that, Mars, Venus, and the 7th house show sexual desire. 12th house states about the amount of physical pleasure. Thus, Venus, the planet of sexual desires, has a special significance in same-sex marriage.

Check out the following birth chart positions of planets for non-heterosexual tendencies.

These include: 5th and 7th houses afflicted with one of the malefic house lords. Moreover, a weak or debilitated lord of the 7th house afflicts natural malefic. Furthermore, the third gender planets strongly influenced the Lagna with a strong male influence on the 7th house. Moreover, the third gender planets strongly influenced the Lagna with a strong female influence on the 7th house. Therefore, the Mars and Venus together in the 12th or 8th house with Rahu in conjunction. Also, the Mercury and Ketu reside in the 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th or 12th houses, especially in Gemini or Scorpio. Thus, the LGBTQ community members – Here, the third gender planets found in the 8th or 12th houses in birth charts of the LGBTQ community members.

Third gender: Natural or individual preferences

Adhana chart or prenatal kundali determines whether the child will be a male, female, or third sex at the moment of conception, not at birth. A verse in the Dharma Shastra states like:

“A male child is produced by a greater quantity of male seed, a female child by the prevalence of the female; if both are equal, a third-sex child (napumsa) or boy and girl twins are produced; if either is weak or deficient in quantity, a failure of conception results.” (Manusmriti 3.49)

This verse states that the third sex is biologically determined during the earliest moments of conception. It means people of the third sex are born naturally. There are no external reasons and causes that make them “become” third sex later.

Once Manvendra Singh Gohil, prince of Rajpipla, Gujarat, talked about his sexual preferences and accepted that he was gay. Even, birth charts can also indicate the sexual preferences of natives.

Trijayanand, an astrologer who warned Manevendra against marriage, says, “The planetary positions in the fifth and eleventh house generally give an indication of the person being gay, lesbian, or even a bisexual. For instance, Mars in Tula rashi and Venus in Vrishchik is also a marked indication.”

Astrologer Amabalal Patel says, “Mercury in the fifth position, clearly indicates that the person is a homosexual. Besides this, a strong influence of Venus in a man may also indicate the orientation. We also look for a Mercury-Saturn combination in the planetary positions to decipher one’s sexual orientation.”

You can talk to online astrologers from India and explore the astrology of sexuality in your own chart. Using online astrology apps, you can chat with professional astrologers and know more about sexuality depiction in the birth chart of your sexual partner. Their valuable clues and guidance can help you understand yourself and your relationship better.


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