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Assessing The Mental Strength Of An Aquarius

By February 18, 2022October 31st, 2023No Comments
Mental Strength Of An Aquarius Girl

No. Aquarius is not a water sign. The prefix “aqua” may trick you into believing it as a water sign but it’s actually one of the air signs. Like every zodiac sign, Aquarians have their unique qualities. One that’s most striking in their personality is the forward-thinking and headstrong actions. However, the same qualities can also make them appear cold and unemotional.

• Lacking emotion

Aquarius has a reputation of being logical before investing his/her emotions into anything. This air sign is mentally focused and a lot about ideas, intellect and objectives. They remain socially connected yet stay disconnected from emotional matters. And it’s the way an Aquarius is!

• Past is of no value

Aquarians do not indulge in visiting the past. They are always keen on envisioning the future. They channel their energy into “what lies ahead”. However, the past isn’t only about haunting experiences. Some valuable life lessons teach about what mistakes to not repeat and how one can improve. Aquarians do have the tendency to overlook the past and forget the lessons.

An urge to rebel

Being an air sign, Aquarius is filled with free-spirited beliefs. The motive is to rebel and bring about a change by challenging the norms and questioning the practices. Hence, it’s quite normal to find an Aquarius in the position of an activist. It’s precisely this rebellious quality that makes the air sign stand out in the crowd.


One should immediately give up on the idea of trying to convince an Aquarius to change his/her point of view. On a scale of 1 to 10, their stubborn quality stands 10/10. You heard it right. They are “ultra” with their stubbornness. This quality outshines especially when one is fighting for his/her right.

Struggle to follow the rules

It’s a never-ending struggle for Aquarius to abide by the rules. Aquarius isn’t the one to blindly follow orders. What may seem rude, problematic and unnecessary for others to question the authorities now and then, it’s a normal way of living for Aquarius.

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