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Ask Astrologers When You Will Get the Right Job

By September 3, 2020October 18th, 2023No Comments
When You Will Get The Right Job

The question “when will I get a job?” pops into all our minds. There is a long list of reasons that can be held responsible for widespread unemployment (joblessness) in India. One can blame overpopulation, widespread corruption, and lack of opportunities for the issues of joblessness. If the native can have a close look at his birth chart, he or she can easily get a glimpse of his career image. If any horoscope has promising planetary positions, the native will enjoy a good career. This content will focus on why natives face the issue of joblessness and how Career Astrology guidance can help natives make things happen in their favour.

Houses that Indicate a Clear Employment Picture

Having a successful or weaker career depends upon the tenth house in a horoscope, according to Career Astrology. If the lord of the 10th house is weak, the native will become unemployed. On the other hand, a powerful lord in the same house will give a big boost to the career. If the angles and lines are powerful, the native will enter into commerce. When both angles and trine lords are powerful, it is Raja yoga. Any native with Raj Yoga in his or her horoscope is going to have a smooth and fruitful career. When it comes to resolving the issue of unemployment and career-related issues, five houses in a horoscope can show a real picture. The details of these houses include:

  • 1st house – Health, life focus, interests and personality
  • 3rd house – Self-employment, freelancing, own business, and media
  • 6th house – Services, government jobs, and competition
  • 7th house – Business, partnership, and own business
  • 10th house – Career, employment, and work-life

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Note that if there is the lord of the 10th house in the horoscope is weak or affiliated, the native will likely face struggles in his or her career. The native may also face struggles and long-term unemployment in his/her career with the placement of weak lords in the above-mentioned houses. Moreover, unfavourable mahadasha and Antara Dasha can add fuel to the fire. It is weak planetary combinations that bring incessant troubles and problems in career & work life.

Remove Unemployment and Get A Job With Astro Advice

No matter how hardworking a native is and what skills and interests he has, the placement of weaker lords in particular houses can ruin everything. But, astrology always comes out with superb solutions that can give natives an edge and get a job in the least amount of time. When you talk to astrologers over the phone, they may help you get the best solutions and better work according to your interests and skills in Career Astrology. Your unique qualities and talent are useless until you reach the right point at the right time.

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Astrologers may ask natives to do upaya to remove Pitra dosha that exists due to past karma. Donating a few coins in the temple on the New Moon can help natives get fast results. Serving lords and cleaning the temple can help you find the job of your choice. Moreover, planting a peepal tree can bring fruitful results as soon as possible. Chanting some mantras or serving cows can also be a remedy suggested by astrologers.

If a native goes for any of the above-mentioned solutions from astrologers, he or she will achieve all their dreams without facing conflicts. Moreover, astrology also talks about free career predictions and free astrology predictions for career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which chart in astrology is for career?

An individual’s Dasamsa map is used to know about their career in Vedic astrology.

2. Which planet decides career?

Saturn is the primary planet that influences the choice of career for an individual.

3. Which house is related to the career of an individual?

The house related to career is the 10th house in an individual’s kundli.

4. Which planet rules over the career aspect of an individual's life?

The planet that rules over the career aspect of an individual’s life is the planets Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.

5. Which Dasha is good for job?

The Dasha that is known to be extremely beneficial for the job aspect of an individual is Jupiter Mahadasha.

6. Which God to worship for a beneficial career?

In order to get a good and beneficial career, an individual must pray to Lord Ganesha.

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