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April Birthstones: Everything You Need To Know!!

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April Birthstones_ Everything You Need To Know!!

Birthstones are precious stones that are related to one’s birth. Since we are approaching April, it becomes important to explore the birthstones assigned to that month. The biggest question that crosses our mind is, what is the birthstone for April?

April is ruled by Aries and Taurus, and they are assigned Diamonds as their birthstones. Aprilborns are among the lucky individuals who can wear diamonds as birthstones.

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Significance of Diamond Birthstones for Aprilborns

April-borns are really fortunate to have the most desired stone as their birthstone. Diamond birthstones are significant in their emotional well-being and stability. 

Diamonds are said to enhance love and fortune. Thus, April-borns have the upper hand in improving their fortune, as these lucky individuals have diamonds as their birthstone. 

Crystals for April 

Lucky April month gemstones are:

  • Topaz: Topaz is the guardian angel birthstone of April-borns. It is believed to attract wealth and fortune. Topaz’s name comes from the Sanskrit word Topas, which means heat.
  • Ruby: Ruby is the best for people born under the Taurus star sign. People born between 18 and 20 have the blessing of enhancing their luck by wearing Ruby. Ruby is known to enhance the love and friendship aspect of life. 

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Zodiac Signs with April Birthstone

Zodiac April birthstone are as follows:

1. Aries: People born between 21st March and 19th April are really lucky. Diamonds, the most loved stones, are absolutely special for these individuals as they are their birthstones. Diamond birthstones are known to provide them with the ability to stay calm and also have a lot of strength. 

2. Taurus: Taurus (April 20- May 20), as a zodiac sign, is always connected with luxury and comfort, and what greater luxury than being fortunate enough to wear diamonds as a birthstone? Diamonds are known to enhance luxury and build a fortune for people born under the Taurus zodiac sign. 

Recharging April Birthstones

After a certain time, birthstones start to lose their energy and need to be renewed.

  • Wear clean clothes and be in a meditative state while holding the diamond in your palms.
  • Building an intention while imagining energy flow through the diamond.
  • Sitting posture while meditating should be taken into account as well.

1. Healing Properties in April Birthstones

April birthstones are sturdy and believed to have great healing properties. They are believed to be an antidote to brain diseases and to release toxins from the body. They are also known to be great at dealing with pituitary gland-related issues. 

2. Enhancing energy through April Birthstone

Diamonds are known to ward off evil spirits, enhance courage, strength, and love, and bring good luck. Each piece of diamond jewellery has a different significance in enhancing energy. Diamonds are known to bring numerous benefits to Aprilborns. April-born individuals must consider themselves lucky as they get to wear diamonds for their birthstones. 

3. Colours associated with April Birthstone 

Diamonds are usually associated with white or clear colour, but in reality, they are available in more than one colour. If you think that these colours are not valuable, you are wrong because colourful diamonds are priced based on the rarity of that colour. Aprilborns can, without a single doubt, wear their birthstone in any shade of their choice.

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Diamond Birthstone in Detail

April birthstones and April birthstone Jewelry have really been among the masses’ favourites. They are a sign of luxury and wealth, and diamonds are known to ward off evil eyes and negativity. No one knows the origin of diamonds’ popularity, but they have surely become a style statement today. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring non-metal, and it is the most expensive birthstone among all other birthstones.

1. History of Diamond Birthstone

Diamonds were traded as early as the 4th century BCE and related to royalty, although even today, they are possessed by rich individuals. The modern diamond market system came into existence in late 1860, when diamonds were discovered in South Africa. The premier mine in South Africa is known to produce the largest diamonds. 

2. Meaning of Diamond Birthstone

Diamonds are perceived to have healing powers and are known for being wealthy and lucky for April-borns. They are also said to have a boon for enhancing beauty and longevity of life. As we all know, diamonds are the universal symbol of love, and when they are birthstones, they are known to enhance the love life of everyone born in the month of April. 

Where are Diamond Birthstones found?

Diamond birthstones are mined worldwide, but South Africa has the largest and most mines. Other African nations also produce rough diamonds. Originally, India was a major producer of diamonds, but later, in the 1700s, Brazil became a major producer, and today, African nations are leading the production of diamonds.

Chemical Composition of Diamonds

Diamonds are a bit different from other gemstones in that they are comprised largely of a single element, carbon. Naturally occurring diamonds have a yellow hue and are then refined to make them clear. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is April birthstone rare?

Although diamonds are rare, finding diamond jewellery is not that difficult. However, if we consider the rarity of stones as a whole, we can surely say that diamond birthstones are rare.

2. Unlucky stone for April-borns?

They should avoid wearing yellow sapphires and emeralds, as they are not a great combination with diamonds and are also known to have a negative effect on planetary influences.

3. What is special about April's birthstone?

The rarity and expensive nature of diamonds set them apart from other birthstones. Diamonds are one such stone that is desired by almost everyone.

4. Does April have another birthstone?

White topaz and quartz, which are similar to diamonds, have somewhat of a similar effect when worn by April-borns.

5. Who should wear a diamond birthstone?

Anyone born during the month of April can for sure wear diamonds and experience the Positive effect of their birthstone.

6.Is it lucky to wear your birth-stone?

Wearing a birthstone has an overall effect on an individual’s well-being and prosperity, and it is definitely lucky when worn correctly.

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