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Ankita Lokhande Birthday: Kundli Analysis for Bigg Boss Queen!

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Ankita Lokhande

You might be familiar with the name Ankita Lokhande, the face of the famous TV serial Pavitra Rishta, and now see her as one of the Big Boss 17 contestants. Ankita Lokhande, originally named Tanuja Lokhande, is one of the faces of the entertainment industry, where she has been the talk of the town due to her participation in Big Boss with her beloved husband Vicky Jain.

So, as she celebrates her 39 birthday on December 19, let’s see how the stars and planetary aspects have been a part of her journey throughout her acting career. You’ll uncover how her sun and moon sign personality traits have made her a fearless and strong woman throughout the years in the acting industry. 

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Ankita Lokhande Birth Details: 

  • Date of Birth: December 19, 1984 
  • Day of Birth: Wednesday 
  • Place of Birth: Indore, Madhya Pradesh 
  • Time of Birth: 2:00 PM
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
  • Birth Nakshatra:  Vishakha
  • Rising Nakshatra: Ashwini

Ankita Lokhande: Kundali Analysis 

As Ankita will be celebrating her birthday this year, let’s see how the astrological combination of planets and her moon and sun signs has been a part of her victory. Along with her struggle and dedication to achieve fame and recognition, astrology has also played a role in her success.

You’ve seen her grow and flourish from playing a lead role in Pavitra Rishta to Ankita Lokhande movies and Bollywood debut in Manikarnika and Baaghi 3 to now seeing her as a strong contestant in the well-known reality show Big Boss. Here are some astrological factors that made her name in the entertainment industry. 

1. Moon Sign Libra 

Being a Libra moon sign, she always had a loving and comforting relationship with her partners. After dating Sushant Singh Rajput for 6 years, with whom she had a very harmonious relationship. However, after they separated their paths, they got married to Vicky Jain on December 14, 2021.

Also, due to the Libra moon sign in Ankita’s moon sign Libra, she has been around people who have always been supportive and encouraging, through which she came out as an independent and powerful woman. 

2. Sun Sign Sagittarius 

Looking at Ankita Lokhande’s personality, everyone can guess she might be a Sagittarius woman. Her personality says it all because she has always been an optimistic individual with a deep motivation and desire to make her name in the entertainment industry and look at where she stands. Moreover, the Sagittarius personality in Ankita makes her fiery, adventurous, bold, and outspoken.

Ankita zodiac sign points out that she is always misunderstood by people who do not see eye to eye. So, her powerful personality from her Sagittarius sun sign made her start her career as a Cinestars ki Khoj to see her in Big Boss 17. 

3. Mercury in 2nd House 

The planet Mercury and the 2nd house in astrology deal with the traits of communication and self-expression. So, in Ankita’s life, Mercury in the 2nd house has shaped her into a brave, confident, bold and straightforward woman. The way she has portrayed herself in Manikarnika as the Jhalkari Bai says it all.

However, from playing a role in Pavitra Rishta as Archana Manav Deshmukh, she has beautifully represented herself as independent. So, this is how the astrological aspects have been through her journey, guiding her throughout her career in the film industry. 

4. Jupiter in Sagittarius 

Ankita Lokhande Kundli suggests that her kindness and selfless behaviour have been influenced by the placement of Jupiter in Sagittarius in her horoscope. Moreover, her desire to become a star made her tackle all her life’s obstacles and get through them herself.

Moreover, we hope the audiences have been seeing her in the Big Boss 17 with Vicky Jain, where their bond seems so comforting and caring, which can be due to the positive effects of Jupiter, the planet of Love and Romance. Moreover, she has always comprehended past mistakes and made exceptional changes in her life, bringing her so far in her journey as an actress.

Ankita Lokhande Kundli

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Will Ankita Lokhande’s Sagittarius Personality make her win Big Boss 17? 

Will Ankita and Vikky take the trophy home? Are they the winners of Big Boss 17? These are the most asked questions flowing all over the internet. People have been curious how Ankita’s journey in Big Boss 17 will make her take the trophy home. Vicky and Ankita Lokhande Bigg Boss journey has been a roller coaster ride filled with laughter, giggles, fun, tears and much more.

All their die-hard fans have been voting and wanting them to win. So, what do you think will the star favour their journey and hand over the trophy? Through astrology, let’s find out how the Ankita zodiac sign Sagittarius personality traits can be a part of their victory. 

1. Honesty

Ankita horoscope says that the honest approach she has been portraying throughout the game might make her the winner of Big Boss 17. She has always been honest and fair with all her tasks and has been taking the game seriously. She has given all her heart to play the best game for all her family and fans outside the big boss’s house who have been wanting her to win. 

2. Broad Minded 

The personality trait of Sagittarius fits Ankita’s personality well because she’s always been a strong-headed woman who never feared to take up roles and responsibilities in life. From starting her career at Cinestar Ki Khoj to witnessing her on national television, she has been a strong woman. Moreover, being in the film industry, she receives criticism and hateful comments, but she has always been a strong woman who always answers reasonably and politely. 

3. Self Confident

Ankita Lokhande movies and TV shows have shown how confident and bold a woman she has been throughout her journey. Her fans have been loving and appreciating her journey and game in Big Boss. There is a high possibility that she might take the trophy home due to the way she has been portraying her unfiltered side on the show. Ankita and Vikky have been the most adored and perfect partners on the Big Boss 17 who can last long in the game. 

Ankita Lokhande: Horoscope Predictions 

Now that we’ve covered the personality traits and kundli Analysis of Ankita Lokhande, let’s take a glimpse at the horoscope prediction. You might get to know Ankita more through her personal and professional information. In this section, you discover Ankita’s life on a deeper level. 

1. Personal and Professional Relationships Horoscope for Ankita Lokhande 

Talking about Ankita’s personal life, she has always had support from her family, which made her come so far in her professional journey. Her 6-year relationship with Late Sushant Singh Rajput has been close to her heart, and people admire their relationship. After that, she has been married to a business tycoon, Vikky Jain, with whom she has been living her best life and taking forward her professional life. 

2. Finance Horoscope for Ankita Lokhande

In terms of finance, this year has been an extraordinary one for Ankita. Her zodiac traits have been a part of her journey that has helped her shape her career and gain good financial stability. After working for a TV show, Pavitra Rishta, she made a debut in Bollywood movies, gained a good income, and brought herself to the Big Boss platform. 

3. Career Horoscope for Ankita Lokhande 

The career prediction for bigg boss 17 contestants, Ankita says that she’ll flourish in her career due to the influence of her moon sign, Libra, which has helped her grow and work on herself. Also, the presence of Jupiter in her zodiac sign, Sagittarius, has given her the potential to express herself through her acting skills and win the hearts of her fans. 

Ankita Lokhande

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So, that was all about Ankita Lokhande horoscope and kundli prediction. This was the best time to discuss the astrology aspects that led her to success. We wish Ankita a very happy birthday on her special day! We wish that the stars keep favouring her, and thus, she keeps flourishing in life, achieving great fame and fortune in her future endeavours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Ankita Lokhande birthday date?

Ankita Lokhande was born on December 19, 1984, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

2. What is Ankita Lokhande age?

Ankita Lokhande is 38 but soon turns 39 as she will be celebrating her birthday on December 19. Also, along with it, she talks about her beloved husband, Vicky Jain age, who is 37 years old.

3. What are the Ankita Lokhande moon sign and Sun Sign?

Akita Lokhande Kundli says her sun sign is Sagittarius, while her moon sign is Libra.

4. What are Ankita Lokhande movies?

Ankita made a debut in Bollywood movies like Manikarnika with Kangana Ranaut and Baghi 3. Moreover, she played a role in many TV serials. She is now being seen in the famous reality show Big Boss 17.

5. Has astrology favoured Ankita in her path of success?

Astrology has played a great role in moulding her career. The stars have always been in her favour to guide her through the obstacles that came her way and made her make her name in the entertainment industry.

6. How is Ankita Lokhanda’s personality as a Sagittarius?

Ankita’s Sagittarius personality has played a significant role in shaping her into a strong and dedicated individual. Her honesty and commitment to her professional life have helped her succeed throughout her career. From portraying a housewife in a TV serial to making her debut in Bollywood movies and now participating in a reality show like Big Boss 17, Ankita has come a long way.

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