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Amazing Facts About Jagannath Temple

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Jagannath Temple

We all have heard about the Jagannath Puri temple. One of the things it is famous for is the Rath Yatra which takes place every year during the months of June and July. It is one of the most famous and celebrated festivals in the Southern part of India. However, as the temple is famous for its Rath Yatra, there are other things that the temple holds as magnificent facts. One such thing is the red flag that is at the top of the temple. The Jagannath Temple’s flag always flows in the direction opposite towards the direction of the wind. Amazing, right? Well, we have a list of amazing facts from this marvellous temple listed in this blog. 

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About Jagannath Temple

If you have ever visited the southern part of India, you must have heard about the Jagannath Puri Temple. Shree Jagannath Puri is one of the remarkable temples in the Indian state of Odisha. This is one of the Chardham pilgrimages and is popular as Shrikshetra Dham. Annual pilgrimages to the Puri temple are called Rath Yatras. Moreover, the three principal deities are on enormous and extravagantly decorated temple raths or vehicles that people pull from. One amazing thing is that some people often call the temple Odisha Krishna temple. Moreover, the puri jagannath temple history dates back hundreds of years before.

The temple was made by a King after Lord Jagannath came to him in his dream and asked him to do so. If you ever visit the temple inside puri jagannath temple, you will be shocked to see the detailed architecture and the huge premises of the temple. The temple walls are crafted with very detailed artistic skills. The detailing is just amazing. Well, now let us have a look at some amazing facts about Jagannath temple. These facts surely include information that you couldn’t have imagined. Here are a few astonishing facts about Jagannath Temple; you must know.

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Jagannath Temple: Flag Direction

People observe the red flag at the top of the temple’s dome that generally flows in the opposite direction of the wind flow. No one to date has been able to figure out the reason behind it. However, the devotees believe that this is just one of Lord Jagannath’s miracles. This is one of the most prominent jagannath puri temple facts. Many scientists have tried to find a practical or scientific reason behind the flag flowing in the opposite direction of the wind. However, they all have failed. Another interesting fact about the temple flag is that it is changed every day by a priest. But what shocked people the most was that the priest did not wear any protective gear while doing so. Along with this, the temple fag is to be hoisted at a height equivalent to a 45-storey building. Amazing, right!

 Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple: The Sudarshan Chakra

The chakra is 20 feet high and weighs a ton. It is on the top of the temple. But the most exciting thing about this chakra is that you can see this chakra from any side of Puri City. The design secret behind the setting and positioning of the chakra is as yet a secret because no matter what your position, you can constantly feel that the chakra is pointing toward you. The chakra seems to always be above you. Devotees consider this as a sign of blessing directly from the lord. Moreover, people believe that the Sudarshan Chakra protects the devotees from evil energies. 

Jagannath Temple: The Prasadam

The priests preserve the traditional way of cooking Prasadam here. They use precisely seven pots mounted north for cooking using firewood. Though amazingly, the top pot cooks first, and all the rest follows! Along with this, every day, Lord Jagannath is presented with a Chappan bhog. Another thing to note is that the menu of the food presented to the lord is changed every day. The devotees are further given prasadam as a form of direct blessing from the lord. 

Jagannath Temple: The 45-Story Ritual

Every day, a priest climbs the temple’s dome, which is pretty much as tall as a 45-story building and changes the flag. This ritual has been going on for 1800 years. Moreover, the tradition says that if it doesn’t change on any day, the temple should be closed for 18 years. One thing to note is that the priest does this without wearing any protective gear. All the priest holds on to is his faith in Lord Jagannath. 

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple: Atal Rath

The Chariot doesn’t move even when pulled by many people, except if the King of Puri – The Gajapati, doesn’t come and perform a ritual known as ‘Chera Pahanara‘. The king of Puri himself has to come and perform some duties for the Jagannath Rath Yatra. This also includes cleaning his chariot. Only after the King performs his duties, the Chariots move. History and culture are the fuel for the Hindu spirit. This is what makes our culture so phenomenal. Apart from all these interesting facts, the idols of God are buried one on top every 14 to 18 years, with new idols taking their place. Interestingly, these deities have disintegrated on their own. These and many other unique facts revolve around the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

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Jagannath Temple: A No Shadow Temple

We have already read so many facts about Jagannath temple. However, did you know that the temple has no shadow? Yes, you read it right. The Jagannath Puri temple is one of the largest temples in India. However, the temple tends to have no shadow. You must be wondering how it is possible. This is something that all the people who have examined the temple also wonder about. The temple does not cast any shadow at any time of the day. Be it early morning or noon. Many people have tried to provide an explanation behind it but have somehow failed to do so. Moreover, this again becomes an amazing fact of the temple. 


So, these were the amazing facts about the Jagannath Puri temple. The temple is said to be centuries old. One thing to note is that the temple still practices all the rituals as they were done centuries ago. Moreover, the priest and staff at the Puri Jagannath temple are strict in order to keep the sanity of the temple premises and not make the shrine unholy. If you ever visit the Jagannath Puri temple, then do look for the amazing facts that we have told you here. However, if you liked the blog and want to read more blogs like this, then check InstaAstro’s website. There you will find more such exciting and amazing blogs that will help you extinguish your curiosity.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why kaal bhairav drinks alcohol?

The statue of Kall Bhairav in the Ujjain temple is quite famous for drinking alcohol, especially Wine. It is believed by devotees that the statue drinks alcohol as a form of accepting the offering from his devotees. However, to date there is no scientific proof or reasoning behind this.

2. Why alcohol is offered to kaal bhairav?

Alcohol is offered to Kaal Bhairav as one of his most liked offerings. God is known to be very fond of this. Thus, devotees offer him alcohol in order to please God and attain his blessings.

3. Which is the temple where liquor is offered?

The temple of Kall Bhairav in Ujjain is the temple that is famous for offering liquor as prasad. The statue of the deity of this temple is known to drink alcohol. Thus, devotees from all around the world come here to offer alcohol to God and attain his blessings.

4. Who is shree kaal bhairav?

Kala Bhairav is originally a fierce form of Lord Shiva. He is said to be one of the most fierce forms of Lord Shiva. Moreover, Kaal Bhairav is also famous for having a dog as his companion.

5. Is Kaal Bhairav married?

Yes, Kall bhairav does have a consort. The consort happens to be Bhairavi.

6. What was the curse on Kaal Bhairav?

Once, Goddess Parvati misunderstood Braha as Shiva because of his 5 heads. She told this to Lord Shiva. In order to remove the confusion, Lord Shiva cut off one head pf Brahma. However, Brahma was angered by this, Thus, he cursed Shiva that the fifth head will be attached to hima nd will make him cause extreme hunger.

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