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A Close Look at the Horoscope Analysis of the 46th US President

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States. Born as Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., a 78-year-old Democratic senator will be the 46th president on January 20, 2021. The former vice-president defeated current US president Donald Trump in the US presidential election 2020. Born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden will take oath as the US president at a time when the United States is facing global challenges. With this content, you will know more about the horoscope analysis of Joe Biden who recently won the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States.

Joe Biden: Horoscope traits

Joe Biden is a Scorpio ascendant and this horoscope trait makes him a ruler. During his presidential period, he is likely to do well for the United States. Interestingly, his stars make him emotionally strong and. The stars also indicate that his psychological skills will take him to the path of growth. As per his zodiac sign, he is passionate, trustworthy, and formidable in nature will help the United States develop new relationships with neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada. Being generous, rational, and ground to earth, he has to be careful of his trusted ones.

Biden’s strong will power makes him the right man to serve America. If you look at his rising sign Sagittarius, you will find that he is progressive. His Scorpion Sun favors him well and he will do big transformations which will write a new history. He will give prime importance to everything that is vital for the growth and security of America. Being Sagittarius ascendant, Biden doesn’t like to favor nationalism. It is the presence of the Moon in his horoscope that indicates his passionate nature and emotional balance.

There are lots of astrologers who have different opinions on the victory of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Some online astrology portals predicted victory for Joe Biden and some favored Trump as a winner.

Horoscope analysis of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is under mahadasha of Jupiter and anter dasha of Rahu. Jupiter is in purvashu nakshtra and Rahu is in magha nakshtra. The chart analysis and dasha analysis of Biden’s horoscope show that his presidency years will restore the faith of Americans in the government. His good intentions will take America to new heights. Moreover, there is a big possibility that the USA-Indo relationship will become stronger and condensed during his presidency.

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