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2022: The Venus Year Celebrates Women & Femininity

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Falguni Nayar And Harnaz Sandhu

2022 The  Year Of  Women

In astrology, the planet Venus is blessed with feminine nature, so its influence on women is relatively more than men. This planet represents romance, beauty, passion, sexual pleasures and art.

In a woman’s graph, Venus decides perspective on femininity and how she communicates her feminine characteristics. In a man’s graph, the situation of Venus decides the sort of lady he is drawn to. The year 2022 is a Venus Retrograde — A year to celebrate ladies and their accomplishments. It addresses love, sentiment, excellence, friendship and social appeal.

Two Girls Showing Flower

What does numerology say about the year 2022?

According to the science of numerology, every number carries energy and meaning. Hence, every year undergoes number calculations and represents themes. Likewise, 2022 represents the special number 6.

Nurture, balance, growth, home, health and love are some of the most important keywords related to number 6. Moreover, the same keywords also indicate feminine energy. Individuals born on 6, 15 and 24 dates belong to number 6, and the planet Venus exhibits strong influence over it.

Number Written Rocks

“People belonging to number 6 are attractive in appearance and love to soak in luxury and materialistic pleasures. Financially, they will face no shortage of money. 2022 indicates a promising year in terms of job and business. Expect a generous amount of achievement in both. However, number 6 people need to take special caution in expenses. They naturally are good at socialising and thereby, tend to be a part of big social circles. The urge to socialise frequently can create a hole in the pocket. Therefore, “do not spend more than you make this year”.Swati, Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist

What can everyone expect from the 2022 Venus year?

Prioritise self love

As much as you spend time with your loved ones, always keep a space for yourself to self-love and self-care.

Single ones

Single fellows seeking romance are bound to find the missing part of their hearts. Falling in love all over again is on the cards. Expect to meet new people and have new experiences.


In a relationship?

A change shall occur, and that change is for good. Romance will multiply, and all the clashes and qualms will slow down. You already had enough of difficult situations. Your hopes for better days have arrived. Cheer up! Your partner will cooperate in sorting out differences. 

Peace is a big theme for family

Theme For Family

Experience abundant peace and harmony in your family as Venus, the planet of love and relationships, has been working hard over the last couple of months. Whether it’s family trauma or arguments all the time are ensured to be a thing of the past. 

Embrace the power of femininity

Since the beginning of life on Earth, there’s no one but women who have been primary caretakers of children, elders, family, and community, and they continue to keep a stronghold in all. Today, the role of women has diversified, and we find them in the workplace as educators, leaders, volunteers, and trainers. Whatever role and responsibility they take up, they do it with love, compassion, conviction, dedication, and focus. 


Women personify nature as both birth life on Earth. Nature nourishes and a woman nurtures. Thus, nature has consistently been addressed as Mother Nature. 

The aligned power of Women, Venus and Mother Nature results in a force to be reckoned with. Act soft and live your life as per these trio powers. Your goodness shall reflect back towards you.

Women achievers who are role models

The examples of success stories of women in India are so empowering that they can be extraordinarily good examples for upcoming individuals. International women’s day encourages women to meet the accomplishment in their life without having any strain and dread. 

There are a lot of women who hold a special place as they inspire many and continues to make the country proud. Some of the latest names that occur in our minds who have inspired the whole nation include:

Harnaaz Sandhu

miss universe harnaaz sandhu

Harnaaz Sandhu was formally announced Miss Universe 2021 on December 12, 2021, at Universe Dome in Eilat, Israel. Harnaaz’s success is a notable one as she brought back the title 21 years later. She is the third Indian lady to be delegated, Miss Universe.

Falguni Nayar

falguni nayak

The entrepreneurial journey of Nykaa’s Founder, Falguni Nayar began in 2012 and today, she is one of the top women leaders. 

Aishwarya Sridhar

Aishwarya Sridhar

The young talented photographer, Aishwarya Sridhar, became the first Indian woman to be honoured as Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020. 

Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev started playing chess at the age of six. Currently, she is one of the most prominent female chess players with numerous titles to her name, including International Master and Woman Grandmaster.

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