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Can Astrology Tell You if Your Relationship will Last

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Astrology And Relationship

Astrology And Relationship

Stars and planets have an effect on our reasoning and emotions in our daily lives, which can be used as an example to validate the significance of astrology.

Astrology And Relationship

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Thus, it is common that this discipline plays an important role in relationship issues and the situation of individual people related to affection and marriage.

A Few Points to Discuss When Predicting a Successful Relationship

If Venus, Mars, and Rahu are in the sixth house, the person may also have to face separation or divorce.

Assuming that there is the presence of a planet in the eighth house, the relationship will undoubtedly end.

A planet in the eighth house leads to self-centeredness, misconceptions, and miscommunication to enter into a relationship.

Rahu, Ketu, and Mars influencing the fifth house in the week increase the chances of an extramarital affair.

The presence of both Jupiter and Sun in the fifth house suggests an affair outside the relationship.

If Venus and Saturn are in the sixth and twelfth house, there is a possibility of having a love affair again.

Some Doshas that can Affect the Relationship According to Astrology


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According to Vedic astrology, some doshas affect the relationship such as Khuja Dosha, Rahu Dosha, and Sarpa Dosha,

which decide whether the relationship will end in separation.

 Some points that Tell the Future of Your Relationship According to the Planets

Planetary positions and combinations act as driving forces in love relationships, just as they do in different areas of life.

The two major factors are Venus and the Moon, which dictate how a relationship will be when separation will occur or whether a person will enjoy multiple affairs.

When Venus, Mars, and Rahu are in the sixth house of a partner’s horoscope, there’s a good chance the relationship will split up.

Furthermore, any planet in the ninth house indicates a difficult relationship marred by misunderstandings

because miscommunication eventually results in divorce.

Conclusion: –

Sometimes, even after everything is going well, relationships don’t work out. This can be due to the movement of planets and stars affecting relationships as per astrology.

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