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Vastu Remedies For T-Point/ T-Junction House

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Vastu Remedies For T-Point_ T-Junction House

In Vastu, T Point House is often linked to its negative effects. Vastu is an ancient science that deals with the proper design of the house to generate maximum lifestyle benefits. Usually, people avoid buying T point houses.

However, the reason for not buying these houses or the issues that you might have to face if you buy such property are unknown to many. It’s time to get an analysis of Vastu for T junction house. 

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Challenges Of T Point House

Building or purchasing a property at the T point has many disadvantages. These disadvantages can be the reason for issues in your and your family’s personal and professional life. Let’s have a look at a few of these challenges in T junction house Vastu.  

1. Career Related Issues

Since the T point is the point where negative energy from two directions intersects. Hence, it leads to issues related to career because of the influence of negative energy in your life.

2. Health Related Issues

The intersection of energies from two sides creates a collision of energies and this leads to issues related to health. It especially affects mental health and also causes lifestyle-related diseases. 

3. Stability Related Issues

The simultaneous flow of energy from two sides creates a feeling of confusion when making decisions. It makes you feel tired and stressed, which eventually leads to issues in your personal life. 

4. Finance Related Issues

The issues caused by the dual flow of energies affect you financially as well. This dual flow of energy causes obstruction to the flow of money in your house. 

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Vastu Tips For House At T-Point

Following some Vastu rules is essential to preventing the negative effects of the House at T point. Here are a few Vastu tips to help you avoid the negative effects of the T junction house. 

1. Enhancement in the Interior

It is suggested that in order to avoid the negative effects of T Point house, you should keep your interiors more earthy. It is believed that introducing earthy elements to the interior helps overcome the negative energies that enter the house through the T point.

You should prefer pastel and light colours for your interior to create a balance of energy in the house. 

2. Change in the Entrance

The entrance of the house is the most important aspect of the Vastu in the house. It is believed that entrance at the T junction should be avoided at all costs. In case the house is at the junction of the T point, the entrance should ideally be in the north, northeast, or east direction.

For situations where you can’t change the entrance of the house, it is suggested to place a convex mirror to reflect back the negative energy. 

3. Placing Vastu Yantras 

Vastu Yantras are diagrams placed to attract positive energies, and placing these diagrams at specific locations can yield positive results. It can be useful in warding off the negative energy present in the house because of the placement of the house at the junction of the T point. 

4. T- Point with Less Traffic

In case you want to buy a property at T point, it is suggested that you should buy property at a T point where there is less traffic. It is believed so because less traffic means that there will be less flow of energy. Hence, it will make sure that your house doesn’t get affected by negative energies. 

5. Wall Facing the T-Point

Building a wall at the intersection of the two roads or T point can be of great help in warding off the negative energies entering the house through the T point. It is recommended that you should build a thick wall. This Vastu tip has been used for ages and has shown positive results.

6. Plant Bamboo Plants 

Planting Bamboo trees or plants has a great impact on warding off negative energy. Bamboo plants absorb negative energy and radiate positive energy. Planting these plants is great for balancing energies in your house.

These plants are great from the perspective of the environment. At the same time, they are great from the perspective of maintaining positive vibrations in the house.

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Balance Of Energy

It is essential to balance the energy in the house. Houses at the T point lack this balance, which leads to issues. To maintain this balance, it is advised that houses at the T point have some barrier or some form of landscaping to obstruct the flow of such high energies into the house. 

These barriers can take any form, from an architectural design to a plain, thick wall. It is always advised to follow essential Vastu tips to maintain the balance of energies in the T Point house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is T junction house good or bad?

T junction house is considered a poor property. It is even recommended not to own such a property for investment purposes, but by following a few Vastu tips, you can avoid its negative effects.

2. Is T Point house facing east lucky?

T point house facing east is regarded as lucky, and it is believed that such a house can bring wealth to the family.

3. What is the problem with T junction house?

T junction is considered negative as it is at the intersection of two incoming energies from two roads.

4. Is it okay to have a house at T-Point?

T-Point houses are generally considered unlucky, and it is advised not to buy a property at the T-Point as it can have a negative overall effect on the energy of the house.

5. Which T-Point house is good?

T-Point house facing East, North and Northeast direction is considered auspicious. Buying a T point house in these directions is considered to be auspicious.

6. Is T Point house facing west auspicious?

T-point house facing west is considered inauspicious for the owner. Therefore, it is believed that one should avoid investing in such properties.

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