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Born to the bedazzled star couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, Raha is truly a bundle of joy! She was born on 6th November at 12:05 pm, and as per her child horoscope predictions, she’s meant for great things. As per Alia Bhatt horoscope details, Ranbir Kapoor date of birth and birth time, the new born baby horoscope by date of birth for Raha says that life will be kind to her.

Here is her Kundli analysis curated by InstaAstro’s expert astrologers:

Birth Date and Time

Our experienced astrologers predict that Raha, born on Sunday, will be extremely lucky. Any child born on Sunday is under the protection of Lord Sun or Ravi,and will have a good life ahead. Moreover, it is in the stars that the new daddy and baby girl will share a special bond. Besides this, she will be influenced by Venus, and because she is a Scorpio by birth, she will possess some traits such as honesty, ambition, courage, and motivation. Moreover, Venus’ role will compel her to be kind and loving to everyone around her, and she will know how to honour relationships and make people happy.


In terms of health, she will not face any significant illnesses and be protected from negative vibes. However, she might fall prey to evil eye or Nazar. As a toddler, she will be healthy, fit, and perfect. Her loved ones won’t have to worry about her health, and nobody will be able to harm her energy. Keeping in mind the planetary positions during her birth, it is seen that she has a powerful aura that no one can defeat. Life will bless her with strong immunity, the ability to battle any health adversity that comes her way and conquer any illness. Moreover, her good health will enable her to focus better on other areas, such as sports. While she will walk in her parent’s footsteps, she will have a strong inclination toward sports and games.


When it comes to career opportunities and finances, Raha will be the new star-studded child of Bollywood. Her hardworking personality, passion for her work, and high confidence will make her work the best in the film industry. In addition, the planets Shukr and Budh play a significant role in her Kundli. These celestial bodies suggest that she will gain much success and fame through her influence in films. Other than this, she’s a true Ranbir Kapoor’s child as she will dish out one after the other spectacular movies. More often than not, her influence will intimidate people, but she will not dim her shine, and eventually, she will attract others toward her. She will never have to face financial instability, and the stars will forever bless her with financial security and stability.

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In her personal life, she might often lose her temper with people. However, she will make it up to them. Also, she might get angry over minute things, but she will know how to apologise when she’s wrong, make it up to the people around her, and love them to her maximum limit. She will always maintain healthy relationships with all the people around her, and her family members will never have to face any major issues or conflicts with her. Her loved ones will love and appreciate her for her authenticity, and she will stay true to herself all her life. Lastly, she will be close to her father, and Ranbir will protect her with all his might. Although Alia shall be a major part of her life, Ranbir will always hold a special place in his daughter’s heart and life.

Numerology facts and predictions

Born on Sunday, Raha’s Numerology number is 1, her Lucky Number is also 1, and her Personality Number is 7. The Harmony Numbers for her are 1, 2, 4, and 7, and as per these numbers, she will be able to focus in all her tasks. In addition, she will be optimistic, and rebellious to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

She will be efficient in all her decisions, and her capabilities will be her best qualities. As number 1 is her Numerology Number, a lot of people will respect her, and she will hold high status in people’s hearts and minds. The Bhagyank Number 1 people are hardworking, creative, solution-oriented, harmonious, and kind. These people know how to help themselves and the people around them. Raha’s energy will attract various people toward her, and she will be a magnet for love and affection. Even as a child, she’s bound for excellence and will achieve great things in life. People will notice her hard work, appreciate her efforts, and these praises will motivate her to do better.


Lastly, the newest addition to the Bhatt-Kapoor will be a widely loved child and a widely loved adult. She’ll be a perfect blend of Alia and Ranbir and possess both characteristics. She will be sweet and cute like Alia and hardworking and determined like Ranbir.

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