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T20 World Cup Match 33: India vs Canada Astrology Predictions

By June 13, 2024No Comments
T20 World Cup Match 33 India vs Canada Astrology Predictions

As the T20 World Cup season begins, fans of cricket from around the world have their eyes glued to their Television screens. The thrill and excitement of watching the battle between these cricket giants is something no cricket fan ever wants to miss. As the season continues, the 33rd match will be played as India vs Canada

This match is scheduled for the 15th of June 2024, Saturday. The fans from both countries are excited to witness this clash between the giants. Let us have a look at the astrology predictions for this match and know which team has a better chance of winning according to the stars. 

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T20 World Cup Match 33 (IND vs CAN): About Teams

Before we dig into the astrological realm, let us start by having an overview of both teams. Moreover, we will also be looking at the predicted playing 11 for these teams. The teams are as follows: 

1. Team India 

One of the most followed and loved teams, India, is known to be one of the cricket giants in the world. Having already won the T20 WorldCup once, in 2007, the opening year, India has proven to be a tough competitor. The team offers a great lineup of all-rounders, batsmen, and bowlers. Under Rohit Sharma’s command, Team India qualified for the finals of the World Cup in 2023. However, they had to take the runner-up position as Australia won the match. Nevertheless, learning from their old mistakes, Team India is all set to claim victory in the T20 World Cup 2024. 

Team India Predicted Playing 11:

  • Rohit Sharma ©
  • Rishabh Pant (wk)
  • Virat Kohli
  • Suryakumar Yadav
  • Shivam Dube
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Ravindra Jadeja
  • Axar Patel
  • Jasprit Bumrah
  • Mohammed Siraj
  • Arshdeep Singh

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2. Team Canada 

Team Canada is not a relatively new team; however, after a while, they have qualified for the T20 WorldCup. Canada’s comeback has raised the hopes of all the cricket fans in Canada. The team suggests a strong stand for the batsmen and all-rounders. Though they could not win the T20 World Cup, the team is in full spirit to claim victory this season. Under the captaincy of Saad Bin Zafar, Canada’s probability of winning is looking quite good. 

Team Canada Predicted Playing 11:

  • Saad Bin Zafar © 
  • Shreyas Movva (wk)
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Navneet Dhaliwal
  • Pargat Singh
  • Dilpreet Bajwa
  • Nicholas Kirton
  • Dillon Heyliger
  • Kaleem Sana
  • Junaid Siddiqui
  • Jeremy Gordon

T20 World Cup Match 33 (IND vs CAN): Toss Predictions

It is now time to look at the astrology predictions for the 2024 T20 WorldCup match between India and Canada. Team India is one of the Supergiants of cricket in the world, making them a tough and rough competition for the recently returned Team Canada. 

Looking at the stars we can say that the toss predictions might come in favour of Canada. The team’s captain, Saad Bin Zafar, belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign. This makes his ruling planet to be Mars. 

As 2024 is the year of Saturn, the energies between Mars and Saturn do not mix well. However, it also provides chances to the natives. The winning of the toss can be this chance provided by the stars to the captain to turn his fate. 

T20 World Cup Match 33 (IND vs CAN): Winning Probability 

It is now time to finally answer the most awaited question, “India vs Canada who will win?” Well, from an astrological perspective, we can say that the match will be in favour of Team India. Team India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign. 

This makes his ruling planet to be Venus. In astrology, the connection between Venus and Saturn, the ruling planet of 2024, is known to be quite friendly. This clears the chances of India winning more. Moreover, the coming transits will turn out to be in favour of the captain. 

However, on the other hand, Canada’s captain, Saad Bin Zafar, might have to face some difficulties. The clash of energies between Mars and Saturn might come around to make this match more challenging for the team. It is advised that the captain should be very careful and conscious of all his decisions, as even the smallest slip can cost them the match. 

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