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5 Zodiac Signs That Adore Cuddling

By May 18, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments
Cuddling Couple

Do you like to cuddle?

Cuddling and snuggling in with your partner in bed sounds beyond comforting. Being able to embrace the person you love in your arms and feel protected is a feeling many crave for. However, some people are not big on this concept. Cuddling is a love language that not everyone uses to convey their feelings. Some might feel shy or awkward doing so and might not want to indulge in the activity. What’s important is that zodiac signs that adore cuddling in the relationship understand and respect one another without intruding on each other’s personal spaces. 

Nevertheless, a few zodiac signs adore the idea of cuddling with their partners in bed.

Are you curious to know if your partner is a cuddler?

Keep reading to find out!

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zodiac signs that adore cuddling

Cuddling Couples

1) Leo

Known to be all fiery and sassy, on the contrary, Leos behave adorably with their partners. Cuddling is their love language, and intimacy is something they always look for. They’re all for PDA, holding hands and being together forever. 

They might come off as people who loathe physical touch, but they are joined to the hip and never want to leave them alone with their partners. Whether it’s a couch, bed, or even a chair, all they want to do is cuddle!

2) Taurus

Believers in physical intimacy,  Taurus are romantic and sweet partners who don’t keep their hands to themselves. Instead, they like to keep this side subtle and only show it to their lovers. 

Taureans love to show affection through soft kisses, gentle pecks and unlimited cuddling. 

3) Cancer

Another zodiac which is a definitive cuddler is Cancer. Natives of this sun sign are emotionally connected to their partners and take care of them at all times. 

Holding hands is their love language, and they wrap themselves around each other while sleeping. Cancerians have a loving personality, and those around them are wildly entertained in their company. Their warm, affectionate and doting demeanour makes them excellent cuddlers.

4) Pisces

Passionate and loving, Pisceans are always cuddly and look forward to snuggling every time they’re in bed, so much so that whenever they’re alone, they prefer sleeping while hugging a pillow or teddy bear in their arms.

Pisces are directed by their mood, so if they’re grumpy, you might not want to cuddle with them. Among zodiac signs that adore cuddling, these people can get upset if they don’t receive a similar kind of affection from their partners. 

5) Aries

Having achieved an outstanding balance between being cuddly and still giving their partners personal space, Aries are pro-cuddlers. Being sweet, sympathetic and amicable individuals, Arieans make people around them feel comfortable and loved. They don’t miss out on any chance to make their lovers feel protected and adored. 

To them, cuddling is not just about physical intimacy but about a special bond that two people in a relationship share. They have a charming way of teasing their partners and calling them in bed to cuddle. 

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