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Will the Avatar 2 exceed the Avatar box office collection?

By November 26, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments

James Cameron’s “Avatar: the Way of Water”, the sequel to “Avatar” (released in 2009). “Avatar” was already a hit among Cameron’s fan club. Statistically, the upcoming part 2 of the movie is also getting a lot of attention from the fan club. The release date for Avatar 2 is on 16th December. It has been made under a budget of United States $250 M and is set to release in six different languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The audience is also waiting for “Avatar 2” to recreate magic this time. Let’s get to know the predictions for Avatar 2 and whether they will favour it or not?

Pre-booking of tickets for Avatar 2 in advance

James Cameron has made a long way in being a successful director with plenty of big hits in his career. “Avatar” is one of his bests; he did business in the U.S. for $ 130M. Recently when the first part was re-released on big primary screens, it just added to its total box office collection.
The same results are expected for Avatar 2 with an even bigger U.S. $ 25 crores budget. Of course, everyone wants to know will Avatar 2 be as good as the prequel?
Worldwide the second part will be released in 160 languages in total. Advance bookings on platforms like are still going on, with almost 2 lakh plus bookings.
Also, India, where the movie will be released in 6 different languages, will be one big market for this movie. Avatar 2 opening weekend predictions show that the film will be a massive hit in South India because of the enormous fan following.

The trailer is also out on various OTT platforms.

What all led to the massive success of “Avatar 1”?

“Avatar 1” was one of the biggest Hollywood movies. The storyline, animation and performance were brilliant, making the movie top all charts. But the main reason for its success was that the story allowed the audience to gravitate to it. It brought us closer to both sides of human nature, greed and kindness. The moral of the story was so strong that it made all of us stick to it even after watching it for the second time on big screens. It was made with a U.S. $ 23.7 M budget and crossed all records when it came on screens after its release. Even after the re-release, the number has just been added on.
Similarly, the audience is eager to discover what “Avatar 2: the way of water” offers them.

Will it surpass the Avatar 1 collection?

If we talk about the budget of Avatar 2, it is considerably more than the first one. But according to the Avatar 2 astrology predictions, the movie is bound to perform well at the box office. They have also predicted that the placement of stars, planets and other celestial bodies perfectly aligns with the movie’s estimated release date.
The director, James Cameron, has several epic blockbusters in his career. To start it off with Titanic, Terminator, the exodus decoded, and many more. Being a Leo, he is royal like, famous, a perfectionist and a socially active person. Being famous was in his destiny, with his stars and planets working for him. His sun sign aligns with the other celestial bodies making his career a huge success. And no doubt how his perfectionism could be seen directly through his work.

Why is 1+6= 7 lucky for Avatar 2 release?

Number 7 represents “Wholeness and Perfection” in many cultures. For example, in Indian culture, we believe in sapt rishi, seven days a week, saat janam and more. Moreover, the number signifies a life without any obstacles and ascension in various other cultures.
James Cameron shares his birthday on the same date as 16 th, so according to his numerology, 7 is his destiny number too. The predictions of expert astrologers have made it simpler how the movie has been set at the right time to be released so that it gives out the expected profit. In terms of numerology, too, the film is bound to perform exceptionally well at the box office.


Avatar 2, is not just a sequel to the lastly released epic sci-fi in 2009, directed by James Cameron. The movie is getting a lot of predictions going on. How much will it earn at the box office? Will it be a record-breaker, or will it be a step-down? A lot of predictions for Avatar 2 are getting in its favour.
However, the sequel could fail if it goes with the slightest possibility of predictions. So until the release, every fan keeps his fingers crossed, and so are the movie directors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the estimation for Avatar 2 revenue?

Many mixed predictions are there, but it has been said that it will approximately reach the billion-dollar movie club.

How is the release date for Avatar 2 a plus factor?

According to the expert Astrologers of “InstaAstro”, predictions have been made that the position of celestial bodies is aligning with the estimated date’s numerology. Hence, it is just adding to the luck for Avatar 2 to perform well.

Will Avatar 2 be any different than its prequel?

As far as the trailer shows, the storyline remains the same. The war between the Navis, the original inhabitants of Pandora, still continues with humans. But taking up where part 1 has left us, the story continues taking us into an entirely different.

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