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The Untold Stories: 8 Unsung Ramayana Characters

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The Untold Stories_ 8 Unsung Ramayana Characters

We all have heard the Ramayana epic as a bedtime story, television drama, or movie. Some characters imprint on a viewer’s mind, like Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman, Lakshman, Ravana, and many more. However, we may often forget to notice some characters, unintentionally decreasing their value. In reality, each of these eight unsung Ramayana characters has a unique story and significance in the epic. Let’s honour their contributions by exploring these untold stories of Ramayana. 


8 Unsung Ramayana Warriors

Ramayana is one of the most sacred ancient tales of Hinduism. Ramayana is depicted as an example of upkeeping one’s promises, protecting the weak, and, most importantly, fighting against wrong. Apart from being the most common story known in each and every household in India, Ramayana is also an epic that depicts the qualities of an ideal man. Let us have a look at some important but forgotten heroes from the Ramayana. 

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1. Urmila (Consort Of Lakshaman)

Urmila is known to be Lakshman’s consort/ wife. As Lakshman departed on the 14-year Vanvasa journey with his elder brother, Lord Ram, Urmila stayed on Lakshman’s command to care for his parents. 

It is also believed that Lakshman did not sleep throughout the 14 years. Nidra Devi (Goddess of Sleep) instructed him to have someone else sleep in his place. So, Urmila Devi Ramayana took this responsibility upon herself and slept daily in Lakshman’s place with Nidra Devi. 

Lastly, Urmila is the only one who objects when Lord Ram sends Goddess Sita to live in the woods. In her part in the Ramayana, she depicts the values of fulfilling one’s duties, love for her husband, and speaking up against wrong. 

2. Sampati (Jatayu’s Older Brother)

Sampati is the older brother of Jatayu. He played an important role in finding Goddess SIta’s. In doing so, he and his brother, Jatayu, reached very close to the Sun. Because of this, both were prone to Sun’s harsh heat, and Sampati covered his brother Jatayu with his wings to protect him. 

However, this burned Sampati’s wings, causing him to lose his ability to fly. Upon reaching the ground, he and Jatayu told Lord Ram that Goddess Sita was almost 100 Yojans away from them, pointing towards Lanka. 

3. Jambavan (The King Of Bears)

Jambavan was known as the king of the bears and is also represented as a wise person in his Ramayana Character. In the Ramayana, his role is associated with helping Lord Ram find Goddess Sita and defeat Ravana. 

In addition, Jambavan tends to play an important role during the search for Goddess Sita by mentoring the Vanar Sena. Lastly, Jambavan asked Lord Hanuman to travel across the sea to search for Goddess Sita. He is also known to be one of the most powerful warrior in Ramayana.

4. Shabri (Lord Ram’s Follower)

Shabri is known to be a devoted follower of Lord Ram in the epic. She was blessed with a boon by Rishi Matang, who stated she would have the opportunity to have Lord Ram visit her home. Upon listening to this, Shabri got excited and went back home. 

She cleaned her house and prepared it for Lord Rama’s daily visit, hoping for his arrival. After some time, Lord Rama came to visit her. Upon his arrival, Shabri was so happy she served him ber fruit. However, it was her devotion that won Lord Ram’s heart. 

She tasted every single ber before giving it to Lord Ram as, in her heart, she did not want to serve bitter or tasteless fruit ot her God but only served the sweet ones. Shabri’s story is told today in every household as an example of innocence and the purest form of devotion. 

5. Kewat (Boatman)

Kewat in Ramayana was a boatman. His role is often forgotten by the people. However, he was one of the true devotees of Lord Ram and spent his entire life serving his Lord. He helped Lord Rama in crossing the Ganga River during his exile. 

However, he made a condition that Lord Rama wash his feet before he boarded his boat. After successfully helping them cross the river, he denied Lord Ram’s offer of a ring as payment. 

6. Garuda (King Of Birds)

Garunda, as the name suggests, is the king of the birds in his Ramayana Character. He is also referred to as Lord Vishnu’s vehicle. His role in Ramayana is quite prominent. He appears in the sky, spreading his wide wings. 

He helped free Lord Ram and Laksham from the grip of the lethal noose of the serpent done by Meghanada. He successfully freed Lord Ram and Lakshman. His tale is used as an example of bravery and fearlessness. 

7. Marich (Uncle Of Ravana)

Marich in Ramayana was a demon. He is also known as Ravana’s uncle. Marich’s role in Ramayana cannot be forgotten. He pretended to be a golden deer, which eventually led to Goddess Sita’s Kidnap by Ravana. 

He also had a brother, Subahu. Marich and his brother Subahu were known to be the sons of Tadka and Sund. They were also famous for their notorious activities. These two brothers would annoy the sages and disrupt their havana and poojas on a daily basis. 

8. Nal-Neela (Vanars Who Helped In Building The Ram Setu)

Nal and Neela, also referred to as the architects of the Ram Setu, had a prominent role in building it. They are the descendants of Vishwakarma, who is also known to be the Architect of the Gods.

Nal and Neela had amazing architectural skills and thus helped in engineering and building the Ram Setu. They are even credited in the Ram Charitra Manas. These Ramayana characters in the epic show the power of their skill and also suggest individuals value their abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Lord Ram's greatest devotee?

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the greatest devotee of Lord Ram.

2. What did Shabri offer Lord Ram to eat?

Shabri, Lord Ram’s devotee, offered him some ber (Indian Jujube) after tasting everyone to offer only the sweet ones to Lord Ram.

3. What is the name of Jatayu's brother?

3. What is the name of Jatayu’s brother?

4. Who was Kaikeyi?

Kaikeyi was King Dashrath’s third wife and mother to Bharat.

5. Who was Nala's father?

Nala is considered to be the son of Vishwakarma, who is believed to be the architect of God.

6. Who helped Lord Ram in killing Ravana?

Ravana’s brother, Vibhishan, is believed to have helped Lord Ram kill his brother Ravana, as he told Lord Ram the secret to Ravana’s death.

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