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What Not To Gift Your Loved Ones As Per Vastu

By June 19, 2024No Comments
What Not To Gift Your Loved Ones As Per Vastu

Want to know what not to gift your loved ones as per Vastu? Gifting special items is an adorable gesture that shows them how much you love and care. While it is essential to choose items that resonate with an individual’s personality what’s more important is aligning with Vastu Shastra’s principles. 

While it has become a trend to randomly gift items without considering the consequences. So, here we will discuss the things not to gift according to vastu. We will also mention why certain items are considered inauspicious so that you can choose the most preferred and auspicious gifts for your loved ones. 


How is Astrology Related to Gift Items? 

The concept of Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra is an age-old practice. It is still believed that every item in this universe carries specific energy that impacts individuals’ lives positively and negatively, be it living or non-living things. Therefore, as we discuss the gifts not to give a woman and man who hold inauspicious energies, we’ll let you know how astrology is associated with them. 

In astrology, certain gift items are believed to carry specific energies that can impact the recipient’s life. Sticking to these guidelines is strongly believed to help avoid bringing negativity or unwanted influences into the recipients’ lives. 

1. Hypothetical Scenario:

Let’s take a simple example: Suppose it’s your birthday and someone special gifted you a black dress that looks very pretty. You go to an important event wearing that dress, and after that, you feel tired, exhausted and sick. You might not be aware, but it’s an indication that evil energies attract you, as the colour black is associated with the planet Saturn or Shani. 

So, for that, we’ve got you a solution below where we have mentioned the top 6 what not to gift your loved ones as per Vastu items. 

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6 Gift Items To Avoid Gifting 

It can be difficult to select the perfect gift for your loved ones on their special day. You want to give something thoughtful that brings positivity to their lives. But you might end up gifting items that are considered inauspicious, as per Vastu. So, choose the best items by knowing what not to gift your loved ones, as per Vastu. 

1. Clock or Watches

Gifting wall clocks or wristwatches are not considered auspicious in astrology, as the clock symbolises individuals’ optimistic and good times. So, if you are gifting a watch or clock, you are giving away your precious time. This can bring downfall into the lives of givers and lead to difficult situations. 

2. Handkerchief

According to astrology, a handkerchief represents grief, tears and sadness. So, if you are gifting a handkerchief, it means that you are passing on your sadness to the receiver. This can add unhappiness and sorrow to the lives of the receivers. So, avoid gifting handkerchiefs as a gift to your loved ones. 

3. Stationery items

Questions like Is it bad luck to give a pen as a gift are very common. So, make it clear that you must avoid gifting pens or other stationary items as gifts. Is it really worth it if the gift you give ends up causing a decline in the recipient’s career despite being affordable? No, right, so stop giving stationary items as a gift to any close to you. It can ruin the professional lives of the recipients, causing career collapse. 

4. Perfumes and Deodorants

Expressing gratitude and love for your loved ones through gifts is excellent, but gifting perfume is not the best idea. Gifting perfumes or any other fragrance substances can weaken the Venus in the horoscope of the receivers. This can impact their love lives or disrupt their physical beauty. So, it’s a big no if you are thinking of gifting an expensive perfume to someone special. 

5. Black-Coloured Clothes

Black-coloured clothes can be a classic and timeless colour for fashion. But did you know that the colour black is associated with the planet Saturn, which is why it’s not considered an ideal colour, as per Vastu? The black colour easily attracts evil and negative energies. So, if you are giving black coloured clothes to someone, it means that you are giving them negative energies which can greatly affect their life. 

6. Clutch or Wallets

Wondering what not to gift your loved ones as per Vastu? But is a wallet or hand clutch on your wishlist? Stop there right now. Gifting a wallet or any kind of money bag clearly means that you are handing on your positive financial energy to the other person. This can indicate a downfall in your financial stability and might cause you to suffer due to your poor financial condition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What not to gift your loved ones as per Vastu?

Some of the worst items you must avoid gifting your loved ones are clocks, handkerchiefs, stationery items, fragrance substances and any black-coloured items.

2. Can we gift watch to someone?

Gifting a watch or clock to someone clearly indicates that you are passing on your good times to the other person. This can attract back luck and negativity in your life.

3. What are the bad luck gifts for relationships?

Shoes, perfumes, sharp objects, spiky plants, and other related items must be avoided when gifting your partners. These can cause conflicts and misunderstandings in a relationship.

4. Why are water-themed items considered inauspicious gifts?

When you gift items such as aquariums, water bottles, wine glasses, etc., you are thought to pass on good luck and fortune associated with the water element to the recipient.

5. Can I gift God’s idol as a wedding gift?

God’s idols, especially Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, should be avoided because it’s believed that it leads to the loss of wealth and intelligence.

6. Why are leather gift items not the best choice, according to astrology?

Leather items are made of animal skin, so gifting leather items should not be an ideal choice. As per Vastu Shastra, this can lead to the decline of prosperity and abundance in the house.

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