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Find Out About These Magical Benefits of Avarampoo Flower

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Herbs, plants and shrubs have always been used for treating and curing mental illnesses. These are medicinal and give people the relief that they are getting better without any invasive techniques. In the times when Ayurveda is taking centre stage, the Avarampoo Flower is a game changer set to bring many changes and betterment for treating people. Let’s know more about it.

About Avarampoo Flower

Beautiful Yellow Avarampoo Flower

Avarampoo is a shrub famous in Tamil and is known as the Aavarm Poo in the native language. This shrub is talked about a lot and has gained decent popularity on the internet due to its benefits. Primarily, this flower is used for curing and mitigating the effects of diabetes and other severe illnesses. It is almost magical how this flower works and affects people with health issues. Let’s dig deeper into its beyond excellent benefits and history.

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Avarampoo Traditional Uses

In the primaeval times, this flower was the best for treating skin problems, diabetes, urinary issues and other problems like body odour. Moreover, when consumed by cooking with dal, it can magically help with issues related to constipation. As for the bark, it can help reduce inflammation when consumed with boiled water. 

The leaves of the shrub are best for washing hair as they clean the hair really well. Moreover, on becoming moist, the leaves can help heal wounds caused by skin problems as well. We use the herb seeds for making hair oil which treats premature greying or losing hair.  

Other Avarampoo Benefits

The health benefits of this shrub are innumerable; let’s have a look at them.

Hair growth

Adding the dried avarampoo flower with other herbs like henna, amla and fenugreek can make an oil that helps prevent bacterial infections on the scalp and reduces scalp inflammation.

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Prevents dehydration

It is an old belief that people carry this flower on their heads when they walk out in the sun. This cools them down and keeps them hydrated. In the rural area, people still give these flowers to their children when they go out to play in the scorching heat.

Stops Body Odour

By deriving the powder from this flower and using it on the body, people can get rid of their body odour. Moreover, it also helps with other skin problems like boils, etc. and other infections. 

A bonus tip: This powder works best for skin types from normal to dry.

Treating Rheumatism

The bark and the plant seeds are one of the best herbal methods to treat and cure severe conditions like rheumatism.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the scientific and English name of the Avarampoo flower?

The flower’s scientific name is Senna Auriculata and is known as Tanner’s cassia in English. 

2. Is Avarampoo tea beneficial?

Yes, this herbal tea will Avarampoo is used for preparing herbal tea. Not only is the concoction of the flower with tea delicious, but also rich in nutrients. Moreover, it works magically for constipation, is an antioxidant, and is the best beverage to replace coffee or tea. This tea will keep the mind and body fresh and healthy.

3. Can Avarampoo help with diabetes?

Yes, it helps in regulating low blood sugar levels. Moreover, it naturally increases insulin in the body. However, it gives the best results when consumed on an empty stomach. For those with increased sugar levels, researchers suggest that consuming 0.45g of Avarampoo flower extract per kg of body weight will help lower the sugar levels. 

4. Can we take Avarampoo for weight loss?

This flower can help maintain proper body weight. Moreover, it will keep us in shape by maintaining the necessary cholesterol levels.

5. Is Avarampoo juice good?

This juice is the best for treating all kinds of urinary tract infections. Also, people who experience excruciating pains while peeing must try this juice. Especially among women, all these problems are extremely common, and this juice will bring some relief to them. This will work as this works in the detoxification and excretion of life-threatening toxins out of your body. 

6. Can Senna Auriculata be applied on the face?

Yes, the powder of Senna Auriculata is excellent for bringing a brightening glow to your face. Moreover, it also helps with cleansing and revitalising the skin.


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