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Everything About The G.O.A.T Bappi Lahiri Is Extraordinary — His Music, Fashion Sense & Astrological Deets

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Bappi Lahiri

Popularly known as the Disco King of Bollywood, the veteran Singer-Composer, Bappi Lahiri, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 69. He was reportedly suffering from multiple health issues.

Besides his unparalled career in Indian music,  the larger-than-life persona also garnered popularity for his trademark style of donning gold accessories. Bappida was always spotted with multiple gold chains in public.


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The legend had his first musical breakthrough during the 80s and 90s with disco music compositions like yaad aa raha hai, tamma tamma loge and auva auva, to name a few. He continued to rule the charts with his latest blockbuster hits like ooh la la and tune maari entriyaan. He won hearts and many prestigious national and international awards throughout his incredible career.

People like Bappi Lahiri are rare gems and born with incredible astrological stars. Take a look at his birth deets —


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Date of Birth: Nov 27, 1952

Time of Birth: Not Known

Place of Birth: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

His birth ascendant was Leo. The sign Leo is ruled by the planet Sun and the favourable placement of Sun in his birth chart resulted in good health, name, fame and social status of a high order.

The planet Venus as a natural significator of luxury, material comforts, fine arts, fashion, innovation, etc. in his birth chart was placed in the house of intelligence, knowledge and creativity.


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Jupiter as an auspicious planet had been casting influence on his Venus. As a result of which, he was a hard-working, ambitious person and blessed with excellent professional skills. He had refined tastes, an artistic bent of mind with a unique sense of fashion.

The location of Moon in the house of obstructions in his birth chart indicates that at times he suffered from cough and cold, nasal/chest congestion.


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Bappi Da’s diverse work and versatility made people across generations relate to his style of music.

The music maestro, a style icon and an inspiration to many will be missed by everyone!

May the soul of Bappi Lahiri attain Sadgati🙏

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