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Bedroom Vastu: Must Follow Tips For Positive Energy In Your Bedroom

By March 23, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Vastu Tips For House

Vastu makes your bedroom a place of relaxation and rejuvenation

Vastu for bedroom


Vastu Shastra increases positivity in your house. Vastu can help you develop a living space that will be different from others in terms of positivity, good health, and a peaceful mind. Even those who are not believers of Vastu Shastra tend to follow it when they get to know about its benefits. The one place where Vastu must be inculcated in your bedroom. 

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The exact position of the bedroom should be the southwest corner of your house. The most preferred direction for the bed is south or west so that your legs face the north or east direction while sleeping. The bed placement is very important as it increases the quality of sleep and health. The bed should always be placed against the wall, and never in the corner.

 Vastu for bedroom


Some Important Tips

  • Keep the attached bathroom door shut as an open door may bring health problems and a negative aura.
  • The dressing table should not be placed opposite the bed.
  • Mop your bedroom floor once a week with sea salt. Sea salt is said to erase the negativity.
  • Never through rubbish under your bed or in the side drawers.
  • Keep your wardrobe and lockers in the north direction as it is the direction of Lord Kubera (God of gold & wealth).

Avoid north-east and south-east directions as it can bring problems and create fights between couples. Also, bedrooms in these directions can result in health issues. A bedroom in the north is very good for people who are studying. It will help them to concentrate and make wise decisions. 

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Moreover, avoid having oval or round shaped beds, as it may lead you towards the endless circle of dreams. It is said that an oval represents the never-ending circle of life and having an oval bed would lead you towards never-ending confusions and problems.

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