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Astrologer Advice To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

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How to convince your parents for love marriage:

Do you have a partner that you want to get married to but don’t know how to tell your parents? Are you also looking for tips and tricks on how to convince your parents for love marriage? Well, worry not as InstaAstro is here to rescue you.

Marriage, especially in India, is a sacred bond. Hence, marriage holds a very respected place in everyone’s eyes. But due to an age gap, young people & parents often have a different take on marriage. If youths have an open sky to fly, on the contrary, few parents have limited themselves into the handcuffs of society, tradition, religion etc. And when such parents’ kids want to get married to their choice of girl/boy, the problem begins. This is where proper communication slides into the picture. This blog looks at how to deal with your parents, have a love marriage with your parents’ support and convince them to love marriage. 

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Mentioned below are some tips and steps that you can follow to use them as mantras to convince parents for love marriage. Let us now take a look at them. they are as follows:

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  • Befriend your parents.

Though children adore their parents, they either don’t share a good rapport with their parents or have a communication gap. It could be because of a bridge between thinking, or they start ignoring or rebelling against their parents. 

So, try to spend time with your parents, and discuss the topics of your life and friends. Try to understand your parent’s opinion on your friend’s relationship problems or issues that resemble your situation.

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  • Start sharing your opinion on marriage & life partner.

If you are a certain age, there is nothing wrong with talking about this topic in front of parents. Every parent has knitted a dream of watching their children get matched.

You can occasionally pick up this topic in between an ongoing conversation. This lets you highlight the things that count indirectly. For instance, your partner’s education, support, compatibility, etc. and the things that don’t matter, for example, caste, creed, community, etc. 

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  • Finding your cupid is one of them.

Now that you have mixed up in a good way with your parents and have delivered thoughts & ideas regarding marriage. So now you need to observe who has been more inclined towards you from both your parents. So make that parent play cupid for your wedding with your choice of partner.

Now figure out that it’s time to introduce your to-be-life partner to that person, your mom or dad. Again, make sure to keep your points more practical rather than emotional. Don’t try to dominate the discussion but also listen to your parents. It’s not about talking back but also about trying to understand their fears & problems. 

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  • Take the help of relatives whom your parents respect and admire.

If your parents are still stubborn about not supporting your decision, you should involve your extended family, i.e. your relatives. Try and convince your grandparents or relatives elder than your parents and who you are comfortable talking to. There is a huge possibility that your parents will get convinced through them. This can play a vital role in convincing your parents. The more support you get from your close relatives, the more your parents will try to understand and get the courage to support your decision.

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  • Introduce the girl/boy

When the time is right, you will have this internal feeling to introduce your parents and your partner. Well, the first thing to do is give a brief description and information about your partner to your parents. Do not drop a bomb on them suddenly. Lastly, the most important thing is to let your partner and parents have some time to understand each other. This will help them build some sort of understanding and a relationship. 

  • Let both bride’s & bridegroom’s families meet!

Marriage is not just a relationship between two people but two families in India. Moreover, getting the blessings of your parents is very important. Thus, in the case of a love marriage, an individual should give time for the members of both families to meet and get to know each other. Moreover, when there is a common understanding between the families, the native’s life tends to become a bit easier. Also, this will be the last and most crucial step for an individual. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Mention some remedies for love marriage?

Some remedies an individual can follow for a love marriage are as follows:Worship Lord Shiva and Mata ParvatiUse turmeric and chandan tilakOffer items of beautification (Shringar) to Mata Parvati

2. How to convince parents for love marriage in different caste?

If you are trying to convince your parents for love marriage, then the steps mentioned in this blog will come around to be of great help to you. By following these steps, you can convince your parents of the same.

3. How to make parents agree for love marriage?

Love marriage is still a concept that is not much liked in India. However, with the changing times, the concept has gained wide popularity. But on the other hand, it still remains a struggle for some people to convince their parents for love marriage. If you want to do so, you can follow the steps mentioned in the blog above.

4. Who are soulmates of Aries zodiac sign?

The soulmates of Aries zodiac natives are Leo zodiac sign natives. The chemistry and bonding between the natives of these two zodiac signs make them perfect for each other.

5. What is the best Muhurat to get married?

To know the best and most auspicious muhurat to get married, you can check InstaAstro’s website. You will find the muhurats for any and every activity there.

6. Who is Indian first love marriage?

The marriage of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati is the first love marriage in the Hindu culture and in India.

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