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10 Amazing Sri Chakra Benefits

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Sri Chakra

What are the benefits of Sri Chakra?

Are you worried about your earning money or getting successful? Do you find it difficult to seek peace with money? There’s not even a single soul who wouldn’t want money with peace. As much as you’d like to believe they can’t exist together, they do. With the enriching sri chakra benefits, all of this is very possible. In the Hindu culture, Sri Chakra is symbolic of all gods and goddesses and helps remove all obstacles. It is the source of all positive energy and good vibes.

The following are the Sri Chakra benefits:

It helps you reach your true purpose

Everyone has some purpose in their being, which they must fulfil. The sri chakra benefits releases positive energy and vibrations and changes your perspective in life. Thus, you move towards fulfilling your true purpose in life.

Bestows good health upon individuals

Physical, mental or emotional, the Chakra takes care of every aspect. It helps remove all the chaos and confusion, giving you peace of mind and keeping you in good health. Its also known to have cured depression and anxiety.

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Cleanses the soul

Unlike the gemstones, which usually remove negativity from the surroundings, Sri Chakra removes negativity from your soul and cleanses it. 

Fulfils all the desires

The Chakra fulfils all the deepest darkest desires by worshipping it. It makes sure that the creator knows all our wishes.


Extends one’s life

Due to the power of all gods and goddesses inside, the Sri Chakra prolongs an individual’s life and can make it a life with purpose and activity.

It enlightens an individual

Sri Chakra helps you find your true meaning in life. It makes you pry the answers to certain questions you never knew you could find out. Therefore, making you knowledgeable about a higher power. 

Makes you powerful

It’s a cycle of being good and doing good because of the Chakra, which makes people become fond of you and increases your reputation in society. People start believing you and respecting you. It might not be out of fear but out of trust built because of your work. 

Bestows you with fame and fortune

You will what have any money or food if you worship the Chakra. Moreover, sri chakra benefits is to bestow abundant luck, fame and fortune on you. 

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Calms the planets in one’s horoscope

Whether it’s about correcting the obstacles by mangal or any other hurdles. Sri Chakra benefits like worshipping helps you overcome these challenges and limitations. And protects you from all the ill omens put forward by the planets. 

It helps one get rid of their ego

The sheer energy of the Sri Yantra provides enlightenment and good energy. This helps people to become wiser and have more wisdom in life. Thus, avoiding any form of ego development.  



Correct placement of Sri Chakra 

In your house, the appropriate spot to place the Chakra is inside the “mandir” of the house. And it should face the north, northeast and east directions. 


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