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What Are The Secrets Your Handwriting Tells About you?

By May 11, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments

How to interpret your handwriting?

When we were children, do you remember how our mothers used to tell us to write correctly? Otherwise, we’ll develop lousy handwriting? I’m sure many of us regret not listening to her. On average, a child learns to write by the age of 4-5 years, and since then, there have been slight changes made in the formation of letters. So our Secrets Your Handwriting Tells how we are! Are you organised, optimistic or a swaying nonchalant?

You’d be surprised to know that all this can be understood by the way you write. Your handwriting alone can give away thousands of traits of your personality. Minute changes of leaving extra spaces between two letters or stretching the tail of the letter “J” are nuances that can reveal a lot about a person.

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1) The slants

Secrets Your Handwriting


Left slanted:

If this is how you write, your views are contrary to popular beliefs, and you want to work in solitude. You may also try to rebel against worldly opinions and ways of living.

Right slant:

Writing with slants to the right means that you are open to new experiences and are willing to mingle around with friends of your own. 

No slant:

You’re one of the pragmatists and believe in logical thinking. But moreover, Secrets Your Handwriting Tells you that you shouldnt let your emotions take centre stage or control over yourself.

2) The loops you make 

Closed loops:

The closed circles indicate that you’re reticent and restrict yourself in front of others.

Open loops:

People who write like this are spontaneous, quick on their feet and tend to socialise frequently. 

Secrets Your Handwriting

3) How do you write “S.”


You have a likeable personality if you write a rounded “s”. It implies that you’re big on pleasing others and avoiding conflicts.

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Sharp and edgy! This hints that you are intellectually intelligent and fond of studying new things. The higher and sharper the peaks, the more ambitious you are.

Open at the bottom:

This describes a specific liking towards something or someone you are hiding and are restrained about. It also means you’re not following your heart and giving unnecessary value to inhibitions. 

4) The letter size

Secrets Your Handwriting



The literal meaning, people who write in large letters, have a “grand” personality. Most celebrities write like this as it is an expression of grandeur. The large font size indicates a socially outgoing nature and need for attention. 


You tend to emphasise the details and have a higher concentration power than the rest. You have a coy and shy personality; however, you’re intuitive and introspective. 


Following the middle ground, your adjustment levels are higher than people your age.

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