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The First House of Your Birth Chart Carves Your Destiny

By September 8, 2020October 23rd, 2023No Comments
1st house in birth chart

There are twelve houses in any horoscope, and every house has its special significance in the life of the native. And, planets in different houses and their effects immensely influence our lives. As per Vedic Astrology, the first house is also known as the Ascendant or the house of the self. This house also marks the beginning of life. This is why astrologers read this house first. This house is like the head and the upper part of the face.

This house comes to guide you on questions like who you are, what you want to do when you get it, or how well you do it. It also determines how you grow in life and see the world around you. With this content, readers will be able to know more about why this house is the central point of all horoscopes.

Significance of the 1st House in Defining Personality

In Vedic Astrology, Tanu Bhava is another name for the 1st house. In 1st house astrology, this house is also referred to as the House of Personality. Tanu Bhava means the house of the body. Moreover, this house influences one’s individuality. The 1st house is like a mirror that reflects your individuality, inner self, and outer self. So, the 1st house in any horoscope is very pivotal for astrologers as this house helps them analyze your birth chart and predict your future. The 1st house influences:

  • Choices and preferences
  • Likes and dislikes
  • The general attitude in life
  • Likely miseries and misfortunes
  • Personality, physical appearance, and character
  • Temperament, self-identity, and strengths
  • Weaknesses in physical constitution and health
  • Looks and attraction
  • Zeal and energy, overall health and well-being

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The first house astrology is concerned with the zodiac sign Aries. Mars is the main lord that signifies this house. Moreover, this house brings fruitful results if it is dominated by Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, or Mercury. On the other hand, first house astrology is weak for Venus or Saturn. Furthermore, this house also answers the question: How an individual presents himself to the world? The presence of lord Mars in this house gives energy and vigour to the native. It also makes the native aggressive, passionate, and enthusiastic.

Applications of the 1st House or Bhava

  • Adya – first
  • Anga – limb
  • Deham – physical features
  • Dhanus – physical body
  • Janama – birth
  • Kalpa – Sirsa
  • Seersa – head
  • Udhayam – ascending
  • Varthamana – livelihood or living

If you want to know your general outlook towards life, this house works like a mirror that shows the real picture. Therefore, if you want to peep into the future course of events, talk to astrologers over the phone and get your queries resolved.


There you have it, folks! This was all about the first house of an individual’s kundli. The 1st house in astrology represents one’s self and personality. Thus, this house is also called the house of self. This house is about the Personality of an individual and also about their appearance. This is the house that determines if you will have godly looks or not. If you liked this blog and want to read more such amazing and interesting blogs, then do visit InstaAstro’s website. There, you will be able to read many more such interesting and informative blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which planet is good in the First House?

Planets that give auspicious outcomes when placed in the 1st house are Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury.

2. Which planet is not good in the first house?

The planets that do not give beneficial and auspicious outcomes when placed in 1st house are Venus and Saturn.

3. Is Mercury in 1st house auspicious?

Having Mercury in the first house makes an individual aggressive in nature. They come around to be short-tempered.

4. What body part does the 1st house rule?

The first house of an individual’s kundli tends to rule over the following aspects – the whole body, head, mind, brain, mind, hair, skin, and limbs.

5. What is your first house called?

The first house is known as the House of Self in astrology. This house tells about the personality traits and physical features of an individual.

6. Is 1st house good for Saturn?

Having Saturn in 1st house makes an individual work-oriented being. They focus all their energy on doing their work. Moreover, the individual will also be reserved and calm at all times.

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