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Pisces Moon Sign Traits and Characteristics

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Pisces Moon Sign Traits and Characteristics

What are Pisces moon sign traits and characteristics? Are you a practical or emotional person? Do you live in reality, or the world of fantasy entices you more? Knowing your actual moon sign can put a full stop to all these questions. Ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces’ personality screams compassion. This zodiac sign spans between the 330th and 360th degrees of celestial longitude. 

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What is Pisces moon sign? 

You often get confused between your sun sign and your moon sign. Here is a detailed explanation that will blow your doubts away. Sun sign shows the personality traits that you present to the outer world. 

But your moon sign is the real you or your inner personality. So, what makes Pisces your moon sign? At the time of your birth, if the moon is placed in this zodiac sign, then you are a Pisces moon. But you need to know the exact time of your birth along with your birth date. 

If you closely pay attention to Pisces’s astrological symbol, you will see two fishes placed in the opposite direction. But have you ever thought about why they are placed in the opposite direction? Stay with us as we explain the reason behind it. The opposite direction between the fishes depicts the battle between their reality and fantasy. 

Pisces moon sign

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Pisces Moon Sign Traits and Characteristics 

Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter 

Element: Water 

Modality: Mutable 

Ruling House: 12th 

Hard Worker 

It is not hidden from anyone that the word Pisces has been derived from the Latin language, which means fish. There is an uncanny resemblance between the personality of the Pisces moon and the fishes. 

Sounds interesting, right? Let us explain how. Only a few of us know that fishes swim in the opposite direction of the water. Swimming in the opposite direction of water includes hard work, struggle and hardships. Just like fishes, Pisces moon often encounters struggles in their life. But their hard work and determination are what keep them afloat. 

Hard Worker

Gift of Compassion 

Meet the most empathetic creatures in the world. Suppose you are watching a movie with your friend or partner who is a Pisces moon. You see a scene where a little girl is bullied by her seniors in school. And suddenly, you find your friend or partner sobbing. Yes, that is how sensitive and emotional a Pisces moon can be. Pisces moon sign is that friend who will sob when you are in your lowest phase. So don’t forget to keep tissues close by if you ever share a heartfelt story with them. They are the best shoulders to cry on.  

Gift of Compassion


If you are the type of person who looks innocent and calm from the outside but, in fact, has devious thoughts about the people around you. If that’s the case, then better beware in front of the natives of this zodiac sign. Why? 

This mutable sign is the first one to recognize the undercurrents in a group. Because of their highly intuitive capabilities, they know when you lie or hide something. So, if you have a friend with the moon in Pisces, never doubt their intuitions. 


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Hopelessly Romantic 

Here comes the next trait of Pisces moon sign. Do you know what the common thing between you and Noah (The Notebook) or Jack (Titanic) is? Well, they both are hopelessly romantic, and so are you. So, we could not find a better way to talk about this personality trait of yours. 

Hopelessly Romantic

Heart of a Poet 

Folks, if by ‘heart of poet’, you think that Pisces are great poets, then oops, you might be wrong. The natives of this zodiac sign are blessed with creativity and imagination. We have two reasons supporting the statements that the Pisces moon is a highly creative personality. First, the last zodiac sign in the astrological chart, Pisces, is ruled by Venus.

Only a few of us know that Venus is the planet of creativity. Second, this zodiac sign is led by the 12th house, known as the ‘House of Unconscious’. As per astrology, the 12th house falls under houses linked with creativity. 

Heart of a Poet 

King/Queen of Fantasy Land 

Yes, you read it right. The only company a Pisces moon enjoys is their own. If you can’t find Pisces moon anywhere, try searching in their fantasy land. Just kidding. Jokes apart, away from reality, the Pisces moon loves to live in their dream world. They have built their own comfort zone and not for the world they want to come out of their personal space. So, if you have a friend who has a habit of disappearing very often, don’t worry. All they want is a break. 

King/Queen of Fantasy Land 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What is Pisces sign male personality? 

We know that your curiosity about knowing a Pisces man has brought you here. So, without further ado, let us discuss the personality traits of a Pisces man. Pisces men are hopelessly romantic enough to make you swoon with their enigmatic charm. Being a mutable sign, Pisces men are flexible and open to change. 

What is Pisces moon sign attracted to? 

Now that we know about Pisces moon sign characteristics, let us explore who Pisces moon signs are most compatible with. To everyone’s surprise, out of twelve zodiac moon signs, the Pisces moon sign matches its vibe with only Virgo moon and Libra moon.

One of the exciting things about Virgo and Pisces moon sign compatibility is that they are poles apart. But when they come together, they manage to balance out their extremes. Next is the Libra moon and Pisces moon. Do you know what brings them together? These zodiac signs are a bucketful of emotions. 

What are famous Pisces moon sign celebrities? 

Let us know about the celebrities with Pisces moon signs. Renowned names such as Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton and Chadwick Bosman are the stars born with Pisces in their natal chart. 

What is the moon in Pisces’ physical appearance? 

Do you know that your moon sign can reveal much about your physical appearance? According to some predictions, the Pisces moon has eyes worth falling for. Your eyes are what make you approachable and trustworthy. 

What are Pisces moon sign negative traits? 

One of the favourite hobbies of the Pisces moon sign is peeking into other’s lives. Still didn’t get the clue. Gossiping is one of the negative and dark sides of this mutable sign. Gossiping about their friends, family, or colleagues is what fuels them. But you do not do it for mere pleasure, but there are other reasons behind this. From the outside, you may seem like a person who loves to gossip, but in reality, you want to learn what is going on in others’ lives and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Which two planets rule Pisces? 

The zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by not one but two planets, Jupiter and Neptune. So here is a small but interesting story behind Pisces, ruled by two planets. According to Greek mythology, once a monster attacks the goddess of love, Venus and her son.

Afraid for her life, Venus cries out for help from Zeus. Some mythological stories believe that Venus was the daughter of Zeus. To save Venus and her son from the monster, Zeus changes them into fish, later known as Pisces. So being a water sign, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea. 

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