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5 Astrological Advices Before Buying a New Property

By April 15, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments
Astrological advice to buy property

Before Buying a New Property:

Considering the planetary movements and the Dasha system, it is necessary to consult an astrologer. The astrologer can predict whether the given property is favourable or unfavourable. The land will be for commercial or domestic, or institutional use. One must heed astrological advice before dealing in real estate if he believes in it.

 1) Make a Deal on Good Day

One should plan to buy the property on any auspicious day, which is lucky for the buyers. If Mercury or Venus is retrograde, then one should not sign any legal papers related to purchasing the property. Also, one should avoid autocratic movements of angles being retrograde movements. 

It is advisable to learn the buyer’s horoscope and know the unborn prospects of the final property. The horoscope talks about maintaining one’s ‘own’ wealth as per the “Dasha system” in the prediction. Mars emphasises home, land, and related things. Thus, its effect on the fourth house is necessary. Similarly, planets like Jupiter and Venus are also crucial to deciding the fate of buying property related to land or home.

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Astrological advice to buy property

2) Location

Not to neglect, it’s essential to check out the area where you will be living. It is necessary to analyse the facilities, physical infrastructure, and access to all primary locations. These factors will help you lead a peaceful life at home. In addition, the flat should be safe, offering security to families residing on the level. 

3) Vaastu Shastra 

 As per astrology, one should consider the buyer’s day, time, and compatibility. Similarly, it would help if you also studied the Vastu Shastra. Also, consider the direction, position, and so on of the property or land before buying. 

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 4) Remedies 

Vedic Astrology also noted some remedies for difficulties acquiring or buying property. One of them is to give prayers to Lord Vishnu, the lord of Goddess Laxmi and considered the lord of wealth.

Astrological advice to buy property

5) Post Sales Rituals 

After buying the property, perform rituals like warming ( 4E6890Vastu Shanti Puja) or Bhoomi Puja (Bhoomi Puja) per Vedic shastra and Astrology. After doing so, the properties’ evil forces, negativity, or harmful effects are removed permanently. The property becomes sacred and is ready for use by its new owner.


Astrology is a belief. The alignment of the stars and the globe affects the mood, personality, and terrain. So one should consider all aspects of astrology and Vastu before starting something auspicious.

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