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Why Black Cats Are unlucky ?

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About Black Cats

When a black cat crosses your path, everyone knows that bad luck is bound to follow. But how did black cats come to have such a bad rep

Belief In India about black cats

A popular belief in India is that if a black cat crosses your path, it would be unlucky. In some places of the world, though, it is really considered good luck. Finding a black cat on your travels in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Japan is considered lucky. Meanwhile, in India, it is said to be a negative omen because the colour black is associated with Lord Shani in India. Lord Shani is thought to be trying to warn you not to venture outside, according to astrology. or that the project will be postponed.

If a black cat crosses your path, it is believed that you should avoid it that way. It is also thought that you should wait for someone else to pass before proceeding. You can hold bad luck at bay in this manner, and the first person will be the one to experience it.

Black cats are frequently associated with Halloween or witchcraft in some Western countries. They are thought to bring bad luck in America. They are regarded as a symbol of bad omens and are suspected of being members of the witches’ family or of being shape-shifting witches themselves.

According to Greek mythology

 Hera, Zeus’s wife, turned her attendant Galinthias into a black cat as a punishment for interfering with Hercules’ birth. Galinthias went on to become an aid to Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, and black cats have been associated with good or evil in various civilizations ever since.

Why black cats are unlucky

black cats are unlucky

The concept that black cats were in cahoots with the devil spread throughout the next few centuries, leading to a link between black cats and witches. Black cats were thought to be witches in disguise, according to folklore. Others said that after seven years as a witch’s familiar, a black cat may become a witch. Simply possessing a black cat was enough to get a “witch” put to death during the legendary Salem witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries.

In fact, in certain nations, crossing paths with a black cat is considered bad luck, while crossing paths with a white cat are considered good luck. A bizarre belief exists in Scotland that if a black cat appears at your door, it will bring you a fortune.

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