Moon Sign in Astrology

The Moon Sign reveals the growth we did and did not receive as a kid. If the sun is the light shining on us, the Moon is the shadow that we keep. Astrologers look to that shadow within the birth chart to determine survival instincts, defence mechanisms, and eating habits. The Moon association is with fertility and childbirth. So likewise, the Moon in astrology indicates maternal influence and how we tend to the soil of our inner child. So, to know about your Moon Sign, use our Moon Sign Calculator, Now!

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What does your Moon sign mean?

Your sun sign, or star, represents which sign the sun was when you were born. The Earth takes 30-31 days changing signs as it orbits around the sun, so you have a common sun sign with everyone born in that month. Your sun sign dictates your personality, your 'outer self.' However, your Moon sign reveals the REAL you, the private person inside that you know yourself. Your Moon sign by date of birth and time represents the pot of emotions, fears, and obsessions below the surface of your Sun sign-driven persona. It's about your private self and its motivations and anxieties. It heavily impacts your relationships and bonds with others and how you FEEL about stuff.

The Moon only stays in every sign for around two days, so it's a more variable aspect of your birth chart. However, it largely explains why you are different from the other people you know who share your sun sign. For a more thorough understanding of your Moon sign's role in your life, it is essential to consider the twelve houses the Moon falls in and its relationship with different planets. The house of the natal Moon determines the areas of life where we feel most at home.

About Moon Sign Calculator

InstaAstro's Moon sign calculator is specially designed to accurately calculate each Moon sign's duration. With its algorithm, this zodiac calculator can also get back to your date of birth. It is done by scientifically tracing the path of the Moon's transition and precisely measuring the Moon's position during the time of birth and what zodiac sign it corresponds to during that time. Therefore, you should use this calculator to find your Moon sign as you will get the best result, alongside a basic overview of what your Moon sign signifies. All you need to do is fill in your details in the calculator, and it will present you with your Moon sign by following the age-old methods of the Moon sign calculator by date of birth, which is also of the highest accuracy. This “calculate my Moon sign” tool is a special Moon astro software which discovers how to find the Moon sign, how to know your Moon sign, or help you discover your Moon sign by date of birth. With this “my Moon sign calculator”, answer your question of “How to find my Moon sign?”. Moreover, the Moon sign calculator India can also be known as the Chandra rashi calculator.

How Does Moon Sign Calculator Work?

If you are wondering how to find moon sign? The answer to this is right here. In order to use the Moon sign calculator and calculate moon sign, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps, and the calculator will present you with your results. The steps are as follows:

  • In order to know your Moon sign dates using the Moon sign calculator, you’ll need to enter some details the Moon sign calculator.
  • These details include your name, Gender, Date of birth, time of birth and also your place of birth.
  • Once you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit. The calculator will then present you with your results.

The Moon and the Elements

The ruling element of the Moon sign is also of significant consequence.

  • Fire Moons react instinctively, intensely and often irrationally. Their approach can be harsh, but their bluntness has beauty and clarity.
  • Air Moons prioritise emotion, preferring reason to outburst and cool detachment to hot-blooded engagement.
  • Earth Moons are slow to process. They have a seriousness that can grow soft by a good affair, a warm meal or a walk in the park.
  • Water Moons are highly intuitive, emotional and allergic to boundaries. They navigate the tides of their feelings and are prone to absorbing the vibes and feelings of those around them and self-medicating accordingly.

Importance of Moon Sign

Some questions may often arise in your mind. For example: What is my Moon sign? What does that mean? Why do we calculate the zodiac Moon sign? Moon Calculator can give you a brief idea about your Moon sign. You can easily find your Moon Sign and calculate Rashi through the Moon Chart Calculator. It can also provide you with information about your Moon sign Chart. Let's have a look at the Importance of the Moon Sign to understand it better:

  • It can reveal a lot of information related to personality, character, nature, behaviour, likes and dislikes and your inherent attributes.
  • The astrology Moon sign calculator free helps you determine your fate to drive yourself toward the right path.
  • It plays a pivotal role in finding compatibility with other people, especially with your partner. It may be your mother, brother, friends, father, lover, wife or anyone running into your life.
  • It helps you to sustain a long-lasting and harmonious relationship with everyone.
  • The Moon sign calculator by date of birth determines your life path, luck, and mental compatibility with the other person born under a particular Moon sign.
  • You can't proceed through Indian Vedic Astrology without knowing your Vedic Moon sign. Indian Astrologers predict the day-to-day life scenarios based on the Moon astrology Sign.
  • Indian Astrologers consider the Moon sign as the first house and then provide the prediction based on the Gocher or Transit of this planet into various places.

How Is Moon Sign Calculated?

The Moon Sign Finder determines which zodiac sign the Moon was in at your birth. It is done by considering the date, time and place of birth. Your Moon sign cannot be calculated only from your date of birth, as is done with the Sun sign. The sun takes 12 months to travel the twelve zodiac signs, which means it stays in one zodiac for only a month.

Moon, on the contrary, makes quick transitions and takes only around twenty-eight days to complete its travel cycle through the twelve signs. It stays in a sign for about fifty-four hours (approximately two and a half days). The laws of the Moon's motion are pretty complicated, and finding your Moon sign requires expertise in reading unique Moon motion tables. The conclusion involves a complex algorithm.

Our Moon Sign Calculator FREE is made with the help of experts, both astrologers and programmers, to instantly find your Moon sign by simply punching in your date, time and place of birth. Through InstaAstros BEST Moon Sign Calculator Online, you can find all you wish to know about your Moon Sign.

How to find your Moon sign?

Use a reputable birth chart calculator or Janmarashi Calculator to find Moon signs. Then, read on and howl proud once you've got a lasso on your lunation.

Moon in Aries

Aries Moon people are admirably direct about their needs and impatient about meeting them. 'Mine' and 'now' are their principles, and you will never have to ask them how they feel. These people experience difficult childhoods where emotional self-sufficiency becomes necessary for survival. Therefore, they develop into radically sovereign adults who greet dependence with outward hostility. Yet, they make for fiercely protective parents and impassioned activists despite or because of this.

The need to express is decisive for the lunar Aries. But unfortunately, the extreme expression of anger is violence, so we forget that anger has value as a tool for survival and triumph. The lesson to be realised by the lunar Aries is that they are limitless when they allow bitterness to inspire change within them rather than conspire to unmake them.

Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Moon people want to care for and be cared for on a deep level. Therefore, they actively avoid anything that threatens the easy lives they establish and will rarely initiate unless they have determined their actions' safety, viability, and return on investment. The upswing is that they don't engage in low-level self-sabotage; the downturn is how they resist change to maintain a sense of stability. Instead, they prefer to protect themselves and their finances by being overly cautious.

They value comfort above all else. Owning property is essential. They crave and are positioned to receive abundance but resist it because of a scarcity/starvation mindset. They are at their best when they live indulgently, give freely and rest easily in their knowledge, and are enough.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini symbolises the mind, and this lunar placement sometimes struggles with being in a closed loop of talk with themselves. Duality, a hallmark of Gemini fuel, is expressed in the disconnect between their private and public selves. Nevertheless, they are endlessly engaging with friends and acquaintances, doling out dirty jokes, sage life advice, and charm by the bucket. Yet, from an emotional standpoint, they don't always know what they want or need, a confusion that makes the road to contentment elusive.

Incredibly likeable, they are made for social gatherings as it is in conversation with others that they can temporarily ease the pain of being in their heads. Needing rescue, lunar Geminis enjoy reading, writing, talking, listening and escaping into words and information processing. The lunar sign needs what it lacks; decisive, practical and emotionally available partners in love or business.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is the natural nesting area of the Moon, and as such, the lunar qualities of these individuals are at height. Compassionate and intensely nostalgic lunar Cancers are easily wounded and prone to carrying the albatross of inherited trauma. Their attraction is to places that remind them of their ancestry and history.

No Moon is more adept at or interested in caretaking than the lunar Cancer. They feel valued when they can assist, protect or impact others. With a distaste for surface-level interactions, these people prefer the close company of a few trusted people. Those with this placement develop strong defences to guard their acute vulnerability and may create substance issues to dull their sensitivities. To avoid harm, they may prevent intimacy or use humour to deflect from the oceanic intensity of their moods. Indeed, an excessive amount of comedians have this Moon placement.

Moon in Leo

Those with this lunar placement have the pursuit of pleasure. Charismatic and warm, they're prone to heart matters and impulsivity. On the other hand, Leo's Moons are optimistic, creative and lazy. Believing to be and deserve the best, they risk overspending their budget and overestimating their charm.

There's an 'all press is good press' psyche to those with this Moon. They feel safe if they feel noticed and only feel nourished if they feel adored. In a healthy expression, that admiration is through generosity and a desire to be of use. However, problems arise when their need for attention becomes unquenchable, and they look to many outsiders for the positive feedback they need. These folks like great things and influential people. They are at home in the company of greatness and finery, as it reflects their vision.

Moon in Virgo

Plagued by perfection, there's low-level anxiety in the hearts of lunar Virgos. They account for the failures and shortcomings of themselves and others. They express affection through practicality. For example, Virgos won't buy you flowers as flowers die and buy you a basil plant as it's a food source and a way for them to test your sense of responsibility.

Feelings sometimes get in the way of work, so they prefer to repress them. They're strangely soothed by the human realities of life and reach elation in balancing the chequebook or scratching things off the to-do list. Pleasure is a product of work rather than a break from it. Security for them stems from charge and clarity.

Moon in Libra

Lunar Libras feel safe when wanted and called by favouritism. They seek this by putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Often, they cannot discern their wants from their desire to satisfy others. Solitude and reflection are essential to medicine for this modality.

Those with this lunar placement are admirably flexible and maddeningly indecisive. The goal is a 'balance' between authenticity and adaptability. These people trade in affection and likability.

No human is more conflict-averse than one with their natal Moon in Libra. This makes lunar Libras benign to others but dangerous to themselves. They view upset as a threat to relationships rather than a necessary part. They will regularly disguise their desires and feel disappointed when they go unmet. Gracious? Yes. Direct? Never. The critical takeaway is to look inward, as self-love is the only kind with staying power.

Moon in Scorpio

This lunar placement is the area of those that see beyond the surface. These folks pride themselves on detecting motivations, agendas, weaknesses and opportunities invisible to mere mortals. As a result, Scorpio Moons peer through you and dig into you, typically without blinking or consenting.

Their need to discover can manifest research and craft or the harbouring of unhealthy fixations. Scientists find common ground here. Because research and investigation are solo activities, their circle is small though their influence is visible. Lunar Scorpios fear subversion of their power and betrayal. So while their feelings run deep and paranoia runs high, they are controlled and distant. They don't forget kindness or forgive an insult.

Moon in Sagittarius

Lunar Sagittarians find safety in freedom through personal growth. Education, both traditional and self-directed, is their mark. The lunar Sag wants to wander the boundary edges between the known and the undiscovered, a pursuit exemplified by spiritual pioneers and psychedelics.

They value knowledge above all as it is the single thing only theirs and how to overcome any trouble life delivers.

Lunar Sagittarians are generally good at having a perfect time. Still, trouble arises when they indulge in unnecessary excess to keep the party going. The lesson they lend to others is endless optimism; no matter the blow or trauma, they go for the silver lining and golden opportunity in every hardship.

Moon in Capricorn

No matter how tough the going gets, the lunar Capricorn is composed. These folks harbour a wellspring of emotions but fail to express them. For them, the ability to maintain decorum amidst the chaos is a personal strength. Their significant lesson is to learn to enjoy and not just manage life.

Not a merry group of risk-takers, lunar Caps crave status, security and the approval of others. Yet, they excel at the organisation and need to be trusted and revered for their ability.

Ambitious, their standards for others (and mostly themselves) are punishing. Since their sense of self-worth is tied to achievement, they take defeat, rejection and criticism especially hard.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius is the domain of anarchists. They're built to watch, question and disrupt. As a result, they regularly feel like outsiders, a somewhat lonely positioning that grants them the vantage point of observation.

Lunar Aquarians want to destroy or limit social structures harmfully at their highest expression. These individuals value freedom and want to help others find it. They offer their partners much independence in romantic relationships, expecting the same in return.

Like all air Moons, lunar Aquarians are emotionally detached. Yet, they go a step beyond, denying feelings of jealousy, rage and greed, falsely believing themselves to be above them. When repression fails them, the result is extreme; think abandoning someone at the altar, disappearing to a foreign country, assuming another identity, etc.

Moon in Pisces

Dreamy at best and delusional at worst, Moon in Pisces is the home of geniuses and empaths. These folks are in touch with their unconscious, and the best of them reveal what the best for all can be.

They are empathetic extraterrestrials and habitually cast themselves in the role of rescuer. Lunar Pisceans quickly absorb the feelings and psychic debris of others, an exhausting combination that can lead them to seek solace in substances. They are drawn toward scenarios where caretaking is. Nevertheless, the potential for feeling is vast among these natives. They should learn to dip cautiously into the waves of consciousness and pain but not allow themselves to be swept away by them.


Moon Signs are quite essential in figuring out an individual’s personality. Their effect on an individual’s life is remarkable. Moreover, the moon sign of an individual can also be used to predict certain aspects of an individual’s future. If you want to know about your Moon Sign, then do use InstaAstro’s Moon SIgn calculator to get accurate predictions. Moreover, to use more such amazing and fun calculators, you can visit, InstaAstro’s website for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use InstaAstro's Moon calculator to get to know your Moon sign. You need to know the date and time of your birth, along with the place where you were born. After you fill in these details in the Moon sign finder, it will present you with your Moon sign.
Your Moon sign is the zodiac sign under which the Moon was positioned during your birth. This sign determines your emotional side and subconscious persona.
The 12 Moon signs are nothing but the 12 zodiac signs, where the traits that are influenced by the Moon are emphasised. The Moon signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
The three air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are rational individuals who achieve their best version in social settings and express themselves.
The three big signs are what make up a person's total personality. These include Sun sign/ star sign which indicates what a person appears to be at first glance. This determines the characteristic traits and is kind of surficial. The Moon sign is what the person is like on the inside. It makes up their desires, passion, goals and beliefs. The rising sign/ ascendant sign determines an individual's personality that the world sees. It is also known as the outward sign.
The three water signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. They are deeply emotional people and make a person for a one-on-one talk, given their tendency to invest their feelings into things they believe in.
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