Meaning of Dasha

On the basis of the Moon’s position and of a star or planet during the time of birth, the Dasha planetary cycle is determined. A Dasha is a pattern of experiences or events which are recurring over periods of time. The smallest unit of time in a Dasha is Bhukti. Bhukti is also known as a minor planetary period. On the other hand, Dasha is a significant period of planetary movement. This Free Dasha Calculator will calculate dasha based on the date of birth, and you will get your dasha bhukti predictions in just a click! Enter your details in this Dasa Bhukti Calculator or Current Dasha Calculator and find out what’s in store for you.

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About Dasha Bhukti Calculator

Planetary phases called Dasha bhukti indicate the planets governing at the time. Typically, the Mahadasa's predictions come true during the pertinent Antardasha. The favourable or destructive impacts of the planet's journey are visible during the Dasha bhukti periods, which are calculated and displayed by the Dasha calculator. The manifestation of these effects will depend on the Rashi (Moon position), House (Bhava), Combinations (Yogas or Raja Yogas), or Aspects (Drishti). Dasha/Bhukti planet placement in a person's birth chart determines whether or not that phase will result in fantastic or adverse outcomes. Thus, well-planned Dasha Bhukti information may be an excellent resource for predicting important life events like profession, marriage, having children, retirement, and even death. These elements of a person's life include health, money, relationships, career, fame, joy, and sadness. As per this present Dasa Puthi calculator, the Bhukti period will determine the details of your life.

How Does Dasha Bhukti Calculator Work?

If you want to use the Dash bhukti Calculator, then follow the below=[mentioned steps for the same. The steps are as follows:

  • In order to get your results, you’ll need to fill in some details in the calculator.
  • These details include your name, gender, place of birth, time of birth and also the date of birth.
  • Once you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your dasha bhukti calculation results.

Importance of Dasha Bhukti Calculator

The Moon signs, the houses, the yogas, and the Drishti aspects in the natal chart significantly impact Dasha and Bhukti. One can develop a greater understanding of oneself, the environment, and character during the era of Dasha and Bhukti of the ascendant's lord—the nakshatra ruler. It is one of the factors contributing to the first planetary Mahadasa's importance in the development of a person's physical and mental characteristics.

A person's life is portrayed based on the houses that the Dasha and Bhukti planets from the ascendant and natal moon signify aspect or transit. Positively situated planets—planets in their native sign, exalted, or with directional power (kendras)—assist the native in reaching high heights in life and bring out their natural talents.

Different planetary configurations in Dasha Bhukti enable us to accurately forecast the native's future. For instance, a Dasha or Bhukti lord travelling from the ascendant Moon sign to the ninth house is typically accompanied by joyous and fortunate occasions like matrimony and maternity. You may use Dasha Bhukti and the transits of the Dasha and Bhukti lords to pinpoint the period of fructification for a specific event, such as marriage or a change in employment.

In addition, the InstaAstro Mahadasha and Antardasha calculator is ideal for dasha prediction by date of birth and will provide details on other Dashas as per your details. This present dasha calculator will help you in every way possible in terms of the dasha in your kundli.

Mahadasha And Antardasha

The 120 years of the Mahadasha period are divided among nine planets. Depending on the overall planetary basis of each Mahadasha, your life will be affected differently. There are several factors at play when drawing inferences about what will happen. We must consider other aspects depending on where that planet is positioned in the horoscope.

There are nine Mahadasha periods, and then there are nine Antardasha periods. The following secondary planet of the related Antardasha has an equal say in what this Dasha will deliver, in addition to the first and primary planets. A Mahadasha Calculator or an Antardasha Calculator is ideal for calculating or figuring out the particular Mahadasha and Antardasha periods in your birth chart. In addition, a Pratyantar Dasha Calculator will calculate the sub-sub periods of Mahadasha and Antardasha.

Types of Mahadasha

  1. Sun or Surya: 6 years
  2. Venus or Shukra: 20 years
  3. Saturn or Shani: 19years
  4. Moon or Chandra: 10 years
  5. Jupiter or Guru: 16 years
  6. Ketu or South Node: 7 years
  7. Rahu or North Node: 18 years
  8. Mars or Mangal: 7 years
  9. Mercury or Budh: 17 years

Total = 120 years.

Planetary Mahadasha Influences

  • The Sun brings Fame, renown, power, and aggression.
  • Mars is a reference to the physical embodiment
  • Rahu represents confusion and mischief
  • Jupiter represents strength, intellect, prosperity, and spirituality
  • Saturn is a planet of diligence and wisdom
  • Mercury represents wisdom and insight
  • Ketu's origins are in money, profession, and longevity
  • Venus is a symbol of passion, love, and contentment

Nine additional Antardashas exist. These are Mahadasha's expanded variants. The Antardasha planets will impact the primary planet, which, depending on their strength and positioning, will either increase or lessen the effect of the planet.

Effects of Different Mahadasha

Mahadasha significantly impacts your life since it affects your horoscope and future course of events. The Mahadasha dictates every action you take, what you will enter next, and the circumstances of your current existence. You will receive rewards or penalties at any Mahadasha, depending on the actions you took in the past. The fruits are linked to your former lives as well.

In essence, Karma is the central theme here. Moon dictates what Dasha will follow in your life. Depending on the natal chart, which defines the type of Mahadasha impacts you will experience. You enter one Dasha after another, starting at birth. Whether the Mahadasha's governing planet is positioned correctly or incorrectly determines whether it will positively or negatively impact your life.

No, Dasha affects your life entirely negatively or favourably. There is something for everyone on every planet. Everything is connected, and everyone is unaware of the effects. The person and how they manage their mind, body, and spirit throughout the Mahadasha era will determine everything.

Surya Mahadasha

Great things come from the Sun Mahadasha. It instantly elevates your status in your job and increases your company's income. The Sun is favourable if you wish to pursue politics as your career. You can achieve great success by taking on administrative positions. In the Mahadasha, the character the Sun has given you fascinates everyone wherever you go.

The negative repercussions of the Sun Mahadasha will be amplified if you committed any sins during the previous dasha. You risk losing all of your assets and money. Authority and popularity are brought into your life by the Sun, but if the Sun is placed incorrectly in your horoscope, all of the fame and name will be lost. You may experience scandals and disgrace frequently in life. You must maintain your composure because the Sun is a fiery planet. Failing to do so will result in conflicts with your family and peers.

Shukra Mahadasha

You will likely find a life partner who is stunning and desirable. Additionally, you can attract a lot of interest from the other sex and maintain your attractiveness for a very long period. One of the Venus Mahadasha consequences is longevity. Venus stands for relationships, art, and affluence. You'll have a lot of influence over your destiny, making you well-known or a popular figure. If Venus is positioned correctly during this Mahadasha, an enormous fortune will come your way.

The Venus Mahadasha can be placed in a way with many favourable implications, yet those benefits could all go wrong if placed adversely. You risk losing all the money you have earned and the privileges you have enjoyed up until now. Your marriage life and romantic connections may suffer a severe setback. There is a risk that you may have several poor romantic encounters, which will make you restless. Success could only be a faraway dream if the Venus Mahadasha influences are adverse. During this period, you risk going broke, losing all your own, and developing mental health problems. Additionally, you may develop some negative behaviours.

Shani Mahadasha

The consequences of the Saturn Mahadasha might significantly strengthen your character throughout the years to come. It has the power to bring you great fortune, success, and a lot of financial rewards. During this Mahadasha, your social standing will rise, and you may go from poverty to luxury. It's also possible that you can achieve success without working very hard. How Saturn is positioned in your birth chart will determine everything.

Slowness is a significant adverse effect that might occur to you during this Mahadasha. This sluggishness might drain your energy and pull you away from your objectives. You have a good chance of losing everything you own or suffering a significant loss that is relatively irreparable. Saturn tends to make people evil-minded and inclined to harmful practices.

Chandra Mahadasha

The ten-year Moon Mahadasha is when the moon has the most significant impact on your horoscope. The moon represents mother, femininity, beauty, the arts, luxury, prosperity, gentleness, wealth, and love. Therefore, a person could have increased interest in art during this period (Dasha). You'll begin to notice a tendency to follow a spiritual path in your thinking. Additionally, your knowledge, intelligence, and creativity will all increase. However, this time will also negatively affect your psyche, including mental tension, worry, and restlessness. Moreover, people experiencing this Mahadasha will also be able to notice sudden positive changes in their appearance.

Guru Mahadasha

Your words and job will become highly straightforward. Your life will all of a sudden become peaceful. You'll be naturally inclined to extend forgiveness, and changing your environment will become less complicated. With Jupiter in the proper position, you will have a prosperous life. You may perceive the good things and proceed in the right way with the aid of Jupiter Mahadasha. It helps you become accurate and truthful in your life. Your ideas will become purer, and you'll have a far better understanding of religion and spirituality.

Ketu Mahadasha

If you are in the seven-year Ketu Mahadasha, there is a reasonable probability that you won't be eager to live a married life. Even if you are married, you would feel quite distant from your partner and have a strong desire to change your way of life. You may also have a severe loss of happiness, which might finally result in a very miserable existence. Occasionally, you could go through difficult situations related to your health or life. The effects of Ketu Mahadasha also cause a great deal of tension and mental agitation. You can use the energy you gain during this Dasha to think philosophically and perform good acts.

Rahu Mahadasha

The 18-year Rahu Mahadasha cycle. It may bring out the best and the worst in your fate, whether they pertain to your personal life or not. Rahu, often known as the North Node because it symbolises the head of the dragon, is a shadow planet that is not a planet. Poor placement can cause agony, failure, and other challenges in your life. If properly positioned, you can observe success and accomplishments. Most people do not favour this dasha, but those who are will experience enormous success. Rahu is a symbol of delight and pleasure. Rahu Mahadasha might heighten materialistic expectations. This Rahu Dasha Calculator will tell you about your Rahu Dasha.

Mangal Mahadasha

Mars stands for ego, athleticism, and tremendous energy. It's referred to as the God of battle. Therefore, there is a reasonable probability that you will get interested in these subjects and pursuits during this period. All good athletes and soldiers would have an assertive and optimistic Mars during their crucial and rewarding career moves. Mars is a highly potent planet, so its positive influence will mitigate any issues you may have. However, the negative effects of Mars or Mangal can affect an individual quite badly in their life.

Budh Mahadasha

During this time, a youngster can significantly improve in academics. Your mind will be filled with many thoughts that have the potential to produce beautiful outcomes and launch a rise in your business or profession. During the Mercury Mahadasha, any profession with high intelligence, education, and memory may be an excellent choice. During this time in your life, enormous possibilities will knock on your door.

Thus, more opportunities exist to launch a business or start a serious interest. You can have a strong desire to improve your knowledge, learn something new, or put in a lot of effort to advance professionally during budh mahadasha. Thinking logically and analytically can lead to rapid advancement in life.

Dasha Bhukti Phal

The Online Dasha calculator Dasha bhukti chart (Mahadasha chart) shows how the Dasha lords' Phala is affected by factors like strength and planet strengths and is influenced by these variables.

The planet's ability to deliver favorable outcomes is dependent on its shadbala. The results will be outstanding if the planet is at full strength, very good at moderate strength, and pitiful if it is at weak strength. If undesirable consequences occur, a healthy planet may mitigate its impacts while a weak planet worsens them.

The following qualitative evaluation needs to be done to read the impacts of Dasha Lords:

  1. The planets' inherent characteristics.
  2. The planet's fulfilment in its sign is based on whether it is exalted, debilitated, or retrograde.
  3. Its temperament, whether good or bad, as the lord of the home or dwellings
  4. Nature, either good or bad, according to Nakshatra Siddhanta
  5. The total impact of its favourable or unfavourable disposition in divisions, its power in a motional direction, and the planets' speeds and combust locations.

Each planet serves as the Bhukti lord in the declining power order in every Dasha

The Vimshottari Dasha is the most accurate calculating technique for the Dasha system, which is based on the idea that a person has a lifespan of 120 years. The two lunar nodes, together with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, all impact a person's life at a certain period known as the Mahadasha. Each Navagraha is the master of three of the 27 nakshatras in addition to the Moon's position (3X9).

The placement of the planets and their strengths and weaknesses is shown on the Rashi chart of the individual. It determines the Dasha bhukti calculator and the events throughout the phase.


Life is a cumulative use of time and energy. Think about time as a clock and how important it is. The two hands represent Bhukti and Dasha. The enormous hour hand represents MahaDasha, while the little minute hand represents Bhukti. Just like each hour comprises several minutes, the Mahadasha includes different Bhuktis. InstaAstro aims to help you understand your Dasha Bhukti Chart through this article, and read up on your Kundli here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dasha is a large pattern of experiences in life that are likely to occur across sizable periods and is a major planetary phase. A Vimshottari Dasha Calculator helps calculate dasha in your Kundli.
The smallest unit of time inside the Dasha is Bhukti, the minor planetary period.
Mahadasha significantly impacts your life since it affects your horoscope and future course of events. The Mahadasha dictates every action you take, what you will enter next, and the circumstances of your current existence.
If the seventh house's lord is Venus, a marriage may occur.
The placement of the planets and their strengths and weaknesses is shown on the Rashi chart of the individual. It determines the Dasha bhukti calculator and the events throughout the phase.
The Moon signs, the houses, the yogas, and the Drishti aspects in the natal chart significantly impact Dasha and Bhuktis.
Markesh Dasha is a terrible Dasha which poses several threatening elements in the individual’s kundli. A Markesh Dasha Calculator or a Maraka Dasha Calculator is used to find out this Dasha.
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