Introduction to Sarvashtakavarga Calculator

With the help of this tool, you can determine how well your marriage and your partnership are doing. What challenges could you encounter both during and after marriage? Isn't it intriguing that just one tool can reveal all these things? What is Sarvashtakavarga chart? What is Lagna Ashtakavarga? InstaAstro is here to provide you with all these details, and you can find out more through your Kundli. A sashtashtaga dosha determines marital elements in a person’s life. In addition, ashtakavarga and sarvashtakavarga rules are essential in predicting sarvashtakavarga marriage timings. Moreover, with this calculator, you will know the sarvashtakavarga meaning.

Sarvashtak Calculator: Check Effect & Remedies

The Sarvashatakavarga online calculator will use your birth date to produce the chart and forecasts.

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About Sarvashtakavarga Calculator

The seventh house oversees a native's marital life. Many factors have disturbing effects on married life, an unsuccessful marriage or a marriage that has been postponed for a long time. The planets in the seventh house and the views thereon generally break down the components for such things. Strength from the Lagna reveals the physical self and health. In the same way, the Lagna symbolises the physical self. In the same manner, observe the houses of the Lagna lord for general progress throughout life and from the moon for mental bliss throughout life. Father and renown come from the Sun. Career comes from Saturn and the 10th lord, and so on. Beginning career difficulties occur if the first two houses from Saturn have low Ashtavarga points. The Ashtakavarga strength of Saturn determines Saturn’s role in your chart. If you want to know about the your ashtakavarga table then do use our ashtakvarga calculator for the same.

How Does Sarvashtakavarga Calculator Work?

The Sarvashtakavarga concerns either men's or women's marital lives. Based on the Sarvashtakavarga Calculator, we can forecast the timing of marriages. Lagna (Ascendant) house is the first and is numbered clockwise on the Ashtavarga table. The online calculator for the Ashtavarga score chart provides a detailed, complete chart. Finding one's previous birth karma is done through the Ashtakavarga technique. It is one of Vedic Astrology's most intricate techniques. To use the Sarvashtakavarga Calculator, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. These steps are as follows:

  • In order to use this sashtashtaga dosha calculator, all you need are some handy details. These details tend to include your name, gender, date of birth, time of birth and also your place of birth.
  • Once you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The ashtakavarga chart calculator will then present you with your results for the same.

Significance of Sarvashtakavarga

By summing up the individual Sarvashtakavarga scores of each of the eight planets, a summary table and summary chart known as a Sarvashtakavarga is created for the entire horoscope. Ascendant and seven planets are also included with the house's power. It reflects how beneficial or unfavourable each house and its transits would be. While most people are unaware of the Sarvashtakavarga, which is rarely employed by well-known professors or cited in well-known textbooks, there are a few special applications. The Ashtakvarga has a very high accuracy rate when moral laws are used and implemented correctly.


As the sky seems to move when viewed from Earth, the complete zodiac may be seen in 24 hours, which means that because there are 12 signs in the zodiac, the rising sign changes on the Eastern horizon every two hours. Sometimes, people identify their rising sign more with their physical, emotional, and spiritual characteristics. Lagna, also referred to as the first house, is one of the most significant houses in astrology, along with the seventh, second, fifth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. Let's now comprehend the significance of these houses.

Significant Houses for Marriage based on the Birth Chart

The Second House is the family's chart or Kutumba Sthana.

  • The fifth house is primarily responsible for relationships and love.
  • The eleventh house in a person's birth chart represents long-lasting bonds or partnerships.
  • The Vyaya and Moksha Sthana are located in the 12th house. It is the occupancy of spending and liberation.

The Second House

The second house, which is all about riches and material goods, is the product of the physical body's acts in the first house. The second house also deals with the native's family and formative years. Vedic astrology refers to the second house of your birth chart as Dhana Bhava, or the House of Wealth. Birth planets in the second house typically look for security in their material surroundings. It is also about the idea of worth, including how much you value yourself and your material belongings.

The ruling planet in the native's second house, Venus, significantly impacts them. Venus also has to do with how your senses, values, and respect relate to your ability to accumulate riches. The second house also denotes greed, financial difficulty, or low self-worth concerns. What you truly cherish in life is shown by the house of money. Wealth may not be as important to some people as spirituality; worth is determined by your own psychological and personal perception of it. This house adds to the significance of Sarvashtakavarga.

The Fifth House

Children, romance, and creativity are all associated with the fifth house in a Kundli or horoscope. It all comes down to how you feel. A typical result of engaging in creative endeavours is pleasure. It is regarded as the House of Luck as well. The concerns of the heart are likewise related to this house. It also has to do with creative abilities, inclinations, preferences, and wealth acquired thanks to the wife or the good fortune of a business partner. The fifth house also represents leisure, sports, romance, amusements, and other pursuits of a like nature. This house adds to the significance of Sarvashtakavarga.

The Sun's placement in the fifth house is excellent since it enlightens the mind's creative faculties with great zeal. It'll drive you to use writing, theatre, art, athletics, and romance as creative outlets. Additionally, its positioning boosts the ego and leads to overconfidence. A powerful Sun in this house portends a prosperous future for your children. However, if your Sun is weak in this house, you'll continue to feel anxious and uncomfortable about them.

The Eleventh House

The 11th house is called Labh Bhava, or House of Profit, Wealth, and Honor. This mansion thus represents the gains we shall earn throughout our lives. But it's not just about our aspirations; it also reflects how we view society and the idea of communal gain. This house adds to the significance of Sarvashtakavarga.

Determining the placement of the 11th house ascertains how you will fare socially and financially and whether you are likely to succeed in these spheres. Since the 11th house relates to Labha or gains, it is crucial to determine what will bring you success and what will not, whether you will realise your hopes and desires, whether you will succeed in your endeavours, and so on.

The eleventh house stands for pleasure. In addition, it denotes success, wealth, advancement in endeavours, tranquillity once goals are attained, and enduring love. The eleventh house represents the urge to get married. Analysing this house's features can help you determine the kinds of emotional ties you are likely to have.

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House of the subconscious mind is known as Vyaya Bhava and is also the House of loss, isolation, loneliness, and chaos. However, on a more positive note, the Twelfth House is also the House of Growth, Dreams, and Ambition. This House is responsible for financial decisions or costs, spiritual and divine knowledge, kindness, and Moksha or the utmost liberation. This House plays an essential role in the Sarvashtakavarga.

The marital or romantic pleasures will ultimately be disturbed by Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and Ketu. Ketu is a spiritual energy that can lead to isolation or separation and is typically calmed by having a kid. Besides the marriage proposal delivered by Rahu, which typically introduces alien components against recognised or accepted culture, Jupiter is supportive of relationships.

Importance of Ashtakavarga in Sarvashtakavarga

One technique used in Vedic astrology to determine the potency of the planets and houses in your birth chart is called Ashtakvarga. It is a method of revealing one's Kundli's hidden potential since sometimes birth charts alone are insufficient to do so. Twelve Moon Signs are divided into eight different groups for eight planets by Ashtakavarga. It's interesting to note that Ashtakavarga does not take the Lunar Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, into account.

Predictions based on Ashtakavarga

The Bindu, or dots, are the foundation of the Ashtakavarga system of prediction. Each planet, except Rahu and Ketu, is assigned a specific number in a particular house of your Kundali or birth chart. The stronger the number, the more potent that house is in your Kundali. If the planets in the 11th house, which is the house of income, have a strong position and impact your Kundali more than other houses, having a more significant value, there would be a good indicator. Many people consider the Ashtakavarga table in astrology even more accurate than the study of the Janam Kundali or the birth chart.

Calculations based on Ashtakavarga

Here is how to compute the dots or scores and what they represent: The 12 Moon signs are given seven planets in SarvAshtakavarga: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. As previously indicated, Rahu and Ketu are not taken into account. The Ascending or Lagna is regarded as the eighth planet in specific systems. The ascendant and each planet's influence on each other are determined. The Bindus or Dots will indicate if the planets have a favourable or unfavourable effect on the 12 moon signs. The dots represent a planet's influence score for each moon sign and go from 0 to 8 or 1 to 7, depending on the reading.

The total Ashtakavarga points between 18 and 25 or 19 to 26 are considered average after evaluating the dots or scores. Points between 25 and 26 are likely to have a favourable impact on the locals. It will reduce the points for that house if it has a malefic or retrograde planet. Higher points denote prosperity and bring out the best aspects of whatever that house symbolises the native's life.

A Good Ashtakavarga Score

Anything between 18 and 25 is regarded as an ordinary score. Anything more than that is good, as was previously stated. Your weakest house would be the one with the lowest score, and your most substantial house would be the one with the highest score. A score between 25 and 28 indicates above-average performance. You will profit from having a home number over 28, which is a powerful house. An Ashtakavarga chart, for an Ashtakavarga chart prediction, would have a total score of 337 because there are seven planets and 12 moon signs (excluding ascendant).

Ashtakavarga: How Reliable Is It?

The birth time's correctness is necessary to determine the accurate Ashtakavarga. Even if the birth time is somewhat correct, a planet will change the degrees, causing a person to enter a state of intense exaltation or debilitation or to veer away from the MoolTrikona degrees at the moment of birth.

Varahamihira and Parasara's estimations are different. Additionally, they make distinct points, which may cause misunderstanding. The horoscope indicates potential for a lifetime. Both good and awful things exist. The horoscope's events will come to fruition in the Mahadasa and Antardasa. Annual transits also bring about anticipated occurrences. The horoscope's prediction won't produce outcomes that differ from Ashtakavarga's. Ashtakavarga offers a novel approach to comprehending the power of the planets. Horoscopes do not always agree with Ashatakavarga's ideas, though. Therefore, we need to exercise extreme caution as we approach Ashtakavarga. The horoscope indicates potential for a lifetime. Both good and awful things exist. The horoscope's events will come to fruition in the Mahadasa and Antardasa. Annual transits also bring about anticipated occurrences. The horoscope's prediction won't produce outcomes that differ from Ashtakavarga's. Both shouldn't have different outcomes.

Practising astrologers will undoubtedly uncover some results that contradict the Ashataka Varga principles. Although it could not be the same for every chart, the precision of the birth time might be a factor. While there are many different viewpoints on the accuracy of Ashtakavarga, it cannot be viewed as the primary topic in horoscope reading. Only a qualified astrologer can determine whether or not the birth chart corresponds to Ashatakavarga. Only once the astrologer has a solid understanding of the birth chart's predictions can he determine whether the Ashatakavarga supports those predictions.

What is better: Ashatakavarga table or Birth Chart?

There is no need to confuse Ashtakavarga and astrological predictions. If the astrologer is skilled, a reading of the birth chart suffices. Sometimes Ashtakavarga might lead a novice astray as well. However, if you see fewer points in the Ashtakavarga chart, such houses require extra attention. However, We should not give the properties with the most points excessive importance. For example, low Ashtakavarga points in 7th House may require serious attention. Similarly, Sarvashtakavarga 6th House more points may indicate something else.


The ashtakavarga calculator free will provide a chart and forecasts based on your birthdate. Based on a man or female's score on the Sarvashtakavarga, we may determine if their marriage will occur sooner or later and whether it will be a smooth sail or a rough ride. InstaAstro has its Free Online Sarvashtakavarga calculator to help you understand your Kundli best.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may use the Sarvashtakavarga Calculator by InstaAstro to examine the state of your seventh house to determine how your marriage will develop.
By summing up the individual Sarvashtakavarga scores of each of the eight planets, a summary table and summary chart known as a Sarvashtakavarga is created for the entire horoscope.
Lagna, Second, Fifth, Eleventh, and Twelfth.
Twelve Moon Signs are divided into eight different groups for eight planets by Ashtakavarga.
The eleventh house represents the urge to get married.
The eleventh house represents the urge to get married.
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