Gemstones and its Effects

The effect of a gemstone will be calculated with our easy-to-use Gemstone Effect Calculator. Enter the required information and find exactly what you’re looking for. Each gemstone has a certain effect on the planets that govern your birth chart. Astrology strongly believes in gemstones and advises people to wear them on certain days according to the appropriate protocol. Gemstones are utilised to lessen the impact of unlucky and unfavourable events, and you will prosper and grow if you wear the right one based on Kundli.

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About Gemstone Effect Calculator

Gemstones are precious stones often worn and used by an individual for remedial purposes. Gemstones can prove to be highly fruitful and effective if used in the right way. Throughout the ages, gemstones have been used for healing and spirituality. A person who wears gemstone specifically for them will surely get the proper outcomes.

The right gemstone is meant for an individual, and its effect on the native is calculated after a close analysis of the person's birth chart and sign, Lagna or Ascendant, and the position of the planets during the time of their birth.

If you wonder what your gemstone is or how it may affect you in the long run, enter the required details in our Gemstone according to date of birth Calculator and get your desired results.

How Does Gemstone Effect Calculator Work?

If you are also wondering how to know lucky stone for you, then wonder no more as the answer lies right here. To know more about the ideal and best-suited gemstone for you, use our Gemstone Calculator for free. To use the calculator, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. These steps are as follows:

  • The Gemstone calculator provides you with accurate predictions about the most suited gemstone for you. However, in order to do so, the calculator requires some details from you.
  • These details include your name, date of birth, time of birth and also place of birth.
  • Once you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your lucky gemstone by dob.

What is Gemstone Astrology?

Gemstone astrology is a special branch of astrology which deals with precious and semi-precious stones dedicated to each person on the basis of their birth details. Every person has a lucky stone by date of birth, and this stone helps them in every step of their life. The InstaAstro free Gemstone Calculator will elaborate on how to know which gemstone to wear and will give you your gemstone by date of birth. In short, this is the best gemstone recommendation calculator.

This gemstone calculator is good for answering questions such as “What is a gemstone for me?”, “How to find my lucky stone based on date of birth?” and “Which gemstone is suitable for me?”. A birth stone finder or gemstone calculator by date of birth is ideal for all your rashi stone by date of birth needs!

How to Wear Gemstones?

  • The gemstone should contact your skin. The indigenous must remember. One should soak it in Gangajal for a while before wearing it and then pray to God afterwards. Keep the diamond in front of a lit ghee Diya. The native might wear it by the gemstone's day after praying to the Lord of the Gemstone.
  • Every gemstone has a distinct vibration and energy that may permeate the wearer's aura and be used to promote optimism and forward movement in life. Your Moon sign's fortunate precious and semi-precious stones are unisex and can be worn as a ring, bracelet, pendant, or locket. By wearing it, you may radiate the vibrations from the priceless mineral, which can aid in your issues' mental and physical healing.
  • Each gem is associated with a planet in the Navagraha according to Vedic astrology (9 planets). Therefore, enhancing the beneficial effects of the planetary Lord and earning his blessings may be done by wearing the lucky gemstone for your Moon sign and the planet that rules it.

Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

Are you also wondering about the benefits of wearing a Gemstone? Well, let us tell you that there are many. These Benefits of Wearing Gemstones as per gemstone recommendation by date of birth by a gemstone astrology calculator are as follows:

  • Wearing the lucky gemstone would give you the following advantages:
  • Take the proper planetary blessings to the gemstone's Lord
  • assist in overcoming physical and emotional disease
  • reduce stress and promote inner tranquillity
  • Restore physical equilibrium by energising the body's chakras
  • Give bravery, strength, and mental clarity; aid in achieving stability on the fronts of the body, mind, and intellect

Types of Gemstones

There are majorly two types of Gemstones: Precious and Semi-precious. Let us learn some more about both of these types of gemstones. These are as follows:

Precious Gemstones

Only four 'precious stones' types—diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires—predominate in jewellery. A pearl, an opal, or a piece of jade may occasionally be classed as a precious stone, although more frequently, they are classified as semi-precious. These four precious stones have historically been the most costly and sought-after gems.

Precious stones such as Diamond or Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald are not just expensive but are also of the best quality. Therefore, these stones, mostly worn and owned by wealthy individuals, provide fast and quick results.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Although the list of semi-precious stones is endless, some of the more popular ones are amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, opal, pearl, spinel, tanzanite, and turquoise. There is an unlimited variety of colours and hues available in semi-precious stones, more than in all the colours of precious stones combined. It is usually preferable to utilise a stunning aquamarine than a low-grade sapphire.

These stones are mostly less expensive than Precious Stones and are usually worn as alternatives to the Precious Stones. Although one may think that Semi-precious stones are less effective, that's not the case. Stones such as Red Coral, Hessonite, Pearl, Cat's Eye, Turquoise, Amber, Quartz, Onyx, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite are known as Semi-precious stones and are known to provide the best results if worn correctly.

About Gemstones

“Which stone is suitable for me by date of birth?”, “What is my lucky stone by date of birth?”, “Which gemstone is lucky for me?” or “Which gemstone should I wear?”. These are some questions that arise in my mind a lot of times. How to find birth stone and how to know which gemstone to wear is decided by an astrologer after analysing your Kundali. However, having a fair idea of gemstones can help you make the right decision for yourself.


The ruby is one of the most potent and rare jewels in the cosmos. This expensive gemstone has several other names in Sanskrit, including Manik, Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, and Padmaraga, and it has a particularly unique place in astrology. The wearer might have a few advantages of this Sunstone when the Sun is favourably affected in the Birth chart. It aids the user in drawing genius, money, reputation, and authority.

Laal Moonga

The Red Coral, also named Laal Munga in Hindi, is one of the Holy Navratna's nine precious jewels. Related to the planet Moon, the Laal Moonga helps balance Mars or Mangal’s energy. Mars is known for its aggressiveness. Thus, moonga stone is quite beneficial in controlling an individual’s temperament. Moreover, it also helps people build confidence. Additionally, if you have Manglik Dosha in your kundli, this gemstone will help you.


This gemstone, sometimes referred to as 'Tarak Ratna' or 'Chandra Ratna' in Hindi, has a significant astrological meaning according to Vedic astrology. The Moon, known for its influence on an individual’s emotional state, is calmed by wearing this gemstone. It is referred to be one of the most powerful and beneficial gemstones for people who are short-tempered, as it controls their emotions. In addition, by adorning this precious stone, people can achieve several advantages of the planet Moon.


One of the most valuable gemstones, blue sapphire, also known as Neelam, is linked to the planet Saturn (Shani). It is customarily recognised as the September birthstone and the most potent gemstone controlled by the strongest planet. Never wear the gemstone without first having an experienced astrologer evaluate its compatibility. When Saturn is positively affected in the birth chart, the wearer can take advantage of a few advantages. It can lead to immediate success in business, employment, and independent ventures and helps the wearer boost many riches and prosperity. Additionally, it might support patience and discipline. Additionally, a natural blue sapphire stone calms the mind and eliminates confusion, worry, and sadness.


One of the strongest zodiac gemstones in Vedic astrology is the emerald or Panna Ratna. Classical Hindu mythology claims that the emerald gemstone symbolises the little but potent planet Mercury (Budh), which significantly impacts the native's life. The gemstone emerald is often referred to as Budh Ratna since it is connected to the planet Budh. We use it primarily to bolster Mercury, which is poorly situated in the horoscope, and to benefit from its uplifting effects. Wearing a natural Emerald gemstone may help one feel calm and collected.

Yellow Sapphire

Of all the Navratnas (nine jewels) recommended by Hindu scriptures, yellow sapphire is one of the most excellent and valuable stones. This stone sometimes referred to as 'Pukhraj,' 'Push Raja,' or 'Peetmani' in Sanskrit, claims a particular position in the astrological community. Jupiter, the heaviest planet in the solar system, is thought to have abilities within the Pukhraj Stone. Because Jupiter is the giant planet in the solar system, it bestows special abilities on Yellow Sapphire that set it apart from other valuable stones. The wearer can profit from a few things when Jupiter is favourable in the birth chart. Additionally, it helps one succeed in school and the workplace and raises their financial and social standing.


Hessonite, commonly known as Gomed, is a calcium aluminium silicate with a honey-coloured hue that plays a significant role in Hindu texts. This stone is thought to be under the control of the Vedic planet Rahu. The term 'Hessonite' comes from the Greek word 'Hesson,' which means 'inferior.' The wearer can profit from Rahu's beneficial effect in the Jyotish chart in several ways. It shields the user from harmful vibrations and energy and gives you a creative mind, which helps you enhance your revenue. The Gomed Ratna benefits those who frequently experience daily fear, worry, or stress. It aids in clearing the mind of doubt, trepidation, and dread, which enhances mental focus and attention.

Cat's Eye

The stunning gemstone known and used for centuries, cat's eye, has come to be revered by its users. The spiritual planet Ketu, which controls the priceless gemstone Cat's Eye, is where a Cat's Eye gemstone derives its abilities. The wearer can profit from a few things when Ketu is favourably affected in the Jyotish chart. It has the power to attract prosperity and shield its user from the influence of evil spirits and other people's jealousy. It is renowned for reviving failing enterprises or financial initiatives since it also aids in business growth and good health.


Venus, the second planet in the solar system, rules the precious diamond, one of the most expensive. Named after the Goddesses of beauty and love, the diamond is frequently referred to in Vedic astrology as the gemstone of love and affection. The wearer can profit from a few things when Venus is favourably impacted in the natal chart. It provides the wearer with many conveniences, luxury, tranquillity, and enjoyment.

Gemstones for Zodiacs

Each Zodiac is ruled by certain planets and has planets that favour it. Gemstones under gemstone astrology are used to draw out the maximum benefit of these planets' positive energies and reduce the adverse effect of some planets. Each zodiac sign has a specific ruling planet that governs the sign and holds maximum power over it. If you’re wondering, “Which gemstone is suitable for me?” or “What is my lucky stone Indian?” Well, the answer is simple: A gemstone is found to be associated with a planet. Some of them have an increasing effect, while some have a reducing effect on the influence exhibited by the planet. If you wish to know how to choose gemstones or lucky stones according to date of birth, then an accurate gemstone recommendation Vedic gemstone calculator will help you.


Mars is the ruling planet, and Sun and Jupiter are beneficial to them. A person born under Aries Ascendant should wear Red Coral, Ruby and Yellow Sapphire stones. These stones will give them the results they have been seeking.


Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, with Mercury and Saturn as beneficial planets. A Taurus Ascendant should wear Diamond or Sapphire, Emerald and Blue Sapphire stones.


Venus and Saturn are beneficial, besides Mercury acting as the ruling planet for Gemini. Gemini Ascendants should wear Emerald, Diamond or Sapphire and Blue Sapphire gemstones.


Mars and Jupiter are the benevolent planets, while the Moon is Cancer's governing planet. Wearing pure pearl, yellow sapphire, and red coral stones can help a person with a cancer ascendant achieve their ambitions.


The Sun is Leo's governing planet, and Mars and Jupiter are friendly planets. Ruby, Red Coral, and Yellow Sapphire are suitable gemstones for Leo ascendants as they can help in their careers and life.


Mercury is the planet that rules the Virgo sign. Venus and Saturn are seen as lucky planets for this ascendant. Virgo Ascendants wear emerald, Blue Sapphire, Diamond, or other Sapphire stones.


Saturn and Mercury are good planets for Libra, while Venus is said to be the sign's governing planet. Blue sapphire, Emerald, and diamond or sapphire jewellery can provide positive effects.


Jupiter and the Moon are the benevolent planets, and Pluto governs over Scorpio. Therefore, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, and Pearls are appropriate jewellery for someone with a Scorpio Ascendant.


Jupiter is the planet that rules the Sagittarius sign. Mars and the Sun are good planets for this zodiac sign. Ruby, Red Coral, and Yellow Sapphire are fortunate jewels for anyone born under the Sagittarius Ascending sign.


Saturn is the astrological ruler of Capricorn. Venus and Mercury have favoured planets for this ascendant. Wear Blue Sapphire, Diamond or Sapphire, and Emerald gemstones if your ascendant is in Capricorn.


Saturn is the planet that governs the sign of Aquarius. Venus and Mercury are helpful planets. A person with the Aquarius Ascendant can wear Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, or Emerald and Diamond jewellery.


Since Jupiter is the sign's governing planet and the Moon and Mars are its benevolent planets, Pisces ascendants should wear Yellow Sapphire, Natural Pearl, and Red Coral jewellery.

Gemstones that have adverse effects if worn together

It is essential to note that if worn together, certain gemstones can lead to disastrous consequences as each gemstone exhibits a certain energy and influences a specific planet a certain way. Mentioned below are some of the gemstone combinations that are considered incompatible:

  • Wearing a ruby while wearing something with a garnet, sapphire, diamond, or cat's eye is never a good idea, as they serve opposite purposes.
  • Avoid wearing pearls, moonstones, or opal with quartz, and avoid wearing the Moon with Rahu and Ketu. A person should refrain from wearing a Pearl with a Diamond, Panna, or Neelam. Wearing a pearl, according to astrology, might decrease the Moon's unfavourable effects.
  • Jupiter's stones should not be combined with Venus' and Mercury's elements. Therefore, stay away from pairing diamonds with emerald and yellow sapphire gemstones.
  • Blue sapphires shouldn't be paired with pearls, coral, or rubies. These stones belong to Saturn and cannot be mixed with those of the Sun, Moon, or Mars. One shouldn't wear Neelam with Maaniky, Moonga, Pearl, or Pukharaaj if the wearer wears it.
  • Wearing pearls and rubies together would be like combining the Sun and Moon's energy.
  • Rahu and Ketu are two planets whose components are distinct from one another. Thus, wearing hessonite and cat's eye is forbidden because they resonate with the planets Rahu and Ketu.
  • Venus should not be combined with the Moon or Sun. As a result, avoid wearing diamonds alongside rubies and pearls.
  • Avoid combining crystals and stones associated with the Sun and Moon with the cat's eye, which is the Ketu element.
  • Wearing translucent green and blue gemstones with red coral is not advised since this will bring Mars, the Sun, and Mercury into conflict. When wearing Panna (Emerald), a person should refrain from wearing Pukharaaj, Praval, Moonga, and Pearl. Wearing Panna, a gemstone for the Mercury planet, lessens the harmful effects of the Mercury planet, according to astrology. One might lose money if they wear Panna with topaz and pearls.

How do you clean gemstones?

  • Submerge the stone in a water basin with a few drops of soap. Rub the dust and contaminants accumulated on the gemstone’s surface with an old toothbrush. After thorough washing, rinse and dry.
  • Holding your original astrological gemstone under flowing water is an efficient way to clean it. Consider requesting the universe to purge it of all contaminants.
  • You may use sea salt and water as a cleaning solution to reprogram your old jewels. However, keep in mind to refrain from using salt water if your gemstone is fragile or has several holes or ridges. The stone may be harmed, rendering it useless.
  • To infuse your jewels with revitalising lunar energy, set them on a window sill or outside on a balcony during a full moon. To cleanse your stone of negative energy, you can also bathe it with moon water (water left outside to charge under the full Moon's energy).
  • It may seem weird, but 'visualising' cleaning is an effective way to detoxify your Ratna. Please close your eyes and see the Sun's rays shining on the stone while holding it in your hand. Consider that the energy is clearing the diamond of any contaminants.


Wearing gems can lessen the planet's unfavourable effects. If someone wears various jewels, they may have many difficulties in life. Like other sciences, gemology deals with the study of gemstones and their radiations, cosmic energy, and other things. Gemologists can thus specify which gemstones can and cannot be kept together. When worn together, certain gemstones can display tremendously negative energies that have a terrible impact on your life. On the other hand, some gemstones can improve your life dramatically when worn in combination. Therefore, one must be very careful when deciding which gemstones to wear and which to avoid. InstaAstro aims to tell you about the same through this article, and you can read more about it on your Kundli.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Scorpio should wear a Topaz, Ruby, Red Coral or Yellow Sapphire.
No, as wearing pearls and rubies together would be like combining the Sun and Moon's energy.
To infuse your jewels with revitalising lunar energy, set them on a window sill or outside on a balcony during a full moon. To cleanse your stone of negative energy, you can also bathe it with moon water (water left outside to charge under the full Moon's energy).
Rahu and Ketu are two planets whose components are distinct from one another. Thus, wearing hessonite and cat's eye is forbidden because they resonate with the planets Rahu and Ketu.
The governing planet, Mars, favours Sun and Jupiter. Aries-born people should wear red coral, ruby, and yellow sapphire jewellery.
We use it primarily to bolster Mercury, which is poorly situated in the horoscope, and to benefit from its uplifting effects.
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