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In Hinduism, Ishta Devata is a concept that involves analysing a person’s birth chart to determine which Hindu deity they should worship according to their spiritual beliefs. Praying to our Isht Devta can lead us to our ultimate goal: salvation. Isht Dev meaning is ‘the beloved or favoured deity’ and refers to the higher power we worship with whom we share a spiritual connection.

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What is Ishta Devata?

The word ‘Ishta Devata’ is derived from two Sanskrit words: Ishta (desired and favoured) and Devata (God). Combine these two words to get the full Ishta Devata meaning, which is the personal or favoured deity of an individual.

In Hinduism, people often worship their Ishtdev to get guidance, blessings, and protection. Unlike other devatas, Isht Devta can be chosen by an individual based on his or her spiritual beliefs or connection. Worshipping your Ishta Devata helps you feel connected to the divine soul and brings peace and happiness to your life.

Significance of Ishta Devata

We have already answered the question, "What is Ishta devata?" Now, let's understand the significance and importance of Ishta Devata meaning. In Hindu mythology, an individual must attain four ultimate goals in his life: Dharma (moral values), Artha (economic values), Kama (psychological values), and Moksha (salvation).

Worshipping personal deity or Ishta Devta with utmost devotion helps an individual to achieve moksha or salvation. Not only this, but it is believed that Ishtdev frees an individual from the cycle of reincarnation (life and death).

It is believed that Ishtdev frees an individual from the cycle of reincarnation, which is the cycle of life and death. Ishta Devta plays a crucial role in our lives as it acts as a personal guide, helping us establish a stronger connection with the divine and reach our spiritual goals faster.

By having Ishtdev in our lives, we can protect ourselves and receive proper guidance from all sorts of upcoming obstacles and challenges. If one has the blessings of their Ishta Dev, then achieving good health, comfort, peace, and prosperity is not a problem.

What is Ishta Devta Calculator, and How Does it Work?

If you are also wondering, “How to find Ishta devata?” or “Who is my Ishta devata?” Then our Isht dev calculator is for you. The Ishta Devata calculator is a tool that helps people find their personal deity according to Hindu astrology. By using our free Ishta Devata calculator online free, people can feel more connected to their inner selves and even gain guidance on their spiritual journey. The calculator works by looking at the stars and planets when you were born.

Moreover, it saves you from the trouble of manually calculating your Ishta Devata and provides you with answers for how to find Ishta Devata quickly and easily. To know who your Ishta Devata is, all you have to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  • To use our Ishta Devata calculator, you’ll have to enter some details. These details include your name, time of birth, gender, place and date of birth.
  • Once you have entered these details in the Ishta Devata calculator online free, you can click submit.
  • The Isht Dev calculator by date of birth, will then present your Ishta Devata based on the information you entered.

Who is your Ishta Devta if two strong planets are in the same house?

Astrology says that the God associated with the strongest planet placed in one’s birth chart is Ishta Devta. But having two strong planets in the same house can make people wonder, “Who is my Isht Dev?” Well, in this case, the strongest planet in both of them will decide who your Ishta devta is.

The Planet Sun

  • If the Sun is the significator planet, Lord Shiva should be the focus of your prayers. The Sun may rule the fifth house, the 12th house from your Karakamsha, or the fifth house in the D20 chart.
  • Veerabhadra's forms should be worshipped if the Sun and Mars are in conjunction.

The Planet Moon

  • Goddess Shakti is the Ishta Devata if the Moon is the strongest planet in the 12th house.
  • If an individual’s Ishtadev is Goddess Shakti, then worshipping her in the mother form will generate auspicious results.

The Planet Mars

  • Lord Narasimha will serve as the Ishta Devata if Mars serves as the significator planet in the 12th house.
  • Moreover, Lord Hanuman should be worshipped as Ishta Devata if Mars is placed with Saturn in the navamsa chart.

The Planet Mercury

  • The Ishta Devata for you is Lord Vishnu if Mercury is the significator planet.
  • Lord Maha Vishnu, in his original Vishwaroopa form, should be worshipped as Ishtdev if Mercury is exalted.

The Planet Saturn

  • If Saturn is the significator planet, Lord Hanuman's worship, Yam Dev, is advantageous.
  • Along with worshipping Lord Hanuman and Yam Dev, one must also worship Lord Rama with this planetary placement.

The Planet Jupiter

  • Lord Brahma will be the personal deity if Jupiter is the significator planet.
  • Other than Lord Brahma, people can also worship Goddess Shakti in her avatar Tara, Lord Vishnu in His avatar Vaman, or Lord Krishna in his avatar Geeta Upadesh.

The Planet Venus

  • Goddess Lakshmi will be the Ishta Devata if Venus is the significator planet.
  • Offering Goddess Lakshmi milk and lotus flowers will be beneficial.

The Planet Rahu

  • If Rahu is the strongest planet in the Navamsa chart, then one must worship Goddess Kali Durga.
  • Other than this, worshipping Goddess Manasa Devi (the snake Goddess) and God Shiva in His Linga form with the serpent wrapped around the Linga would be fortunate.

The Planet Ketu

  • In case Ketu is the significator planet, then worshipping Goddess Chandi will be beneficial.
  • Lord Chitragupta, is considered the ‘Athi Devathai’ of Lord Ketu in Hindu mythology. Therefore, worshipping him will be beneficial for the individual.

Relationship Between Ishta Devata and Atma Karaka

A critical factor in locating your Ishta Devata is Atma Karaka. In your D9 chart, the Jivanmuktamsha is the house that is twelve houses away from the Karakamsha. If a planet is located in that house, the God associated with that planet becomes your Ishtadevata; otherwise, search for the house's ruler.

What are Karakamsha and Kul Devta?

Understanding "What is Ishta Devata? " and "Atma Karaka," we should know what Karakamsa is. Your AtmaKaraka planet's placement in your Navamsha chart is known as "Karakamsha. " Your 9th house would indicate your spiritual development from Karakamsha. Karakamsha's fifth-house planets will reveal your spiritual abilities and life destiny.

On the other hand, a Kuldevta or Kuldevi is the God of the family and was usually chosen by our ancestors. This idea derived from the belief that Rishis and Sages had spiritual abilities or powers that would help us keep away from negative aspects and allow us to lead a positive life. A Kuldevi or Kuldevta is different from an Ishta Devata.

What is Ishta Devata based on Lord Vishnu?

It is based on Lord Vishu's several incarnations. The following list of Ishta Devatas for several planets:

  • Sun – Lord Rama
  • Moon – Lord Krishna
  • Mars – Lord Narasimha
  • Mercury – Lord Gautam Buddha
  • Jupiter – Lord Vamana
  • Venus – Lord Parashuram
  • Saturn – Lord Kurma
  • Rahu – Lord Varaha
  • Ketu – Lord Mathsaya

How to Appease Different Lords?

In Hindu culture, Gods are known to be the supreme power. Pleasing the Lord is seen as a way by which an individual can showcase their devotion and faith towards the Lord. Moreover, people also do this in order to gain favourable and beneficial outcomes from the Lords. Let us have a look at the ways in which an individual can please different Lords. These are as follows:

How to appease Lord Rama?

Along with reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, the Shriramraksha Stotram is the mantra that, when spoken, invokes Shriram's protection. This Stotram recitation solves issues and chases ghosts and spirits away.

How to appease Lord Krishna?

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Krishna is in the centre of the universe. Krishna is the subject, and everything in creation is the object of his pleasure. The Srimad Bhagavatam is the ideal book to read to make him happy.

How to appease Lord Narasimha?

Lord Narasimha is Lord Vishnu's lion-man incarnation, with a human torso and lower body underneath the lion's head. Fasting on Narasimha Jayanti and visiting the temple are the two most effective ways to get his blessings.

How to appease Lord Gautam Buddha?

To please Lord Gautam Buddha, one must offer prayers to him daily and perform Vishnu Poojan. Treating your maternal uncle with respect, being of service to them, and making them happy is also one of the ways to get his blessings. This is because Lord Vishnu’s 10th avatar, Lord Buddha, associates with the planet Mercury. Performing this simple step strengthens the weak Mercury in your horoscope.

How to appease Lord Vamana?

As per Hindu tradition, one must chart Vishnu Sahastra Mantra 108 times and recite Vamana Katha to fulfil all desires and goals. One also offers food to Lord Vamana at night and then distributes the prasad to others to get all his blessings.

How to appease Lord Parshuram?

As Parshuram is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, worshippers present tulsi leaves, Chandan, kumkum, and fresh flowers to Lakshminarayan, a form of Lord Vishnu. On Parshuram Jayanti, devotees must recite the Vishnu Sahasranama to attain all his blessings.

How to appease Lord Kurma?

One of the most effective ways to please Lord Kurma and get his blessings is to observe a fast on Kurma Jayanti. This fast starts the night before the occasion and continues throughout the day.

How to appease Lord Varaha?

Put the Lord Vishnu or Lord Varah idol in a holy object. In the holy vessel, add water and mango and coconut leaves. When offering prayers, reading the Bhagavad Gita and reciting mantras is the way to please him.

How to appease Lord Mathsaya?

One must recite the Maha Mathsaya mantra, ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Mahamatsyaya,’ with pure devotion to help in getting his blessings. Along with this, one must also offer prayers and water to Lord Mathsaya every morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Hinduism, the Ishta Devata is the personal or favoured deity that an individual worships the most. It is believed that our Ishtdev lets us connect with our spiritual self. Along with the spiritual connection, our Ishta Devata protects and guides us from upcoming challenges and blesses us with health, wealth, and peace.
In Hinduism, Ishta Devta is the god that you feel you should worship or that you feel is your beloved deity. On the other hand, Kul Devata is the deity worshipped by your family or clan from generation to generation.
There are several ways to worship one's personal deity, aka Ishta Dev. First, one can offer prayers to their deity by chanting powerful mantras. Offering their favourite flowers or food to the deity is also one way to get the blessings of the favoured god.
Having an Ishtadev can provide many benefits, such as a strong connection with your spiritual self. Along with the spiritual connection, your Ishtdev provides protection and guidance from all upcoming obstacles. Moreover, you can also achieve health, wealth, peace and fulfilment in the presence of your Isht Devta.
Per Hindu mythological beliefs, worshipping the god associated with the ruling planet the day they were born is considered auspicious. For example, people born on Monday must worship Lord Shiva.
One can find their Ishta Devata using their birth chart by identifying the planet with the strongest placement. The Hindu deity associated with that planet will be their Ishta Devata. Also, they can use a free Ishta Devata calculator to find their Ishta Devta.
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