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Vedic astrology uses the baby's sun or zodiac sign to choose astrology names by date of birth that will be lucky and prosperous for the kid and their family. Enter the details of your child in our baby name finder astrology tool and find a list of the best suited names for him or her.

Baby Name calculator: Check Effect & Remedies

Naming your child as per the planetary positions during their time of birth, or in accordance with their Kundli, allows your baby to live a life of astrological blessings and safety. When a baby is named astrologically based on date of birth, they welcome luck and success into their life. InstaAstro gives you a range of astrology baby names to choose from based on your child's birth date, keeping in mind the child's and parent's best interests.

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The name of a newborn is one of the most essential attributes of the infant as it gives the child an identity that was now missing from their life. You may change your present name with this program to reap the advantages of antiquated practices. However, it would be wiser to start choosing the right name at the earliest stage possible, and that is what InstaAstro is here to help with- Find the best name based on your Kundli. This birth name calculator tool will find name by date of birth. This baby name finder by date of birth and time is the best baby name finder calculator out there which analyses your child’s kundali and gives astrology names by date of birth.


Our online Birth Name Finder is the perfect tool for your child’s name as we take into account all the necessary information that must be involved in the Swar Siddhant of the name of the child. Through this calculator you will be able to find the best baby boy names by date of birth, or even baby girl names by date of birth. The InstaAstro new born baby name finder gives you your child’s name starting letter based on date of birth. So, enter your baby’s details and receive the first letter of name by date of birth and time.

Effect of the Sun, Moon, and Lagna

The new born baby names by date of birth and time indicate how they are in harmony with the cosmos. Baby names with astrological connotations are selected depending on the child's birthdate. Many well-known people know this, and we have seen them altering their name's first letter or spelling. An authentic astrological ceremony explains the significance of naming the child so that it resonates with the energies of the cosmos and becomes a place of happiness and burgeoning vitality. Keeping a good reputation is said to bring luck and riches. And maintaining a negative reputation is often understood to invite difficulties and obstacles into one's life. The Moon's location is registered at the moment of birth when the soul enters your body and is known as the moon sign. According to legend, the Moon represents your inner feelings, thoughts, ambitions, subconscious tendencies, and introverted side. Your exterior personality, or Lagna, is a barrier to keeping us safe from the outside world. Astrology aids in understanding our behavior and routines concerning the Moon's phases. Conversely, the Sun represents our soul, personality, spirit, vibe, and energy.

Effect of Rashi and Sounds of Letters

When naming a child, the moon sign (Rashi), star of birth (Nakshatra), Jupiter's position, and life number are all considered. Another equally significant factor when naming the child based on the baby's birthdate is numerology. Each birth star is given strength through phonetics or the sounds of the alphabet, and the infant born beneath that particular star also receives that strength. Due to each birth star's unique set of letters and vowels, they are all lucky.

What Does a Baby Name Signify?

Astrology gives you the initials or sound of the name; it does not specify your child's full name. It is imperative to note that the sound of the letters of the name plays differently for different children based on their birth chart. The 27 Nakshatras and 4 Padas behind the Moon make up the Moon Rashi. The Universe emits the sound Om, and that is what Vedic Astrologers have tapped into. We can associate the infant's name with the characteristics of a Leo if the beginning sound or swear for the Leo sign is M, MI, MU, ME, or MO. Typically, Leos are leaders and rulers. Therefore, you would want to avoid insulting their pride and ego. For instance, the letter "K" typically refers to a Gemini with shifting perspectives and contradictory personalities. They are primarily unhappy and like freedom. It is similar to how the Sun is regarded as the ruler of the solar system and contains specific sounds and letters.

Swar Siddhanta: The first step to naming a baby

Vedic astrology places a lot of importance on Swar Siddhanta. Swar's power is said to appease the gods. The Swar Siddhanta, which is the basis of each mantra, is one of the most important aspects of the Vedas. The 27 Nakshatras of Vedic astrology are split into four padas for each constellation. It won't suggest a child's astrological name unless you know the child's natal Nakshatra. To pick your child's name from among the 108 groups of Swar, the astrologers must inform you of the Nakshatra and the pada.

Here are baby name suggestions based on Zodiac Sign:


Mars controls the ambitious sign. Aries, the sign of initiative and drive. Mars, the planet associated with the god of war, stands for our innermost desires and the things that make us fight.

Aries children are active, self-assured, and ambitious. They represent bravery and are linked to idealism. They are seen to be competitive, focused on achieving their goals, enthusiastic about what they stand for, and full of life. Children born in the sign of Aries are born leaders who are passionate, inventive, and restless. The only thing that rivals their innate courage in their passion for life is their seeming excess energy compared to other kids. According to their birth date, Aries babies are blessed with names that start with the letters A, L, and the word CH.


Venus' feminine influence may be seen since Taurus is linked to the divine feminine force. A Taurus child is kind, loving, loyal, robust, joyful, obstinate, slow, and dependable. The bull's offspring experience the world through their senses. They enjoy how things sound, feel, taste, and smell. They like eating from the minute they are born. Your Taurus child is tender, loving, and cuddly from birth because they are built for comfort rather than speed. She is probably also resilient and upbeat. The world is sensed by the people born under this sign. According to astrology, the baby born under the sign of Taurus is lucky if given the names I, U, E, O, WA, WE, WI, or WO.


Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is known for its outstanding quick wit, and Mercury retrograde is a time when travel and verbal exchanges are more likely to be misunderstood. Children born under the sign of Gemini are outgoing, endearing, clever, ambitious, quick-witted, and well-aware of their surroundings. They are generous, intelligent, and captivating people. Children born under the sign of Gemini often have fast minds and are pleasant and gregarious. Even if your child is a bit more reserved, they are still sharp, curious, and well-aware of their surroundings. Once they have learned the subject, they will grow bored and move on to the next subject because they lack decisiveness. They are flexible as a result of this feature. For your kid born a Gemini, names that start with the letters A, H, GH, KA, KE, and Ko are said to bring luck.


Your emotions, Cancer, fluctuate as frequently as the tides. Being controlled by the Moon, the planet responsible for the ebbs and flows of human emotion, maybe the reason behind this. Cancer infants require seclusion because they are delicate spirits. Due to their emotional nature, they will withdraw inside themselves if they feel threatened until things seem secure once again. Allow them to resolve issues in their manner, and then gently prod them to express their emotions. Your sensitive Cancer daughter or son feels most at ease at home and with their family. They like the comforting sights, sounds, and odors. Children with Cancer tend to be naturally cautious and sensitive, quickly overpowered by chaotic, noisy environments. According to astrology, names starting with DA, DE, DO, HE, HI, HO, AND HU are suitable for Cancer babies.


Leo, the Sun is your ruler. According to astrology, the Sun stands for the way we illuminate the world. It's how we display our uniqueness. A Leo infant will have a big heart and be self-assured, adoring, energetic, and giving. Their primary desire is to be seen and accepted. To impress their parents and friends, they will go to any lengths. A Leo child has many beautiful traits, but a few of them are warmth, loyalty, and giving. They have the brightness of the Sun. Children with the Leo sign are enthusiastic and loving. Depending on their date of birth, names that start with MA, ME, MO, TA, TE, or TO will be charming choices for your Leo baby.


Mercury's impact on Virgo manifests as an intrinsic capacity for discernment and discrimination, making the sign a critic in the best possible way. Virgo newborns are seen as being composed, well-organized, naturally helpful, thoughtful, and intellectual. Virgos do not act on impulse. In reality, they will weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding on a course of action. They should only be instructed not to strive for perfection in their early years. Anything that promotes calmness will soothe your Virgo baby. Your Virgo child has a strong sense of judgment, perfectionism, and attention to detail from an early age. Your young Virgo is unlikely to act rashly. Instead, she will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a scenario before deciding what to do. Virgo newborns will be happy and fortunate if given the names PA, PE, PO, SH, TA, or TH.


Venus manifests in Libra through your steadfast dedication to collaboration and harmony. You cherish harmony in solitude and your relationships due to Venus' influence. The calm, peaceful, and peace-loving Libra infant upholds harmony in the household. Although pleasant and generally kind, Librans have a problematic need to please everyone. They struggle to express their opinions with conviction. They would be terrific people because of their deep sense of righteousness and excellent social skills. They are intelligent and diplomatic, frequently have an extensive social network, and are optimists. The child is a charmer, not a fighter— a Libra. Libra generally cares most about harmony and will go to any lengths to ensure it. Children of Libra are kind and naturally courteous. Lucky names for Librans are RA, RE, RO, TA, TE, and TO.


Darkness, the subconscious, death, and rebirth are all connected to Pluto. Scorpio babies possess strong passions, charisma, intensity, and determination. They are a magnet for people, yet they frequently come across as cold and manipulative. Scorpios have such a broad spectrum of emotions that you could always feel like you are only beginning to understand them. Children born under the sign of Scorpio are fierce, passionate, and secretive. Your youngster will strive to exert self-control and control over others out of a need to feel safe. Children born under the sign of Scorpio thrive on life's mysteries and have an innate grasp of human motivation. According to astrology, baby names with element NA, NE, NO, TO, YA, YE, and YU are recommended for Scorpio kids. These names are lucky.


Being able to connect with the subconscious self makes them one of the zodiac's strongest signs. The Archer is a very upbeat person. They adore their independence and curiosity. They want to venture into it and take advantage of what it offers. Your Sagittarius child is a natural explorer. Life is all about experiencing new things for Sagittarius children. They want to venture forth and take advantage of everything the world offers—children born under the sign of Sagittarius like venturing beyond the boundaries set by their parents. Beyond the restrictions imposed by their parents, they explore. Give your Sagittarius child lots of independence and engage them in thought-provoking discussions since they have a worldwide viewpoint. Babies born under the Sagittarius sign have luckier names beginning with BH, DH, SU, PH, TA, YE, or YO.


Since Saturn controls Capricorn, love is paramount in this sign. Saturn is a symbol of accountability, diligence, and willpower. Capricorns are pretty quiet, steady, and disciplined. They are realistic, funny, and like receiving praise for their accomplishments. Planners are Capricorns. They are often normal, responsible individuals who desire acceptance. They have too much ambition to squander time on games. Children born under the sign of Capricorn are often realistic, aim for success, and like receiving praise for their accomplishments. Your child will be eager to make the necessary effort to achieve her goals, and she may already be aware of her future career aspirations. The best names for Capricorn newborns are those that start with BH, GA, GE, JA, JE, or KH, according to their date of birth.


The influence of Uranus encourages individuals to explore unconventional and novel ways of thinking. Aquarius people like standing out from the crowd. They are pleasant, trustworthy, and devoted and frequently make the party. They value independence, are free thinkers, like social interaction, and have a propensity for making many friends. Their primary objective is to pursue their independence and uniqueness. Therefore, please give them a lot of room. Your Aquarius youngster thinks differently and follows their path. This little one is odd and never ceases to amaze you with her originality and creativity. Your youngster is probably highly gregarious and will quickly make many friends. Children born under the sign of Aquarius may develop resentment, stubbornness, and even severe depression if they are not allowed to express themselves. The baby, who will be born under the sign of Aquarius, will be lucky if you choose a name that begins with Da, Ge, Ab, Go, Sa, or Se.


Neptune stands for aspirations, the mind, and everything spiritual and emotional. Perhaps the softest hearts of the zodiac, Pisces are unselfish, sensitive, compassionate, and gentle. They are exceptionally creative and talented in the arts. It would be best if you gave your Pisces child additional attention because they are such sensitive and lovely people. As a baby, your Pisces kid can need constant attention, and as they get bigger, they will still require lots of hugs, kisses, and encouragement. Your Pisces child will have a vivid imagination that will enrich her life. She is a dreamer. It would be best if you gave your Pisces child additional attention because they are such sensitive and lovely people. For your Pisces child, whose names depend on their birthday, you might want to explore names that start with Ch, De, Jh, Th, and Ya.


All of the above details highlight how crucial it is to name our children Vedic Astrology because of the luck and wealth it brings. An auspicious name is linked to good karma, so it's important to take your time choosing it and evaluate all the options. The right name may make a big difference in the life of the young champ. You can read more about it over at Kundli on InstaAstro.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sound of the letters of the name plays differently for different children based on their birth chart.
Aries babies are blessed with names that start with the letters A, L, and the word CH.
According to astrology, baby names with elements NA, NE, NO, TO, YA, YE, and YU are recommended for Scorpio kids.
The Swar Siddhanta, which is the basis of each mantra, is one of the most important aspects of the Vedas.
When naming a child, the moon sign (Rashi), star of birth (Nakshatra), Jupiter's position, and life number are all considered.
The Sun represents our soul, personality, spirit, vibe, and energy.