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Use our Mangal Dosha Calculator to find Mangal Dosh in your kundli or know the hidden manglik meaning details. Enter the correct details and click enter. Our best Mangal Dosh Calculator is a tool that can help you determine whether or not you have Mangal Dosh in your kundali. This is important because the effects of Manglik Dosha can affect your life in many ways, including your marriage, love life, and career.

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Mangal Dosh, also known as Kuja Dosha, is an essential concept in Vedic Astrology. If you often wonder, “Am I Manglik?” or “How do I find Kuja Dosha?” then this Kuja Dosha Calculator will give you the answers you seek. It will help you check if you are Manglik. This simple manglik calculator looks at Mars, which is considered a mighty planet, and when it is positioned in certain Houses in the Ascendant, it can cause a lot of problems in the life of the native. Manglik Dosham Calculator is also known as Sevvai Dosham Calculator or, at times, Chevvai Dosham Calculator.

Mars’ influence on certain houses has a significant impact on marriage. This calculator can help you understand the details of Kuja Dosha marriage compatibility, as well as aspects such as non-manglik meaning and its details, mild manglik dosha after 28 years, and manglik dosha online. Mangal Dosha Calculator is an answer to the question of How to check if you are a Manglik.

What is Mangal Dosha?

When Mars is positioned in the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, or Twelfth House in the Ascendant, it is known as a Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha in Vedic Astrology. This is because Mars can be very unfavourable in these houses and can cause battles, challenges, and disasters in the native's marriage, love, relationships, and even career.

Mangal Dosh in kundali is said to be particularly harmful to women, as it can lead to delays in marriage and difficulty conceiving children. In some cases, it may also cause miscarriage or early delivery.

Various remedies can be undertaken to cancel the effects of Mangal Dosh. Remedies for Mangal Dosha include performing certain rituals and chants on specific days, wearing a unique gemstone called a Munga Ratna, and donating food to religious institutions.

When does the Mangal Dosh period end?

The Mangal Dosha period ends when the native gets married. Mangal Dosha effects after marriage are said to be nullified as the native ties the knot with another person. However, the Manglik check that the couple should be compatible for this to work. The Mangal Dosha period can also end if Mars is positioned in a favourable House in the birth chart.

What does Mangal mean in Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the planet of energy and aggression. Therefore, it is also known as the 'Mangal Dosha' or 'Kuja Dosha' when positioned in certain Houses in the birth chart. Mars's placement in the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, or Twelfth House can cause difficulties and challenges in the native's life, especially regarding marriage and relationships.

Mars is the planet of war, and its energy can be very destructive. When placed in malefic houses, it can create problems in the native's life. The mangal dosha calculator by date of birth analyses the birth chart to determine if Mars is positioned in any of these Houses. If so, it is considered a Mangal Dosha and can cause problems in the native's life.

How does the Mangal Dosh Calculator work?

Many people consider Manglik dosha to be highly inauspicious. However, along with this, they often wonder, “How to check manglik or not?”. If you want to know if you have mangal dosh or not, use our Manglik Dosha Calculator. The steps to use the calculator are mentioned below:

  • The Mangal Dosha is calculated using the position of Mars in the birth chart.
  • All you need to do is fill in your name, gender, and date of birth, along with your time and place of birth.
  • The mangal dosha calculator by date of birth uses information about the person's sex, birth date, place, and time to determine where Mars was positioned at the time of its birth.
  • If Mars were set in any of the houses mentioned above, the person would have Mangal Dosha in their kundali.

Thus, the Manglik dosh calculator provides you with accurate results in order for you to know ”how to know I am manglik or not?”. It then becomes necessary to consult an astrologer and ask about your Mangal Dosh and how it could be removed. Its removal is important because it can influence your whole life.

What are the benefits of using a Mangal Dosha Calculator?

There are many benefits of using our accurate Mangal Dosha calculator. Mentioned below are some of these benefits. The benefits of using manglik calculator are as follows:

  • Mangal Dosha Calculator can help you determine whether you have Mangal Dosha in your kundali. It provides you with accurate answers for you to know” How to know if I am manglik?”. This is important because if you have Mangal Dosha, it can cause problems in your life, such as marital strife or career difficulties.
  • Another benefit of using a simple Manglik Calculator in percentage is that it can help you understand the role Mars plays in your life and help keep Manglik Dosha check. As we mentioned, Mars is a planet of energy, aggression, and passion. When placed in certain Houses in the birth chart, it can cause problems in the native's life. However, if you understand where Mars is positioned in your birth chart, you can learn to control its negative effects and use its energy to your advantage.
  • Finally, an online Mangal Dosha calculator can help you make important decisions about your future. If you know that you have Mangal Dosha in your kundali, you can take steps to avoid any potential problems that might arise. For example, if you are considering getting married, you may consult with an experienced astrologer to see if there are any precautions that you should take.

Overall, there are many benefits to using a Mangal Dosh Calculator. If you think you may have Mangal Dosha in your kundali, you must consult an experienced astrologer to get a more accurate reading.

What are the two types of Mangal Dosh?

We all know about the feared Mangal Dosha. But did you know that this mangal dosha has types as well? Yes, you read it right. In vedic astrology, there are two types of Mangal Dosha. Let us have a look at these two types of mangal doshas. These are as follows:

  • Manglik Dosha: This is when an individual has Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth House in their birth chart.
  • Nadi Dosha: This is when an individual's nadi (one of the three astrological channels through which energy flows) is said to be incompatible with their partner's nadi.

You can check Manglik Dosh in kundli using our Manglik calculator by date of birth. As this calculator takes into consideration your name, gender, date, time, and place of birth, it tends to provide you with the most accurate results.

Characteristics of Manglik People

Men with magal dosha have to suffer a lot in their lives. They will have difficult relationships with their partners. Having mangal dosha in kundli also makes an individual suffer from issues in getting married. They will have a sour relationship with their partner. Along with this, they also tend to have an aggressive nature. They are quite short-tempered, which further harms their relationships and bonds.

Manglik girls are those who have Mars positioned in any one of the houses in their birth chart. A Manglik girl characteristics say that she is aggressive, short-tempered, and accident-prone. She may have difficulty finding a suitable match for marriage due to the harmful effects of Mars on her horoscope.

Therefore, a Manglik girl should marry a Manglik boy (one who also has Mars positioned in one of the Houses, as mentioned above in his birth chart) to nullify Mars's effects and have a happy and prosperous married life. To find out if you have mangal dosha in your kundli, use our Manglik Dosha check calculator.

What are the remedies to cure Mangal Dosh?

Mangal Dosha is known to be one of the most feared doshas in vedic astrology. This dosha tends to affect not just the life of the native but also the life of the people in relation to the native. This mainly tends to include the native’s spouse. So, some remedies for Kuja Dosha are mentioned below. Our expert astrologer gives these remedies.

Moreover, the following remedies tend to reduce and, in some cases, remove the negative effects of Mangalik Dosha. These are as follows:

  • One is to perform the Grah Shanti Puja, a ritual by a priest that involves chanting mantras and offering prayers to the planets. This puja can be performed on any auspicious day, such as the native's birthday or wedding anniversary.
  • Another remedy is to wear a Gemstone for Mars, also known as a Mani. The most common gemstones for Mars are coral, red agate, and bloodstone. These stones should be set in gold or silver and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Donating items related to Mars, such as iron tools or red clothing, is also beneficial.

Do people believe in Mangal Dosh?

Some people believe that Mangal Dosh can explain certain events or circumstances. Mangal Dosha is said to be caused by an imbalance of the planets Mars and Saturn. It is said to affect marriage, love, relationships, and career. Mangal Dosha is often seen as the reason for divorce or relationship problems.

It is also said to cause financial difficulties. Many famous people, including Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, and Saddam Hussein, have Mangal Dosha in their birth charts. Some people believe that Mangal Dosha can be cured by wearing a red coral ring or doing certain rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manglik Dosha is an astrological condition when Mars is positioned in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth House of the Ascendant chart. This can cause challenges and problems in the native's life in terms of marriage, love, relationships, and even career.
Mars is in Low Mangal Dosha if it is seen to be located in the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, or Twelfth House from ANY ONE of the three charts, such as the Natal Chart, Moon Chart, and Venus Chart. Partial Manglik Dosha is another name for Low Manglik Dosha.
High Mangal Dosha is characterised by the placement of Mars in the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, or Twelfth Houses of the Natal Chart, Moon Chart, and Venus Chart.
Low Mangal Dosha is not as bad as the High one, but one still has to be careful when getting married. Mangal Dosh's effects can be reduced from one’s Kundli.
If you have Manglik dosh, there are many remedies that you can practice, one of which is feeding sweet chapatis to birds. Moreover, after the age of 28, the effects of Mangal dosha are said to be reduced or cancelled.
It is believed that mangal dosha is especially harmful to women as it can cause marriage delays and childbearing challenges. In addition, it might occasionally result in a miscarriage or an early delivery.
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