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Would you like to know your Nakshatra? InstaAstro makes the calculation of your Nakshatra super easy! Nakshatra, or the birth star, is an essential astrological component of a person's life. With the FREE Nakshatra Calculator, knowing your Nakshatra is a few clicks away! This Nakshatra pada calculator will help you become aware of your birth star and thus make future astrological predictions easier for you. So, let's save time and get into the details of finding your Nakshatra!

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About Nakshatra Calculator

As individuals, we are born under different timings and zodiacs. Therefore, the birth star or Nakshatra of an individual can help play an integral role in determining their future and, thus, making predictions more accurate and precise. Moreover, you can also gain access to other astrological information about your moon sign and zodiac sign. All you're asked to do is feed your name, gender, birth date, time, and place. And, then wait for a second, and let InstaAstro's rasi Nakshatra calculator or birth star finder do the magic! Just fill in your details in the Nakshatra Chart calculator or nakshatra moon calculator and know everything about your Nakshatra by date of birth.

How to use the Nakshatra Calculator?

If you are wondering how to find birth stat or how to find nakshatra by date of birth? Then the Nakshatra calculator is for you. The use of the Nakshatra compatibility calculator is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. The steps to use the Nakshatra and Tithi calculator are as follows:

  • The first step is to procure all the important details. So, you need to know and find out your precise date, place and time of birth. Enter all the necessary information in the boxes provided in the Nakshatra calculator for marriage.
  • Then, follow that by clicking on 'Calculate'. It is as easy as it sounds.
  • However, remember to enter the correct information and avoid making any mistakes while providing your information in the birth star calculator.
  • Thus, once you fill in all the information in the Nakshatra and rasi calculator and click on calculate, you will get the most accurate birth chart and details regarding the same.

What is a Nakshatra?

According to Vedic astrology, a Nakshatra is a popular term for the scientific name Lunar Mansion. The word Nakshatra comes from Naksha, meaning map and Tara, meaning star. Thus, the proper meaning of the word is the map of stars. They are lunar constellations and directly connect with the Moon and its expressions. The Rig Vedas were the first to have any introduction or mention of the Nakshatras.

Moreover, you mark a line at the time of your birth from where you were born to the Moon. This traces to a cluster of stars through which a line would pass, known as a Nakshatra. Among the Nakshatra list, there are 28 Nakshatras, but 27 are used for calculation. Astrology believes that a person's personality depends on their Nakshatras' movement. These lunar constellations are known to form an association with the Moon and its natal symbols. This is why the Moon takes 28 days to move and go across in each zodiac sign. It also stays there for 2.3 days and is, thus, known as the ruler of Nakshatras. Furthermore, they also give a lot of insight into the individual's birth, strength and weaknesses. Various calculators help us understand Nakshatras better, such as the Death Nakshatra calculator, Navamsa Nakshatra calculator, Moon Nakshatra calculator, Lagna Nakshatra calculator, Tithi Nakshatra calculator, etc.

History of Nakshatras

The legend of Hindu mythology says there was once a king known as King Dakshan, who was believed to have 27 daughters. The Moon, the representative of soul, emotions and expressions, married all 27 daughters. They are collectively known as the Nakshatras. However, the story doesn't end here, as the Moon develops special affection towards one of the daughters or his queens. That was Rohini (expert astrologers suggest that Rohini is also known as the precise exaltation point of the Moon).

The remaining queens were upset due to Moon's growing fondness towards Rohini. So, they complained to the King. The King requested the Moon to treat them with the same love, but the Moon refused to change. This made the King brim with fury, and he cursed the Moon. He made the Moon shrink in size. The consequences of the curse were immense, so the rest of the deities pleaded and suggested the King for him to take his nemesis back. They further promised him that the Moon would spend equal amounts of time with all daughters and not favour one over the others.

The Kind could not withdraw the curse entirely, but he could suggest a remedy to the Moon. He stated that the Moon would be able to restore its size and strength in half a month. Therefore, this is the legend behind the origin of Amavasya and Purnima. The Moon remains in each Nakshatra for equal amounts of time and completes his respective zodiac orbit of that month.

What are Padas in Nakshatra?

We know that there are 27 constellations available for calculation. Further, the stars in these Nakshatra divide themselves into four parts. These parts are known as Padas. These Padas span 3.20 degrees and are known as Navamsa. Padas have the traits and characteristics of zodiac signs and have a strong and close-knit integration with Nakshatras. There are twelve padas in every three constellations.

Moreover, each pada represents a zodiac sign in three constellations. Therefore, we see the zodiac signs and the formation of the pada signs. They provide information about an individual's soul and core values. Consequently, it holds immense importance and has the same information as a zodiac sign.

What are Nakshatras and the four aims of life?

Nakshatras are the map of stars. While our life has four aims towards Dharma, Kama, Artha and Mosha, we can know how these will influence us if we know about our Nakshatra. Thus, by carefully looking at and understanding the position of Nakshatras, we can see the aim of an individual.

  • Dharma: It stands for the divine service or our life's purpose. It is the first aim of Hinduism and represents what an individual does and is supposed to do. It also depicts how fulfilled your soul is with your work. Dharma describes the true nature of our body and the demands it has. This has a strong association with the element fire.
  • Artha: This means pursuing wealth, income and all the material advantages. This points towards the fulfilment of basic needs such as food and shelter. The Artha is strongly connected to the Earth.
  • Kama: The Kama represents desire and pleasure. The third aim illustrates your will and intent to pursue a particular desire. Venus is the ruling planet, and it significantly influences desire and passion.
  • Moksha: Lastly, Moksha means liberation and freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. This aim represents the liberation of your soul. Kama and Moksha both share an association with the element water.

Thus, as we know, each aim represents an element in astrology. This helps in understanding the trajectory of Nakshatra in an individual's life.

Nakshatras and Compatibility

We often seek solace in astrology when things don't work out between a couple. Similarly, Vedic Astrology gives immense importance to Nakshatras regarding compatibility and love.

  • Before marriage, the compatibility factors of the potential partners are carefully analysed and thoroughly matched with the horoscopes. While the Rashi, point of ascendance, Moon sign, etc., are considered, Nakshatras are also considered while analysing compatibility.
  • Koota-Guna matching is the official term for Nakshatra-centric matching. It helps understand and identify the merits and demerits of the coming together of two individuals. This prevents any future obstacles, arguments and conflicts.
  • According to the norms of Nakshatra matching, there has to be a match between eighteen points for two individuals to unite peacefully. Thus, making them compatible with each other.
  • The compatibility matching follows the cross-checking from the girl's to the boy's chart using vertical calculation along the same row. Thus, a Nakshatra finder can help you know your Nakshatra and find your perfect match.

Importance of Nakshatra in astrology

Nakshatras are considered highly important in Vedic Astrology. They are responsible for how an individual thinks, reacts, perceives and understands. Thus, they are accountable for their overall personality. In fact, with the proper analysis of Nakshatras, you can calculate and find solutions for Dasha in your horoscope before it is too late. This Dasha indicates planetary periods and dictates when planets produce good or bad effects. So, it helps in clearing out significant points in your birth chart. Hence, Nakshatras are essential in more ways than one. Let's know more:

  • Nakshatras possess a lot of value. They tend to illustrate Karma's places and results. The results are stored and transferred in these places.
  • Needless to say, Nakshatra lagna plays an important role in analysing and predicting an individual's future. Astrologers take the help of these Nakshatras to procure accurate predictions. They also have the use of zodiac signs and other ruling deities, which makes them more reliable. Moreover, Nakshatras also provide information about an individual’s birth rashi by birth time and date.
  • Moreover, Nakshatras have a lot of power and energy within them. This is because of the blessings of the nine lords and their energy that reflects on these Nakshatras. Therefore, this energy and power are crucial for astrological analysis.
  • Knowing our Nakshatra also helps us understand our strengths, weaknesses and other characteristics. It makes us aware of our weak spots and provides us with opportunities to work on them.
  • Nakshatras can also determine our potential career options by understanding the points of ambition present in our birth star. It can also tell us a lot about our likes and dislikes as well.
  • Lastly, for Kundali matching, astrologers always consider the Nakshatras. It is an important factor for testing and knowing about a couple's compatibility. Moreover, it can also determine if they will have a prosperous future.


If you enjoyed knowing about your Nakshatra based on date of birth, check out more from InstaAstro, seek consultation from India's best astrologers, and get a Kundali analysis, tarot reading, and much more. Moreover, do use our 7th lord Nakshatra calculator to know about your Nakshatra.

Frequently Asked Questions

With InstaAstro's FREE Nakshatra Calculator, you can find your birth star or Nakshatra in a few steps. First, you need to enter your name, gender, birth date, time, and place in the tool, and the rest will be taken care of. Thus, this is how you can find your Nakshatra.
The word Nakshatra is made of Naksha (map) and Tara (star), thus which means the map of stars. It is our birth star, and the planetary movements at the time of our birth play an important role in determining an individual's future. They help calculate major phases or Dasha in individuals' lives and make them aware and informed of their future events. Moreover, they help in deriving the results of life. The Naskshtaras can influence our lives to a great extent, and each Nakshatra has a ruling planet of its own.
A common astrological saying is that dividing the sky into 12 divisions gives you the 12 zodiac signs. Moreover, if you further split it into 27 divisions, they are known as Nakshatra. Scientifically, a Nakshatra covers a zone of 13.33° from the 360° circle, and a zodiac sign covers 30° of that zone. Thus, we can say that Nakshatras are smaller parts of the twelve zodiac signs.
The most auspicious Nakshatras for travelling are Anuradha, Shravan, Punarvasu, Ashwini, Hast, Mragshira, Pushya, Revathi, and Ghanishtha. They are one of the best star constellations for travelling and are known to provide the best results to their natives.
The most integral Nakshatra for childbirth is the Ashwani Nakshatra. It is also the first lunar constellation of the zodiac belt. This Nakshatra is representative of dignity, strength and power. Moreover, it stands for everything that is resourceful and brilliant. This pada allows all manifestations and good thoughts to take material form. Lord Ganesha is the deity who presides over this Nakshatra, and Ketu is its ruling planet.
A Nakshatra Dasha Calculator would help you to identify the period of Mahadasha (Major period), Antardasha (Sub period), Pratyantar Dasha (Sub-sub period), etc. In addition, such a calculator will provide you with the appropriate guidelines you must follow to understand the Dasha system.
The Anuradha Nakshatra is the most common and effective Nakshatra for success. It governs the cosmic realms and dictates balance, honour and harmony. Mitra is the ruling deity for this Nakshatra, and it derives its divine sense of strength and power from there. Moreover, this also signifies protection, association, wisdom and learning.
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