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If you are wondering what Pitra Dosha is, then let's first understand its meaning. Pitra translates to ancestors or forefathers, and Dosha is a defect or fault. Thus, Pitra Dosha is a defect in the Kundali related to our ancestors. If you want to know if your Kundali has it or not, then enter your details in our FREE Pitra Dosha Calculator and get your results. Something that carries down from one generation to another, the Pitru Dosha can prove to be a menace. Pitru Dosha means an ancestral bane. Thus, one should know about it as early as possible and try to resolve it. InstaAstro helps you calculate the Pitru Dosha and also provides you with remedies!

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About Pitru Dosha Calculator

Many people wonder what is pitra dosh? In astrology, Pitra Dosh in kundali means an ancestral ailment brought on by the unhappy spirits of your deceased ancestors. It mostly happens when the spirits of your ancestors die but do not find redemption or peace afterwards. Ancestral spirits experience intense thirst and hunger. They can only accept the sacrifices made during the Shraadh rites because they cannot eat food on their own. Therefore, the descendants must nourish and satisfy them with periodical Poojas on their death tithi (lunar day). It is claimed that failing to provide food and water to your ancestors might adversely affect your family both now and in future generations.

The term for adverse effects because of your unhappy ancestors is Pitru Dosha. According to InstaAstro, Pitru Dosh has three possible causes: ancestors' misdeeds, planetary influences, and one's karma. You can understand more about it from your Kundli. In addition, there are about 14 types of Pitra Dosh, and this calculator will help you know how long does pitra dosh last, how pitra dosh is removed, in-depth details on the types of pitra dosh, and much more.

How Does Pitru Dosha Calculator Work?

Pitra Dosh Calculator tends to showcase individuals if they have Pitru Dosh in their Kundli or not. So, if you want to check your kundli for Pitru Dosha, then do use our Pitru Dosha Calculator. The Pitru Dosha Calculator works as follows:

  • In order to know if your kundli has Pitru dosha or not, our calculator will require some details from you.
  • These details include your name, gender, place of birth, time of birth and also the date of birth. Once you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The pitra dosha check calculator will, within seconds, analyse your kundli for Pitru Dish and will provide you with your pitra dosh calculation results.

Cause of Pitru Dosha

Pitru dosha, as the name suggests, is a dosha that tends to be formed mainly because of the ancestor’s sins of an individual. However, there are other reasons for the formation of this dosha in an individual’s kundli as well. These are as follows:

Ancestral Misdeeds Leading to Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosha or ancestors’ Dosha may exist because of adverse karma or actions committed by the said ancestors during their life. In addition, it may also exist due to unintentional or untimely death. When the dead’s wishes are not honoured, the family experiences several conflicts. This is one of the most common and prominent reasons for Pitru Dosh in an individual’s kundli.

Planetary Arrangements that Lead to Pitru Dosha

The planet Sun is one of the most important celestial bodies in any individual’s chart. The Sun is known to govern a person’s stature or fame, emotions, eyes, skin, and even children. If the Sun is weak, the individual may have a weak heart, and its position in the Tenth House of ancestors or Pitru will also get affected. Besides this, a weak Sun brings shame, rejection, chaos, endings, unemployment, and much more. The planetary arrangements in a person's birth chart that signify Pitru Dosha are as follows:

  • Rahu in the ninth house or with the Sun
  • Sun or the ruler of the ninth house with Pathagathipathi
  • Sun in Mandhi or the ruler of the ninth house in Mandhi
  • Either the 9th house lord or the Sun with Saturn
  • In the ninth house, Saturn and Manadhi or Saturn and Pathagathipathi.

Pitra Dosh in a Horoscope

  • One of the signs of Pitru Dosha is the fifth house. A Pitru Dosha is created when the Lord of this house is weak or afflicted or when he resides in or is connected to the house of an unwanted adverse planet like Ketu or Rahu.
  • When a debilitated planet appears in the fifth house of a horoscope, Pitra Dosha is also indicated.
  • Again, this Dosha is indicated by the Lord of the Fifth House transiting in the 88th segment or 22nd star for the person's natal chart.
  • The house of the ancestors is the eighth house. Pitru Dosha is created when the planets Ketu and Rahu are conjoined with the Lord of this house.
  • The house of the ancestors is the eighth house. Pitru Dosha is created when the planets Ketu and Rahu are conjoined with the Lord of this house.
  • If a person's ascendant is Rahu and their ascendant's Lord is in their sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, this predicts this Dosha for them.
  • When the Sun, representing the father, conjoins Rahu or Ketu, or both planets conjoin Rahu or Ketu, they also create Pitru Dosha.
  • This Dosha is also indicated by the planet Sun being present with Saturn or Rahu in the first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth, or tenth house, respectively.


Pitru Dosha results also depend on a person’s past Karma or actions. If an individual had committed some unfavourable actions in their past life, then their Pitru Dosha will bear its effects. Since no one is aware of their past lives, everyone should focus on their present karma.

One should exercise additional caution to prevent the acts of this life from becoming a burden. Nobody can escape their consequences by only performing prayers and poojas; they must also deal with the same problems and difficulties they or their ancestors imposed on other people. Some actions that can attract bad karma are:

  • Cruelly treating people or animals, tormenting them, abusing them, or murdering them or any other living thing on the planet directly or indirectly.
  • Stealing something that is not legally yours, seizing anything by force, pillaging, or misleading others using unethical or illegal control methods.
  • Accumulation of money by unethical means, stealing property from others forcibly or abusing their talents and capabilities.
  • Abusing physically, emotionally, or sexually any person or other living thing on the planet.
  • Intentionally disseminating rumours, making untrue allegations, disparaging someone with an immoral purpose, or commenting about anything based on unreliable information.

Other Reasons for Pitru Dosha

Although Pitra Dosha mainly occurs due to sins or crimes committed by ancestors, which is their Karmic debt, there are other reasons too.

Here are the three foremost reasons why Pitra Dosha can be seen in a Kundali:

  • The departed soul has cursed their family due to their family's neglect, indifference, and failure.
  • Curses by people who were affected maliciously by the departed soul.
  • The failure of children to look after their elders and forcing them to fend for themselves.

Characteristics of Pitru Dosh

Mentioned below are some signs that you might feel if you have Pitru Dosha in your Kundli or not. These Pitru Dosha symptoms are as follows:

  • Ancestors may beg you for food or clothing in a dream.
  • If the individual or other family members experience nightmares involving snakes, this may indicate Pitru dosh.
  • Disagreements amongst families that have no justification.
  • Obstacles to the person's progress in education and the workplace.
  • Hindering success in education and the workplace.
  • Sluggish family expansion and ongoing issues.

Pitru Dosha Effects

Pitru Dosh can have many effects on a person's life, many of which can be seen in the horoscope. Some of them are given below.

  • Due to Pitru Dosh, Both physical and mental impairments can affect children.
  • It can cause unfavourable surroundings and disputes about trivial issues with your life partner.
  • Sometimes it's impossible to get married at the right time. Delay getting married.
  • Due to ongoing illness, the person experiences both physical and financial difficulties.
  • If a person cannot succeed in any endeavour they begin, they have Pitra Dosh.
  • It can lead to weak finances.
  • This Dosha may be present if the person or any other family members experience nightmares involving snakes.
  • Having nightmares that involve your ancestors.
  • Any persistent health condition, as well as accidental or suicidal deaths.
  • Having to deal with various employment and business losses and financial problems.
  • Your life's pleasure and success will be pretty fleeting.
  • Physical and mental disabilities in children.
  • Delay or forbiddance in conceiving children.
  • Recurring miscarriages.
  • Failed marriages in the same family, along with a lot of unmarried people in the family.
  • A lot of arguments within the family.

Remedies or Treatment for Pitru Dosh

There exist various remedies or treatment methods to reduce the damaging effect of Pitra Dosh that anyone can use to their benefit. Given below are some of the most easily possible remedies for the Pitru Dosh:

  • Regularly provide water to the banyan tree.
  • Keep fast to lessen Dosha's effects.
  • Plan a Pooja or Mantra Jap to erase the repercussions of the ancestors' earlier evil deeds.
  • On each Amavasya, feed the Brahmins.
  • On the day of Ardh-Kumbh-Snan, donate food, clothing, blankets, and other bedding items.
  • Give milk and food to ants, birds, street dogs, and cows.
  • Completed Trapandi Shradh
  • If you do Pind Daan, worship, and Tarpana on the tithi of the ancestor's death in the Krishna Paksha of the Ashwini month using sesame, couch grass, flowers, uncooked rice, and Ganga water or clean water, your predecessors will be satisfied. Then, to calm your manes, provide food, clothing, fruits, and donations to the Brahmins.
  • As much as possible, aid the elderly, the impoverished, and those in need.
  • Recite the Devi Kalika Stotram chant, in particular on Navratri
  • Bathe at several holy locations, including Ujjain, Nasik, Ganga Sagar, Haridwar, and Rishikesh.
  • Regularly offer the rising Sun water mixed with sesame seeds while reciting the Gayatri Mantra.
  • Perform puja for Pitra Dosha Mantra Jaap.

How to chant for Remedying Pitru Dosha?

  • Choose a favourable period during the Shradh days.
  • Put on white clothing.
  • Use Sankalp to placate known and unknowing Pitru and light pure ghee, Diya.
  • You can recite this mantra using 16 Malas in a single day, 4 Malas in four days, or one Mala each day for 16 days of Shradh.
  • Feed Brahmin and cows after Chanting the following mantra 108 times in front of framed photographs of the ancestors while doing havan with utmost dedication for Grah Shanti, or the appeasing of the planets.
  • Pitru Dosha Mantra to be chanted is “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”

What is Pitru Paksha?

A 16-day lunar phase is known as Pitru Paksha. This ancestors' period is said to start when the Sun enters Virgo. As a mark of respect for our ancestors, the ritual of Shradh is performed during this holy time. The ancestors are said to return to their realm feeling dissatisfied if the Shradh rites are not done on the day of Ashwin Amavasya during Pitru Paksha.

Therefore, one should conduct the Tarpan while giving the ancestors an assortment of flowers, sweets, food, and drink and praying for their salvation to avoid disappointing them and to get their blessings. Before taking a new life, Pitru Paksha relieves the pain of our forefathers' souls. The Shradh rite makes their new birth even more joyful. According to Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun is Karaka for father and is responsible for Pitra Dosha. Therefore, its placement in the Ninth House or Rahu will sometimes be considered Pitra Dosha.

The Pitra Dosha Calculator inputs your details such as name, gender/sex, date, time, and place of birth to know whether your Kundali has Pitra Dosha. Pitra Dosha is your ancestors' karmic debt and can also exist due to their dissatisfied souls or departure. As per the Brahma Purana, the occasion of Shraadh is highly significant in relation to Pitra Dosha. Children who do not make offerings to their ancestors during the day of Shradh, which takes place on the eve of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin, anger their forefathers. Thus, they suffer from the wrath of their ancestors or Pitra Dosha.

Origin of Pitru Paksha

The Pitrilok, the region between heaven and Earth, is home to the souls of three generations of our ancestors. Lord Yama, regarded as the God of Death, is in charge of this region. Lord Yama transports the deceased from the ground to the Pitrilok. The first generation of our deceased ancestors travels to heaven once someone in the next generation passes away, uniting with God and achieving Moksha. As a result, only three generations in Pitaloka get the Shraddha rituals, which heavily emphasise Yama. Before taking a new life, Pitru Paksha relieves the pain of our forefathers' spirits. The Shradh rite makes their new birth even more joyful.

Additionally, it is said that no auspicious labour is done these days. If someone has Pret, Grahan, Pitru, or Kaal Sarp dosha, then Pitru paksha is the period when they can perform beneficial rituals to lessen the effects of Dosha. Honouring those who passed away when our family was together on Pitru Paksha is appropriate. On Pitru Paksha, it is appropriate to express appreciation to our ancestors. Our responsibility is to carry out the rituals, such as Tarpan, to benefit our ancestors or Pitru.

Benefits of Pitru Paksha Pooja

  • If somebody is experiencing progeny issues due to Pitru dosha in their horoscope, they may be able to overcome these difficulties by seeking the blessings of their ancestors. Pitru Dosha means a Dosha because of the ancestors, but Pitru Paksha refers to their transition period.
  • Worshipping Pitru on Shraddha Paksha might help those with financial difficulties by providing them with new chances.
  • It is also beneficial to carry out rituals to benefit the spirits and to get their blessings if someone is experiencing marital difficulties because of Pitru dosha.
  • Ancestors will also assist you if you have an issue with your career.
  • In the 16 days of Pitru paksha, it is highly beneficial to serve food and Tarpan every day and ask them to alter the atmosphere in your home if there is any family conflict.

What is Shradh?

The Shradh rituals guarantee that our forefathers' souls will enter heaven. Tarpan (Shradh rites) are thought to provide tranquillity to their souls. It is thought that our forefathers arrived on Earth during the Pitru Paksha. It becomes crucial to win their favour to save their souls, find peace, and receive blessings. Our Puranas state that a person should worship the ancestors first since it is thought that the Gods are delighted by that.

For this reason, on Shradh, we do Tarpan in remembrance of our ancestors and provide meals and Dakshina to Brahmins or those in need. Additionally, it's important to avoid offending our ancestors during this period. Thus some actions are restricted or banned to honour and revere them posthumously.

It is believed that during the time of Shraadh, the Lord of Death Yamraj liberated all the souls to eat the offerings made by their successors. Therefore, on this day, children are urged to seek blessings from their ancestors, offer prayers, and respect their elders.

What should everyone do on the day of Shradh?

These are some of the things that you should be doing on the day of Shradh to please your ancestors and avoid getting cursed with Pitra Dosha:

  • Perform Shradh on the death anniversaries of your forefathers.
  • Offer water to the Pitras on their death anniversary or all the Shraadhs.
  • Seek blessings from religious places by offering food, blankets or clothes on every Purnima and Amavasya.
  • Elders should be highly respected and regarded as akin to the Gods.
  • Cook the favourite food items of your passed family members. As per popular belief, on this day, the souls of the deceased come to accept these everyday food items.

What do I do on Shradh?

  • On the anniversary of your ancestor's passing, do the Shradh.
  • On the day of their passing or all of the Shradh, offer water to Pitru or your ancestors.
  • On each 'Poornima' and 'Amavasya,' donate food, blankets, or clothing to sacred institutions.
  • To receive blessings, honour your parents and elders.
  • Prepare meals for the deceased as Pitru Dosha means Unhappy Ancestors. The meal is accepted at the door by the forefathers.

What should I not do on a Shradh?

  • During Pitru Paksha, a person with Pitru Dosha must refrain from the following actions, especially on Mahalaya Amavasya.
  • Don't buy new clothing, dishes, or decorations.
  • One should avoid significant celebrations.
  • Postpone important events and the wedding reception.
  • Avoid building a house or buying new land.
  • Avoid eating garlic or non-vegetarian cuisine.


Pitru Dosha is said to be the karmic debt owed by the ancestors, which is now the current generation's responsibility. Pitru Dosha means that this ailment manifests in a person's horoscope when their ancestors may have unintentionally or purposefully committed crimes, wrongdoings, or wicked actions during their existence. Later generations' horoscopes depict these as terrible debts. The Shradh ceremonies, which appease the ancestors' souls, are undertaken to counteract the negative consequences of Pitru Dosh. These treatments will assist you in lessening pain and leading a healthy life by neutralising the adverse effects of Pitru dosh in the horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

In astrology, Pitru Dosha means an ancestral ailment brought on by the unhappy spirits of your deceased ancestors. Have you ever thought, “Is Pitra Dosh real?” then yes, it is real.
Rahu in the ninth house or with the Sun leads to Pitru Dosh. Moreover, if the individual or other family members experience nightmares involving snakes, this may indicate Pitru dosh.
This mantra is meant to be recited daily, especially during pujas, to reduce the impact of the Pitra Dosha.

The mantra is:Om Pitrabhyah devatabhyah mahayogibhyech cha,

Namah sawaha swadhyaye cha nityamev namah

If your Kundali has Pitra Dosha, then you must avoid doing the following things, especially on the last day of Mahalaya Amavasya: Avoid purchasing new clothes, jewellery, or utensils. Do not celebrate any occasion, including birthdays or promotions, at the workplace. It is advisable to postpone all celebrations. Avoid buying or constructing any new property. Refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and garlic. Even celebrities with Pitra Dosh avoid doing these things.
The InstaAstro Putra Yog Calculator by date of birth, performs a thorough analysis of the details provided to check whether Pitra Dosha exists in the Kundali or not. Since the results are based on astrological readings and planetary combinations, they are pretty accurate. Thus, you can rest assured while trusting us to give your accurate results.
Postpone important events and major celebrations like the wedding reception.
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