Significance of Naga Dosha

Naga Dosha is a dosha that tends to affect an individual’s life negatively. This dosha is one of the most feared dosh in astrology. You can find out if you are susceptible to the adverse effects of naga dosha by using the online tool provided to you by InstaAstro, the naga dosha calculator. It is an easy-to-use tool that aids in calculating your naga dosha by posing a few straightforward questions and using your responses to calculate your naga dosha using the well-known Vedic astrological concepts. The calculator is based on astrological theories that are thought to be thousands of years old.

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What is Dosha in astrology?

Nine planets are significant in Vedic astrology and our daily lives. The planets in question are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Shukra, Rahu, and Ketu. The way we conduct our lives is influenced differently by each planet. Our personality, life circumstances, character, interpersonal relationships, career, health, and luck, in general, are all affected by the placement and motion of these planets in our horoscope.

Dosha is a Sanskrit word for an affliction or defect. It is a term used in Vedic astrology to express the potential for unfavourable outcomes in a person's life caused by the influence of two or more planets in a specific combination. Most of the time, the planets that make up the Dosha are unfavourable. However, doshas are an idea that extends beyond planetary influences. The effect of different zodiac signs and their combinations is another usage of the phrase. Every zodiac sign house in a horoscope is thought to have an extraordinary impact on the persons whose birth charts it occupies. It is only possible to describe a person as fortunate and prosperous when all of the planets in their horoscope are in their natural, neutral, or benevolent forms.

What is Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha?

Won dering what is naga dosham? Well, Naga dosha is a challenging dosha since it slows down favourable life outcomes. Due to its detrimental effects on people's lives, it is frequently referred to as a negative dosha. An individual with this Dosha often faces numerous difficulties. Naga dosha can cause significant health issues if it is not treated correctly. Rahu and Ketu work together to create the Naga dosha. Because of the placement of Rahu Ketu in this Dosha, people often wonder Is Naga Dosha and Rahu Ketu Dosha same? However, let us tell you that it is similar in some sense.

The word dosha refers to an astrological mixture of planetary influences in a horoscope. One must exercise caution regarding the potential impacts of the naga dosha in a native's horoscope because the combination is said to be malefic. Numerous natives who have naga dosha are more prone to poor health, unhappy marriages, and other issues.

About Naga Dosha Calculator

An individual's happiness, prosperity, peace, and general well-being may be negatively impacted by the naga dosha. The primary goal of the InstaAstro calculator is to determine the native's naga dosha strength at the moment of birth and to identify any potential issues that may be brought on by it. Thus, the calculator tends to check naga dosham online in an individual’s kundli for free. The native's knowledge of the planetary positions at the moment of birth and the precise time of birth will increase the accuracy of the calculator's conclusions. The calculator will utilise its complex algorithms to compute your naga dosha once you provide just a few simple details about yourself, such as your name, birth date, gender, birth time, and place of birth.

How Does Naga Dosha Calculator Work?

In order to use the Naga Dosha Calculator, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps for the same. These steps are as follows:

  • Naga Dosha Calculator tends to inform you if you have Naga Dosha in your kundli or not. In order to use the calculator, you will need to fill in some details in the calculator for the same.
  • These details tend to include your name, gender, date of birth, time of birth and also the place of birth.
  • After you have entered these details in the calculator, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your results.

What Cosmic Alignment Creates Sarpa Dosha & Kala Sarpa Dosha?

According to astrologers, the Adverse Impact of Sarpa Dosha & Kala Sarpa Dosha in the Birth Chart is when the planets Rahu and Ketu are located in the second, fifth, seventh, or eighth houses of their horoscope. In addition, the person may also experience naga dosha due to his previous karma if he has recently troubled a snake, thereby angering the snake deity.

Some Naga Dosha Symptoms

Instances in which an individual can suffer from Naga Dosha are mentioned below. These are as follows:

  • When someone is cremated very late or by strangers, naga dosha can still impact them even after they have passed away. This is one of the causes of naga dosha.
  • The second situation is when a person gets naga dosha because their body parts are not all cremated at the same time.
  • The third case is that if the death was caused by an accident, a homicide, a suicide, etc.
  • If the individual engages in activities that entail stealing from, defrauding, or harming others, this situation may also result in the person becoming afflicted.
  • In addition, the harmful deeds of their ancestors' prior generations may also cause naga dosha.
  • The next generations might have to deal with naga dosha, for instance, if their ancestors engaged in black magic or possibly aborted an unborn child.

The behaviour of males and females when affected by Naga dosha

If you are also wondering, What happens if we have Sarpa Dosha? Your answer is right here. Below mentioned are some effects that Saarpa Dosha has on individuals. These are as follows:

Behaviour males:

The male will act very sensually and flirtatiously toward the female. This will cause him a lot of issues with the other gender. Even though he will be attracted to the opposite gender, he will either never be able to marry or have a bad marriage. He will be extremely egotistical and concerned only for himself. He'll have a strained relationship with his siblings and envy them. In addition, he loses his spirituality and frequently finds himself drawn to a widow or divorcee.

Behaviour females:

Many females have Naga dosha in their horoscopes and are drawn to men even after marriage and have extramarital affairs. They are attracted to other men rather than their spouses because they are unhappy with their relationship. As a result, she might get a divorce or lose her husband very quickly, according to astrologers.

Types of Naga Dosha according to astrology

  • Ananta Naga Dosha: this forms when Ketu is in the seventh house, and Rahu is in the Lagna with all other planets in between. The Ananta Naga dosha generally makes it difficult for its affected individuals to succeed, and they might even need to put in the extra effort. They might participate in gambling and lotteries, resulting in significant financial loss. In addition to these, the individual might also deal with health problems, marital problems, legal challenges, etc. However, these problems go away after the kalasarpa dosha marriage age of 27, provided strong yoga is present.
  • Kulik Naga Dosha: This Dosha is created when the planet Rahu is in the second house of a person's birth chart, and the planet Ketu is in the eighth house. This Dosha causes a person to experience a variety of problems with their health, finances, marital life, etc. Positively, if powerful yoga is present, then after age 33, all of these issues will be resolved.
  • Vasuki Naga Dosha: This Dosha causes many domestic problems, including ones involving siblings, parents, or other close relatives. Vasuki naga dosham effects in marriage are created when Rahu and Ketu are in the third and ninth houses, respectively. This Dosha also results in business losses, and those impacted experience career success exceptionally slowly. Astrologers say that if a person has strong yoga, these issues should go away after age 36.
  • Shankpal Naga Dosha: This Dosha is created when the planets Rahu and Ketu are situated in the fourth and tenth houses, respectively. The Shankpal Naga Dosha significantly impacts a person's job and professional life. It can also lead to issues with real estate, finances, material possessions, education, and other areas of one's life. In addition to Rahu and Ketu, the Moon can also be implicated in some cases, which worsens the situation because the Moon will make the person experience mental health problems. These problems get settled after the age of 43 if strong yogas are present in the individual's birth chart.
  • Padma Naga Dosha: Rahu's placement in the fifth house and Ketu's placement in the eleventh house of the birth chart combine to create this Dosha. It is advisable to take extra measures for those impacted by this Dosha because it attracts concealed foes. Challenges in education, health, and career are the main issues people encounter. Astrologers believe that if strong yoga is present in a person's birth chart, they will eventually conquer all of their obstacles and see a favourable change in their life after age 48.
  • Mahapadma Naga Dosha: Positive changes are only noticed after age 54 and only if strong yoga is present in the person's birth chart. This Dosha is created when Rahu is placed in the sixth house, and Ketu is placed in the twelfth house in a person's birth chart. Domestic strife, aggression, and secret foes are all aspects of the Mahapadma Naga dosha. Although astrology suggests that those who are afflicted typically defeat their adversaries, it still has an impact on the personality and character of the individual.
  • Takshak Naga Dosha: When Ketu is positioned in the first house of the person's birth chart, and Rahu is placed in the seventh house, a dosha is created. This dosha is commonly referred to as Takshak Naga Dosha. People with Takshak Naga Dosha typically experience significant difficulties in their relationships. Moreover, the individual would also have to face some financial-related troubles in their life. Additionally, the individual’s ability to succeed and confidence is also negatively affected because of this dosha.
  • Karkotak Naga Dosha: This Dosha is created when the planet Rahu is positioned in the birth chart's eighth house, and the planet Ketu is positioned in the second house. This Dosha impacts all aspects of a person's life, including their financial, legal, and financial realms. The affected people also don't achieve the success they deserve, and on top of that, the mental and physical health of the person is where this Dosha has the most significant impact. Astrologers believe that if strong yoga is present in a person's birth chart, all of these issues will be resolved after age 33.
  • Shankachood Naga Dosha: People with planet Rahu in the ninth house and planet Ketu in the third house in their birth chart are susceptible to this naga dosha. The business or career is where this Dosha is most noticeable. The impacted person typically experiences commercial losses and may also lose his name, renown, and respect. People frequently become self-centred and focus solely on themselves. However, if strong yoga is present in their birth chart, their life will begin to improve beyond the age of 36.
  • Ghatak Naga Dosha: In a person's birth chart, the Ghatak Naga dosha arises when Rahu is in the tenth house, and Ketu is in the fourth house. The person's professional and personal lives are typically affected by this Dosha, which only becomes stable beyond 42 if any other potent yogas are present in his kundali. The majority of those who are affected by this Dosha lead unhappy lives. According to astrologers, the impact of this Dosha might be lessened if the person serves their mother.
  • Vishdhar Naga Dosha: This Dosha manifests in a person's birth chart when planet Rahu is in the eleventh house, and planet Ketu is in the fifth house. Additional difficulties with their family, finances and education may be faced by those afflicted. Additionally, memory loss and domestic violence are possible in these people. However, if any other potent yoga is present in their birth chart, these issues resolve themselves after reaching 48.
  • Sheshan Naga Dosha: When Ketu and Rahu are located in the sixth and twelfth houses, respectively, of a person's birth chart, this Dosha becomes apparent. Regardless of their successes, the afflicted people typically continue to be unhappy in their life. Because of the secret adversaries that this Dosha also brings, astrologers urge you to take extra security measures because they would stop at nothing to hurt you or spread false information about you. This Dosha impacts both the individual's physical health and mental stability. The good news is that at 54 years old, if there is any powerful yoga in the kundali, these issues will be resolved.

How to remove Naga Dosham?

Knowing all this about Naga Dosha will scare people. But what to do if you have Naga Dosha in your Kundli? Worry not! The snake deity is believed to be the source of the Naga Dosha, a curse. It is crucial to recognise if you have a dosha imbalance as soon as possible because the ramifications of the Naga Dosha are so harmful to one's life. However, there are sarpa dosha remedies that lessen its effects. Although many people think it is tough to get rid of this Dosha. We have some Sarpa Dosha Remedies Home for you to follow. These are as follows:

  • The best cure is to go to the temples and perform puja.
  • You can make your prayers at any Shiva temple.
  • It can be advantageous to worship idols with the five heads of a serpent.
  • Chanting mantras like the Mrityunjay mantra and the Sarp mantra can also aid in lessening the effects of Naga Dosha.
  • To treat this Dosha, you can also speak with astrologers and follow their recommendations for wearing specific metal rings and gemstones.

The positive aspects of Naga Dosha

Naga dosha has certain positive aspects, even though it also has detrimental consequences on a person's life. Naga dosha makes it more difficult for a person to succeed, so he may develop into a diligent worker who will finish the job. Affected by the naga dosha, people can be realistic and do what is required to accomplish their objectives. They are overcomers of their obstacles and do not fear the challenges or barriers in their lives. After a certain age, these people can become highly prosperous, according to astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best and most trustworthy calculators you will discover online is the Naga dosha calculator created by InstaAstro. It is incredibly simple to comprehend and utilise. With just a few clicks and no trouble, this calculator will determine the strength of your naga dosha.
One of the best treatments for Naga Dosha is the use of gemstones. Before wearing any gemstone, it is always advisable to speak with an astrologer because different gemstones have varied impacts on people. But garnets and cat's eyes are generally considered the ideal gemstones for Naga Dosha.
It will be beneficial for you to learn about your Naga Dosha if you place your birth charts in the hands of a professional. You will learn more about astrology and naga Dosha from the expert. In addition, you will learn about the naga dosha and be able to identify the naga dosha's cures. However, you may also use this InstaAstro-provided Naga Dosha calculator to get the results.
If you have Naga Dosha in your birth chart, coping with your life and the people around you will be difficult for you. You won't be at peace, you'll be perplexed, and you'll start to doubt yourself. You will most likely be prone to disease, and those around you will treat you poorly. You will suffer greatly from this, and you can live like a poor person. However, there is no need to be concerned because eliminating Naga Dosha is a simple process. You can read the above article to learn how to treat Naga Dosha.
A person's marriage will be negatively impacted by having Naga dosha in their birth chart, and it may even result in a divorce. This Dosha will cause sufferers to be extremely troubled, reckless, and violent in temperament and have domestic problems with their spouses. The person might not be blessed with children and will likely struggle to be content with their mate. According to astrologers, people with Naga dosha can engage in extramarital affairs, whether they are men or women.
There are twelve different naga dosha types that last for various lengths of time. For example, the Ananta Naga dosha lasts for 27 years; the Kulik naga dosha lasts for 33 years; the Vasuki naga dosha lasts 36 years; the Sankpal naga dosha lasts for 43 years. The Padma naga dosha lasts for 48 years; the Mahapadma naga dosha lasts 54 years; the Takshak Naga Dosha lasts 60 years. The Karkotak naga dosha lasts 33 years; the Shankachood naga dosha lasts 36 years; the Ghatak naga dosha lasts 42 years. The Vishdhar naga dosha lasts for 48 years. Lastly, the Sheshang naga dosha lasts 54 years.
Yes, chronic skin problems by sarpa dosha can be removed by naga dosha Parihara pooja and worshipping Lord Shiva.
Yes, Naga Dosha and Sarpa Dosha are the same as they cause problems initiated by the God of Serpents.
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