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Significance of Fate Line in Palmistry

Don’t you think when we lose any opportunity, we blame our fate that it was not meant for us? What if we can get an idea about what our fate line holds? Some palm readers may call the fate line in palmistry the Saturn line or the luck line on the palm, or the career line, which plays a key role in deciding the job, career and business and the amount of profit an individual is going to make out of it and the major losses he is going to bear in future.

According to Hindu Vedic Palmistry, a fate line meaning in palmistry is a straight line stretching anywhere from the palm's base to the index finger or middle finger depicting the ups and downs of life and the quantity of luck and fortune an individual has in his fate.

We live in a world full of struggles and competition; everyone is in a rush to have a better future and a luxurious life, and no one wants to hold back and wait for the right time. Every individual here deals with a bunch of questions about his life; some might worry about their jobs or career or the profit and losses they will have soon. Our Hindu Vedic Palmistry has all this covered; the fate line in palmistry depicts life's ups and downs.

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Here we will learn about the types of fate lines, fate line branches, fate line age in palmistry etc.

Types Of Fate Lines

In the Vedic Indian Palmistry, there are 32 types of fate lines descriptive, but the most commonly seen situations are as follows:

  • No fate line on palm

The people with no fate line on their palm often get demotivated, which they shouldn’t because the absence of the fate lines doesn’t bring bad luck to the native. There will be prosperity and luck in your favour if you’ll work for it. Palm lines have nothing to do with that.

The lines in an individual's hand change over time; there is no such definite structure of palm lines. But, the absence of fate lines may not depict bad luck, but it may be a sign of a frequent change in career. Lines on our hands bind us with restricted boundaries, but when speaking of the no-fate line on the palm, then, it should be understood that such people are free with no boundaries attach to their fate. People with no fate line accept the current situation and whatever comes in their way and have no keen interest in worldly obligations and achievements.

  • Deep and long fate lines in palm

Deep and long fate lines are often matched with a good career and a stable income. This is a good sign for natives, but palm readers have advised that people with such palm lines should not just be dependent on their fate lines but induce their performance with hard work. They might have profited from their ancestral land. No matter what they do, such people tend to have support from senior members of their families.

  • Light fate lines in hand

If your fate lines are not clearly visible, you have light fate lines. People with light fate lines tend to struggle a lot in all aspects of life, be it career growth or business or in jobs. They tend to get disappointed very easily and might face difficulties in their lives. Light fate lines are not a good sign since they have to deal with consistent failures and hopelessness.

  • Double fate line in hand

If your fate line has a parallel line along with it, then you have double fate lines, but yes, one should always not confuse it with an abundance of wealth, luck and prosperity. People with double fate lines are good in creativity. Having double fate lines is an auspicious sign; they tend to have more than one income source and are lucky in terms of career and business. People with double fate lines get someone to help them as soon as they get into trouble.

  • Y-shaped fate lines

If your fate line is split into two different directions in the end, one towards the middle finger second to the index finger, then you have Y-shaped fate lines and people with such fate lines are indecisive about their decisions and are generally confused with their choices. This Y-shaped fate line is also known as the luck line in palmistry.

  • Broken fate lines

There is no such rule that the fate line has to be straight, there are people who have broken fate lines, and people confuse broken fate lines with poor luck and fortune but it is a myth; there no such thing as this, the people with broken fate lines are usually self-motivated and serious about their goals and prospectus of life. They have good control over their chosen path, and if the fate line is long then it can be said that the individual is a hard worker.

If the broken lines overlap each other then there are chances of a planned change in career or lifestyle and if the broken lines have sections or empty spaces between them, then it might turn out that there is some unexpected change in your life.

  • Forked fate line

Talking about fork lines, there are three types of fork fate lines. The first one splits into 3 at the end of the fate line. People with these kinds of fork lines are blessed to be rich and famous, but most might have fragile family relations.

The second type of split starts from the base of the palm, the people with this kind of fate line have the excessive desire and fluctuated fortune.

The third type of fork fate line is like a branch extending to the Mount of Jupiter from the fate line and ending at the Mount of Saturn; people having such fate lines are confounded with massive business, and if not that, then they usually are in charge or supervisors at work. They hold power in their hands and have successful career options.

Along with palmistry reading fate lines, there are rare chances that some people are born with some rare palm lines; according to astrologers, only 3 per cent of people have these. Unlike fate lines, they don’t change from birth, which denotes that they can actually tell the individual's personality traits. Speaking of rare palm lines, they too, vary from one type to another. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dedication line

Position: the line starts from the mount of Mars and stops at the heart line; since it starts from the mount of Mars, it shows the Mars energy.
The dedication line simply resembles a potential change in career; people having such rare palm lines are deemed to be dedicated and can work under pressure. They have great determination towards their work and career

  • Camera’s eye line

Position: you can spot the line sitting between the area of Apollo and Mercury mounts over the heart line.
People with such rare palm lines have sharp eyes for details; they excel in the career of photography and other career options where sharp eyes are needed for details. It is also known as the luck line in the female hand.

  • Courage lines

Position: this line is very similar to the dedication line, and one can spot this line on the upper Mars and low ends of Apollo Mount. A disclaimer can be added to spot this line that one should confuse it with the enemy or challenge lines.
People having such rare palm lines tend to be creative and have a creative career line.

  • Floating heart line

Position: This line has no beginning or ending point, and it sits a little higher or lower than your heart line. You might notice them directly under the fingers. If that is the case with you, that means that the lines are in the girdle of Venus.
People with such rare palm lines are emotional, empathetic and sensitive.

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Lines in our hands denote both good and bad fate; people with a poor fate can revert their fates by making a few changes in their lives, whereas people with faded or light fate lines can also try these methods to enhance their fate line. Since the fate line is related to lord Shani and Shiva, the methods of retrieving fate and luck will be through them only.

  • Chanting mantras/stotras
  • As per palmistry, you can improve your poor fate by chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra 11 or 21 times for 45 days consecutively. You can recite Narayana stotram and Aditya hridaya once every day for better luck and chant the several mantras like:

    Om praam preem proum sah shanishcharaye namah|||
    Om shani shanishcharaye namah||
    Om namo bhagwate rudraay||
    Om tatpurushaya vidmahe||
    Mahadevaye dhimahi tanno rudrah prachodayat||
    Om namah shivaay||

  • Yoga
  • Practising yoga not only benefits your physical body but refuelds your inner soul and fate as well, by practising pranayama every morning or evening. As per palmistry, performing various mudras during pranayam can yield good results. Here are a few mudras you can perform while meditating/ pranayam

    1. Seal of Patience: the mudra can be performed by connecting the tip of your thumb to the tip of your middle finger while leaving the rest straight.
    2. Kuber Mantra: Perform this mudra by touching the tip of your thumb to the tips of your index and middle finger and the rest two fingers should be folded towards the palm of your hand.
    3. Prana Mudra: Touch the ring and little finger to the tip of the thumb and leave the index finger and middle finger straight open.
  • Yantra
  • As per astrology a yantra is a device which is a great cosmic conductor and reflects back concentration. It totally depends upon your concern that what Yantra you should install which will benefit you because not everyone can install Yantras as per their wish and on the basis of some Google knowledge, before installing any Yantra you should consult your palmist or astrologer. Since many palm readers have agreed to a decision that you can install a pyramid or rhinestone yantra at your workspace and home to improve your fate, you can also install a copper shani yantra at your workplace but again, please consult a certified astrologer before deciding for the yantras.

  • Donate
  • People with poor fates should donate their efforts and money to the poor people and orphan children since donation cleanses out the bad karma of the past and yields good future results. You can donate white clothes and food to the needy people.

  • Worship
  • People with poor fates should worship lord Hanuman or Lord Shiva, you can keep fast on their days, likely on Tuesday and Monday respectively. You can chant their mantras and perform the fasting rituals.

  • Feed the poor
  • To enhance your fate lines and clean the traces of bad karma you should consider feeding bananas to monkeys, flour to fish and wheat chapati to dogs whenever possible. You should also feed the poor and needy once in a while.


To be concluded, Palmistry is a branch of astrology which tells about the personality and predicts the future of the person just by reading the lines in the palm. Though there have been several debates that palmistry is nothing but superstition and pseudoscience, several year-long practice and beliefs tend to overcome this debate. Palmistry is not new but a 1000-year-old practice prevalent in many parts of South Asia. Owing to that a Fate line in palmistry is a straight line which stretches anywhere from the base of the palm to the index or middle finger. It has wide varieties and variations; according to the Hindu Vedic palmistry, there are 32 types of fate lines, and every line has a different meaning and related consequences. Alongside fate lines, there are rare palm lines which are earmarked by birth and remain till the person dies, and they tell the actual personality and traits of the person. Where fate lines change with time and age, the rare palm lines remain the same. Rare palm lines are known as rare because, as researched by astrologers there are only 3% of the world's population has these kinds of lines. Every line symbolises either fortune or misfortune the particular person is entitled. Some lines bring luck, whereas some are considered to bring losses, debts and setbacks but astrology has remedies for all the problems in one’s life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the palmists, the palm lines change with age. It has been researched by astrologers that palm lines change at least three times in a lifespan of an individual, but the rare palm lines are by birth they don’t change their position.
Palm reading fate line is not necessarily true or accurate. It depends on the palmist whether he is reading your lines correctly or not. But one can trust the fate written on palm lines, as most of the predictions are true.
We cannot conclude that the palmistry fate line is wholly based on real science As it is just a part of physiognomy which is a pseudo-science that helps in knowing a person’s traits with just the appearance of the person.
Absolutely not, doesn’t matter whether you have fate lines or not; many people don’t have fate lines in their palms that doesn’t mean they are meant to be demotivated or worried about that.
People with broken fate lines are usually self-motivated or many astrologers have predicted that there might be chances of a certain change in your career or life.
One might face losses in future, but then everything will resume for the better.
If you have strong and deep fate lines then there is luck and fortune in your career and money matters. You are blessed with the right people and make the right choices in the matter of people and career.
If you have weak fate lines, then there is a lot of struggle and disappointments waiting for you.
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