Types of Nails in Palmistry Explained

Are you curious about knowing about your personality? Like all the other astrological techniques, even your fingernails predict a lot about your personality and emotional conditions. The types of nails in astrology indicate numerous things about an individual. Moreover, we've been asked several questions about fingernails where we get questions like cutting, biting or trimming our nails changes our characteristics.

As per nail astrology, the answer would be No, because the original shape and colour indicate a lot about your personality, characteristics and traits. As we've been studying since our childhood, nails are used to safeguard our fingers, but as per astrology or palmistry, it is used to detect our characteristics and hidden secrets.

Well, if you have to consult an astrologer for a palm reading or nail astrology in palmistry, nails have a very vital role to play in order to make a thorough reading and research of an individual's hand. Moreover, you will be able to discover many other unexpected facts and truths about yourself that you might be unaware of.

Furthermore, you must not skip a single line to understand what your nails say about your characteristics and traits. You might be curious to know, so without any delay, let's start with knowing about the types of nails. Also, InstaAstro has astrologers who can look into your hands and fingernails to predict various characteristics, traits and features.

Types of Fingernails

Not all individuals have the same types or colours of their nails. So, all individuals differentiate according to the types and shapes of their nails.
However, to know about your characteristics and what does nail shape predict, you can read all the types of nails and what the nail shape chart reveals about your personality traits.

Vertical Long fingernails

People with long vertical nails have very pleasing and attractive personalities. Their minds are always filled with innovative ideas, and so their personality makes them more confident.These people are the ones who are very insecure about how they look and present themselves before anyone.
Moreover, these people are very loyal in relationships and always prefer behaviour rather than going for wealth and appearance.
These were some of the positive traits. One of the negative traits of these people is they trust people very easily and expect a lot from their partners, because of which they end up getting hurt. So, they must be very cautious when it comes to trusting and believing in someone.

Wide Fingernails

Natives who have very wide Fingernails are open-minded and don't choose to keep their feelings to themselves. They aren't afraid to speak out their heart and mind, which means they are very expressive about their thoughts and feelings. When it comes to relationships, these people can let their feelings flow like water in the river without hesitation.
Also, people with wide fingernails use their left brain more than their right brain. However, if these people have to communicate with people using their right brain, they will face issues in communicating with them because they will be speaking out of their brains and not out of their hearts.

Rounded or Oval Fingernails

The natives with Oval or round-shaped nails are very adaptable and are accustomed to adjusting to any situation. This is one of the best qualities these natives have, which can help them make great life decisions and adapt to any situation.
Moreover, they are someone whom you can trust blindly, which is why they are ones everyone looks up to.
However, due to these adaptable characteristics, you will come across greater opportunities in life. Therefore, it'll empower you to do better in life.
Also, you have to work really hard and put in all your efforts to make things work in your favour because luck will not always be your best friend.

Squarish Fingernails

People who have square nails usually appear to be a male who is very brave and straightforward. They have sharp and sober minds who aren't very flexible, because of which they aren't more expressive.However, these people are focused on their ambitions and goals in life.
As per the astrologers, they will have a smooth relationship, but due to their stiff nature, they aren't able to open up with their partners and are hesitant to pour out their feelings. Furthermore, they have the tendency to become a leader because they are brave enough to go lead a team.
Moreover, they want things to be perfect, and thus even the slightest mistake in the task makes them anxious and nervous, which leads them to be under pressure.
Also, the best remedy for this is you must focus and give your best without thinking much about the outcome and results.

Triangular Fingernails

Natives with Triangular Fingernails are very elegant and good-looking. However, they are always noticed by people, but on the other hand, they are also very smart and attentive. They have very intellectual minds because nothing can go unnoticed. Moreover, they are able to pick up the slightest mistake that others may ignore.
Furthermore, these people are susceptible and stubborn. If these people are considering getting into a relationship, they must be very cautious because of their sensitivity.
Also, they are very communicative, and no one can beat them in having logical conversations or debates. Also, you must be very aware when you start a conversation with them because they can be very defensive when it comes to something personal.

Almond Shaped

Last but not least, the natives with the Almond shaped nails are very reliable, faithful and sincere. You can trust these people without any doubt because they won't ever disappoint you in any situation.
Moreover, these people are always working under pressure and take a lot of stress with whatever task they do, which can hamper their health. This is one of the negative traits of these people. Additionally, they are knowledgeable and find a way to use their brains to keep them engaged. They have solutions to all the difficult tasks, and they always come up with a new and innovative nature, because of which they get a lot of attention from their colleagues or friend groups.

What does the colour of your nail predict?

According to Vedic astrology and the Hindu religion, every part of your body indicates something or the other. Likewise, the shape and colours of the nails have a vast influence on predicting the health and future of an individual.
However, the term Samudrika Shastra also, when translated to English, means the Knowledge of Body features. It helps in indicating what the future of an individual holds. Furthermore, the white or black lines on nails astrology predict the human characteristics, traits and habits of an individual and also reveal the illness or diseases of the human being.

  • White Curved Mark: This mark on the tip of the finger looks more like a half-moon. The person who has such marks on their fingers tends to hear good news from their friends and families. Moreover, it also brings luck and good fortune, which can have an optimistic impact on their life.
  • Several white marks on their nails: People with tiny but several white dots in their nails indicate that there will be a delay in their marriage. However, if the person is already married, they will have several reasons for conflicts and arguments in their married life. Also, these people are the ones who tend to catch the habit of lying, which is one of the negative traits of such people.
  • Black patches or lines: A person may encounter unwanted circumstances in life that could make a great mess of their life if there are any black lines or marks on their nails. Also, they need to be very mindful of spending because they can easily escape your grasp.
    Also, they frequently receive unpleasant insults, which can ruin their social circle and become a hot social topic. They must also exercise extreme caution when it comes to anger because it can spark the strongest arguments and conflicts, which can severely impact your reputation.
  • White mark on the thumb: These people have the tendency to receive some materialistic surprises or gifts that can be very luxurious, and it will be a present that they have wanted for a long time. Also, they will come across some pleasant news that can have a huge change in their life. Moreover, they will be able to fulfil all their long-term desires.
  • A white dot on the small finger: People with white patches on their little fingers will have several opportunities to travel and take frequent trips. Moreover, they will also feel refreshed and stressed free due to vacations, and also they prefer to take solo trips most of the time. Also, they can make profits and expenses while travelling, which can bring happiness and joy.
  • A white dot on the ring finger: These people are more inclined toward hard work and goal-oriented behaviour. They are able to take on critical jobs and responsibilities in life since luck and good fortune are always on their side. Also, they possess the ability to do every activity on their own and maintain the desire to stand on their own.
  • A white dot on the middle finger: People with white dots or patches on their middle fingers are surrounded by enemies who tend to block the path to success. Also, they try to spoil their reputation among their group of friends.
  • A white dot on the index finger: People with such marks on their index fingers tend to find new loyal, and trustworthy friends. Moreover, they will have a pleasant feeling for someone, which later can turn into a relationship.

What nail color says about your health?

Do you know that shape, size, and colour has a lot to do with your health conditions? Sometimes we assume that maybe you can go and get your nails fixed in the salon, and the problems can be solved. But it's more than that.
Obviously, that can be a temporary solution but not a permanent one. So let's see what the colours of your nails speak about your health conditions.

Red Nails: Usually, the normal colour of the nails is pinkish, but if you ever happen to notice the dark red colour of your nails, then it has a serious indication of high blood pressure and maybe some heart diseases.
Moreover, if you are facing such issues, then it could be because of the weak Rahu planet in your birth chart, so you must not ignore it and take serious consultation.

Yellow colour: People with yellow nails tend to have skin diseases and a high risk of diabetes. Also, if you smoke, you will notice that your nails seem to look yellow.
From the astrology perspective, the planets Mercury and Venus are more prone to skin diseases, so it could also be because of the weak influence of these planets.

Black colour: If you have a dark brown cuticle or black spots in your nails and your cuticles are always dry and rough, you have a high risk of bacterial infection and kidney problems. Moreover, black nails are believed to be auspicious in astrology. If the 7th house is weak in your birth chart, you have the tendency to suffer from such diseases.
Black or dark lines beneath the nails: This could be because of skin diseases which might later lead to skin cancer. Also, if you are going through some kidney infections or diseases, these could be the symptoms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Each finger in palmistry represents different personality traits of an individual. It highlights a person’s attributes, career choices, interests, strengths and weaknesses.
Sun is associated with the Ring finger. It brings knowledge of self-awareness and strong wordplay to the individuals. It is also believed to offer good health and governs the nervous system of humans.
Although there may be underlying medical conditions for not having straight fingers, from a palmistry point of view, it can mean difficulty in relationships or the workplace. For example, crooked fingers indicate tough situations in marriage.
Curved fingers in palmistry can hold symbolic meanings, depending on the curved finger and the degree of curvature. For example, a curved index finger may suggest a tendency towards being controlling or having strong leadership qualities, while a curved ring finger may indicate a need for emotional balance in relationships.
In palmistry, the lines on fingers provide insights into one's personality traits, life path, and potential challenges. The lines include the Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, Fate Line, Sun Line, and Mercury Line, and their interpretations can vary depending on the individual. It can be viewed as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.
Horizontal lines on fingers in palmistry are associated with a person's mental and emotional state. They may indicate phases of stress, anxiety, or trauma in one's life. However, the interpretation of horizontal lines on fingers is varied for different individuals.
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