Headline in Palmistry: Know Individual’s Personality

Have you ever wondered that the lines in your hand might also hold your fate? All hands are not the same; as each individual is different, their hands also tend to differ. This is what provides variations in their lives. Thus, Heading in palmistry helps you understand an individual's personality and its effects on the future.

When we discuss the headline in detail, we must remember that it signifies an individual's cognitive capabilities (intelligence) and is associated with some of their characteristics. Moreover, in some cases, it also provides an individual with insights about their marriage. If you want to know what your headline predicts for you, then all you need to do is read the entire article and feed your curiosity.

Meaning of Head Line In Palmistry

The Headline is a line in Palmistry that starts between the thumb and the index finger. It is located right above the heart line and is known to be somewhere between the lifelines. The headline is known to be spread across an individual's palm. The headline is known to represent specific important characteristics in an individual's life like wisdom and intellect capabilities. To locate your headline on your hand, all you need to do is check your dominant hand.

Moreover, the headline is also known to signify the creativity, memory and smartness of an individual. One of the most important things for people is control over themselves. It is said that when individuals hold control over themselves, they can possess control over anything. Your headline also signifies the amount of self-control you possess. It determines if you have control over yourself or not.

Types Of Headline In Palmistry

Each type of these lines signifies a different thing. One must remember while getting a palm reading or analysis done that the lines on our hand are not constant. These lines are prone to change and are known to do so over periods of time. These are as follows:

Long Head Line

  • It is common to have a long headline. Having a long headline or mind line in palm does not have any negative effects on an individual's life. Moreover, a long headline states that an individual will come around to have a clear mind. Additionally, it signifies that an individual with a long headline is very kind in nature.
  • They are also known to be good thinkers. This means that an individual will make any and every decision in their life after a proper analysis. They will consider every positive and negative aspect and then take action.

Short Head Line

  • Having a short headline might prove to be unlucky in an individual's life. A short headline signifies that an individual will be very hasty in their life. They will make decisions very quickly without caring about the consequences. Moreover, a short headline also represents that an individual will also be careless and lazy in nature.
  • Individuals with short headlines tend to be very impatient and impulsive. These two qualities harm them because they impair their decision-making skills. This line is also known as the wisdom line.

Medium Head Line

  • A medium headline is the most common form of headline. It signifies an average individual. Moreover, the medium headline signifies that an individual will be smart and brilliant in terms of cognitive capabilities like sharp memory.
  • Individuals with a medium headline can also be somewhat creative. They will have a side hobby that will surprise most people. They can do things smartly and are great helpers.

Curved Head Line

  • A curved headline is said to reflect an individual's emotional aspects. Curved headlines are said to be very gentle in nature. These individuals will not be able to see others in pain. Moreover, if it comes to harming themselves for other people's happiness, individuals with a curved head or mind line in hand will not stop from doing so.
  • A curved line also signifies that an individual is very tolerant and realistic. In addition, individuals with curved headlines tend to possess great communication abilities.

Straight Head Line

  • A straight mind line on palm signify the cognitive (mental) abilities of an individual. Moreover, they also represents the analytical abilities of an individual, which are termed to be very good. Additionally, having a Straight headline signifies that an individual is very practical in nature. These people always work on logical approaches and do not let their emotions overpower them.
  • An individual with a straight headline is also very dedicated. They will put their heart and soul into anything and everything that they have dedicated themselves to doing. They will also do anything and everything in their power to get the things that they want and desire.

Double Head Line

  • A double headline palmistry signifies that an individual has a conflicting mind. They will always have two viewpoints for any and every situation. Moreover, these individuals will also incur some problems in their marriage. These may include arguments with their partner or a not-so-compatible partner.
  • Having two headline palmistry also signifies that the individual will have a booming business. This means they will succeed in their business. Moreover, individuals with two head line palmistry or double head line palmistry also come around to have strong and dominating personalities.

Downwards Head Line

  • A downward-facing headline makes an individual highly artistic in nature. The natives having a downward-sloping headline will be very creative in nature. They will possess a deep love for art and related subjects. Additionally, a downward-sloping headline also tends to signify a highly imaginative individual. Also, the individual will be very artistic in nature. Moreover, these people might want to pursue art as their career.
  • Individuals with a downward-sloping headline also come around to be very emotional in nature. These people are highly sensitive, which sometimes comes around to be problematic for them.

Forming Branches Head Line

  • When your Head line splits into two at the end, it is said that the headline is forming branches. There are two types of branches. There is an upward branch and a downward branch. Individuals with upward branches are very adaptable in nature. Individuals having head line or mind line on palm split into two are also very talented.
  • An upward branch in your headline makes an individual attract a lot of fame, wealth and also power in their life. These individuals will always be in a position of authority over others.
  • Moreover, having a downward branch makes an individual an excellent problem solver. To some people, it might seem as if they have the solution for any and every problem.
  • Individuals with a downward branch tend to be very analytical. They will make any and every decision in their lives after thoroughly analysing all the pros and cons. Moreover, a downward branch also signifies that an individual has great thinking and imaginative capabilities.

Broken Head Line

  • A broken brain line in hand represents problems in an individual's life. Having a broken headline makes an individual prone to a lot of illnesses in their life. Moreover, individuals with broken headlines also represent individuals who have problems in aspects of their careers. It will be difficult for these people to find a job, or they will incur losses in their business.
  • A broken headline also represents problems in the marriage of an individual. Thus, in total, we can say that individuals with broken head line palmistry tend to suffer a lot in their life.

Crossing Heart Line

  • If your headline is crossing your heart line, then you may be a very creative individual. People having their headline crossing their heart line have a lot of common sense. Moreover, they also possess qualities like being an art lover. They have a fine eye for anything and everything that has a sense of art and creativity in it.
  • Individuals with their headline crossing their heart line might also face some ups and downs in their lives. They will experience some downfalls, but there is also hope for good and fruitful times in their life. Moreover, these individuals will also be very rich and have a lot of wealth. They will also come around to be very sympathetic and down-to-earth in nature.

Close to The Heartline

  • When your head line and life line not joined and they occur to be very close, it is said that it represents confidence in an individual. Individuals having a gap between life line and head line come around to be successful people. It is on the mount of Jupiter or Saturn.
  • They are surrounded by good company, be it their friends or family members. Also, such individuals who have a gap between life line and Head line or whose head line and life line not joined are known to be very analytical and logical in their approach towards their life.

Remedies For Head Line And Its Effects

As we have mentioned above, certain types of head lines might create certain problems and issues in their life. However, just like anyone else, nobody wants to incur such negative effects. Thus, below are some astrological remedies that will help you tone down these negative effects in your life. These remedies are as follows:

For Laziness and Lack Of Interest

Mentioned below are some remedies that will help an individual be more active and also help them increase concentration. These remedies are as follows:

  1. Plant Banana tree on Ekadashi
  2. Donate clothes to the poor and needy.
  3. Consume kesar for 21 days together. This should be done in the morning and should be the first thing an individual does after waking up.
  4. Read and organise Sunderkand poojas and paths.
  5. Donate wheat on Ekadashi.
  6. Worship Maa Santoshi
  7. Donate Khichdi in temples and nearby areas, especially on Saturdays.
  8. Keeping a copper coin under your pillow also helps.

For Marriage-related Issues And Problems

Mentioned below are some remedies that will help individuals who are facing issues with delayed marriage or are having problems in their marriage. These remedies are as follows:

  1. Increase the use of haldi and turmeric in your food and life. Moreover, it is also advised that you put on haldi tilaks on your forehead.
  2. Use a lot of natural fragrances.
  3. Worship the Navgraha and chant their mantras regularly.
  4. Offer beautification items (Shringar) to Mata Parvati.
  5. Donate items or provide help at a girl's wedding.
  6. Keep a lock under your pillow.
  7. Feed cows jaggery on Thursdays.
  8. Worship Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva, as they are the image of love in Hinduism.

For Confidence and Self-satisfaction

Mentioned below are some remedies that will be beneficial for individuals facing issues with their confidence. These remedies are as follows:

  1. Wear Moonga Stone
  2. It is also advised to wear Manek stone in Gold
  3. Wear 1 or 11 mukhi rudraksha
  4. Wear a copper necklace or coin on your neck as a necklace
  5. Feed cows, crows and dogs on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  6. Practise Yoga and meditation to keep your mind calm
  7. Chant Gayatri Mantra regularly 108 times
  8. Place honey in a pot and bury it under a tree in a lonely place

This was the significance and effect of the headline in your hand, according to the rules and principles of headline palmistry. Also, do not forget that different headlines tend to have different effects on an individual's life. Moreover, there are also some beneficial remedies mentioned for you. By using these remedies, you will surely notice positive changes and effects in your life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A short headline signifies an individual with a careless attitude. Moreover, a short headline also represents lazy and indecisive people. Along this, the native is also known to be a little hasty.
A straight headline signifies the cognitive abilities of an individual; it represents good analytical thinking, practical and logical reasoning, and a dedicated attitude.
Having a triangle on head line means that you will have a very fruitful career. Moreover, it also represents individuals with good cognitive abilities.
A forked head line palmistry represents a strong and independent individual. It represents individuals with good thinking capacities and also analytical and logical reasoning.
Yes, in the headline, meaning palmistry, is known to be the most important line after the heart line. Moreover, it tends to represent the wisdom, intellect and thinking skills of an individual.
The joining of these two lines represents a decisive and flexible individual. Moreover, the native also comes around to be thoughtful and careful in nature.
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