Simian Line Meaning

Simian line meaning in palmistry, is a unique straight line on the palm, adjoining the head and the heart line of an individual. This is one of the unique palm lines and is found quite rarely in an individual’s palm. The Simian line joins the heart and headline, which both signify emotions and intelligence or wisdom. Continue reading to learn more about the Simian line in an individual’s hand.

Types of Simian Lines

Let us decode the meaning of the different Simian lines at hand. These are as follows:

Heart-dominated Simian Line

The heart-dominated Simian line simply means that the heart line overpowers the headline; such people have more emotional quotient than intelligent quotient. They are emotional and sensitive with their thoughts, as their emotion line overlines the thought line. They make decisions based on their emotions and are prone to developing unhealthy attachments to others.

They cannot refuse people because they are helpful. Because they are so sensitive, cunning individuals frequently exploit their good manners and prey on their vulnerability. People with this personality type have good hearts and don't judge others harshly. When given a task, they complete it with all of their hearts.

Head-dominated Simian Line

The head-dominated Simian line means that there is a sole headline without a heart line; such people are practical, and their thought process overthrows the emotional intellect of the person. They have a high level of intelligence and consider all potential outcomes before acting. Some people often refer to them as the Simian line genius. People with a head-dominated simian line are more resistant to being taken advantage of by cunning people.

They approach life and make decisions with pragmatism. Such people never perform any task without first considering the results. Because they are focused on their careers, they don't let others take advantage of them. They create their own opportunities and refuse to let anyone else claim credit for doing so.

Simian Line on Both Hands

Having Simian lines is rare, but it is the rarest if you have Simian lines on both hands. People with simian lines on both hands are rebellious. They show a certain outburst of emotions at times and are more on the creative side.

They possess exceptional concentration and dedication to the work they are assigned to. They are more likely to challenge societal norms and are usually not in favour of ancient norms or natural laws. Astrologers have predicted that simian lines on both hands are the rarest case.

People with such rare lines are intense and ambitious and have great potential if they are in the right direction, but on the other hand, if going in the wrong direction, they tend to be self-destructive. There are two types of simian lines: heart-dominated simian lines and head-dominated simian lines; both show different characteristics.

Simian Line Crease

Simian crease meaning in palmistry, is a single crease line with no breakage in between. The line runs across the palm of the hand, also known as the single palmer crease. It is mostly seen in men rather than women and is mostly related to disorders like Cohen syndrome, trisomy, alcohol syndrome, down syndrome, etc.

The simian crease, also known as the transverse crease, is developed in the twelfth week of gestation in the mother's womb. Only one in every 30 people gets it.

Simian Line: Characteristics

When talking about the simian line personality, people with simian hands are intelligent and responsible by nature. They are honest in their decisions and possess growing careers. People with simian lines are usually successful and have great potential if they move in the right direction.

They are faithful lovers and loyal towards their partners. They tend to be stable in their career prospects and in their love lives as well. But the non-believers of the simian hand turn out to be suspicious and disloyal. They have a very successful professional life as they are dedicated towards their work.

Simian line palmistry also tells us that the people having simian hands give clear-cut judgements and do not believe in vague arguments. Examples of famous people from the Simians are Hillary Clinton, Salmond Saud, and Tony Blare. Apart from this, there are several Simian line famous people.

Simian Line Woman

Simian line women are competent, career-oriented and independent. Women having simian hands challenge the patriarchal norms of society and are women-centric; they rebel when it comes to all-men supremacy, challenge the men's position and are more likely to be competent to men. Simian line women are super ambitious and are the breadwinners, but they do not have good fortune when it comes to having a good life partner.

Because of their ideological thought process and simian-line personality traits, they are most likely to have bad husbands. They might encounter a divorce, which indicates an unhappy married life. Simian-line women are prone to bad luck and struggle, which leads to disappointments. They are usually outspoken and masters of arguing.

Simian Line Man

Simian line men are powerful and ambitious. They are cordially affectionate to their partners. They win the heart of the woman. They are in love with true passion and are stubborn. On the other hand, they are usually go-getters. Simian line men are blessed with intelligence and wealth. There might be signs of struggles at the start, but they are passionate about what they want, and they eventually earn better.

Simian line men are wise and have a problem-solving attitude; they turn out to be really good partners. Simian line men are hard-core lovers and dedicate themselves wholly to their partners. Simian lines are a good sign to men, unlike women.

Simian Line Shortcomings

People with simian lines are short-tempered and easily get triggered. They are usually outspoken and upright. They are phenomenal at arguing and will debate on a certain topic till they achieve their motive. This personality trait of the individuals can make them captive of lawsuits or maybe imprisonment.

Having simian lines in both hands differs in meaning. If the simian line is on the right hand, then the person is a great ruler, and if it is on the left, it signifies wealth. They are easy believers and blindly trust people, which can get them in trouble. They are very emotional and easily connect to people, and others use their emotional quotient to make their own profits.

Marriage to Simian hand people

People with Simian hands tend to be extreme when it comes to marriage. Individuals with simian hands are either passionate lovers or unenlightened and entirely aloof. There is no way in between. Having simian lines is all about the extremities.

If taken in a good way, then the person will be loyal and always be emotionally available. But vice versa, there will be fights and arguments, and there will always be a suspicious eye on the partner. You will not agree with the same opinion. A person with simian hands might cheat on their partner without any guilt.

Simian Line: Remedies

People with simian lines tend to have short-tempered and aggressive behaviour, women might have poor marital lives, and people can suffer from various health problems and career setbacks, but astrology and palmistry have various solutions that can greatly cure these problems.


People with simian lines tend to suffer from Down syndrome and alcohol syndrome, hypertension and high cholesterol. To overcome all these issues, they should worship lord Vishnu and please him via the Dhanvantri mantra by chanting these mantras 11,21 or 51 times a day.

||Om namo bhagwate vasudevaye dhanvantaraye amrita kalasha hastaaya amaya vinashaya trailokaya nathua dhanvantari maha vishnave namaha||
||Om tat purushaaye vidmahae Amritha kalasa hastaaya dheemahi||


People with simian lines have good career prospects, but those who lack in the career field or have to deal with setbacks in their professional life can worship Lord Ganesha and donate clothes and sweets in their name. You should also chant the Ganesha mantra 108 times a day for better and faster results. Ganesh mantra can be pronounced as:

||Om gan ganpatey namah||

Another Ganesh mantra that removes all the obstacles in one's career and one's life and invokes Ganesha in the path of success can be chanted by people with simian lines:

||Om vakratunda maha-kaaya surya-koti samaprabha
Nir vighnam kuru me deva sarva karyeshu sarvada
Gajanam bhuta ganadhi sevitam kapittha jambu
Phalucharura bhakshinam uma sutam shoka vinasha
Karakam namami vighnesvara pada pankhajam||

Marital life

Women with simian lines tend to have problems in marriages and are unlucky when it comes to a happy marital life. Still, they can worship lord shiva for a better soulmate and chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 11 times for 21 straight days. This will help the women get better husbands, and the women who are married and are dealing with obstacles in their marital life can worship Goddess Gauri and start chanting the mantra from Diwali or lunar or solar eclipse.

||Om mahayakshini pati mem vashyam kuru kuru swaha||

Women who are facing obstacles in their marital lives and need the love invoked in marriage should worship Goddess Parvati and chant the mantra for 45 days in a row, 11 or 21 times a day in the morning.

||Om hreem yoginim yogini yogeswari yoga bhayankari sakala sthavara
Jangamasya mukhahridayam mama vasam akarsha akarshaya namaha||

Emotions/ Anger issues

Simian line people are usually short-tempered and deal with anger issues that might affect their personal and professional lives. They should avoid argumentative discussions, worship lord Shiva or Vishnu, and chant their respective mantras 11 times a day in the morning.

Shiv mantra:||vihit vihit va sarv metat shramshav jay jay karunabadhaye shri mahadevaye shambho||

Vishnu mantra: ||shaanta karam bhujagashayanam padmanambham surusham vishwasharam gaganastrasham megha varnam, shubhangam lakshsmikaatan kamala nayanam yogi bhridhayagayam vande vishnum bhavabhagayalaksharanam sarvalokaikanaatham||

People with simian lines are prone to get attached very easily and then hurt themselves with over-friendliness and attachment; such people should think at least twice before believing in anyone. They should be with rational persons who can take decisions on their behalf.

Simial Line: Significance In Palmistry

Simian lines are very rare and unique, as a certain percentage of people have them. Simian line people are lucky and fortunate, but at the same time, they are extremely emotional and believe people easily, which might turn out a curse for them, so these kinds of people should be a little alert and be with such people who can make them realise which person is good for them.

Though they possess high potential but also lack temperament, such types of people should control their temperament, and they can also try mind-relaxing therapies as well. People with simian lines are straightforward and do not believe in vague arguments; they'll argue on facts till death until their goal is achieved.

Remember the fact that having certain lines on your palm doesn't mean you'll entirely depend upon the simian lines for fortune and luxury to come to your feet; you have to work hard and achieve what you actually want. These lines won't give you all the luxuries of life; remember, dreams don't come true unless you work for them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's not; the simian line people possess great potential and intelligence, and it is lucky to have a simian line if the individual chooses the right direction. The people with simian lines are emotionally powerful and have significant mental strength.
Yes, it shows different traits in men and women; simian line, women are competent and highly independent, they challenge the authority of men and are super ambitious, whereas men possess power and wealth they accumulate affection and passion.
The Simian line is a unique straight line on palm which crosses the heart and headline without any breakage in between. It is very rare, as only 2 or 5 per cent of people have it on their palms. 1 out of 30 people is said to have it.
You can spot the simian line on right hand of your palm; it usually originates from there and crosses the heart and headline without breakage.
People with two simian lines are deemed to have highly pretentious and spiritual leaders. They feel the world much more intensely; they are masters of both emotion and wisdom. They are fast learners and have an intense amount of concentration.
Simian line women are ambitious but rebellious. On the other hand, they refuse to accept the authority of men and tend to challenge it.
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