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Lord Khatushyamji is a Hindu god worshipped in western parts of India. He was named Barbarika in childhood. Barbarika has been a very fearless warrior since his childhood. His mother and other relatives used to call him Barbarika before the name Shyam was given to him by Lord Krishna. Khatushyamji is believed to be the epitome of the son of Ghatotkacha, Barbarika. In Rajasthan, Khatu Shyam is referred to as Khatushyamji, whereas in Gujarat, he is referred to as Baliyadev. It is believed that he sacrificed before the Mahabharata battle to declare the victory of his grandfathers, the Pandavas. The Phalguna Mela is one of the most important festivals honouring Khatu Shyam and the Shyam Temple Bhatli.

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Significance Of Khatu Shyam Wallpaper

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Birth of Khatushyamji

Ghatakocha [the son of Bhima] was the father of Lord Khatushyamji. He was born on the eleventh day of the bright half of the Kartika month. Surprisingly, as soon as he came into this world, he grew in size, and in a split second, he transformed into a young man. He was born with hair that represented that of the Barbara [Indian tribe]. Ghatakocha began to refer to him as Barbarika. He was told to practise meditation when he went to see Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna sent him to Gupta Kshetra to reconcile with the nine Durgas avatars and the four-quarter Devis. Later, his father advised him to go to Lord Krishna after his birth in order to seek the Lord's guidance and help. Before you move down to read about the ritual, get free khatu wale shyam wallpaper and shri khatu shyam wallpaper photo to share with your parents and relatives.

How is the ritual of Lord Khatushyamji performed?

The ritual, or puja, of Lord Khatushyamji is performed with the consent of three Hindu pandits.

Abhishek and Navagraha poojas are performed, as well as Swasti Vachan, Kshetraphal puja, Sankalp, Ganesh puja, and 65 Yogini pujas.It takes one whole day to perform the ritual of Khatushyamji.

It has been believed for decades that the devotees of Khatu Shyam must recite every mantra 108 times. Further, you must also recite the Khatu Shyam Stotra, chanting Kavach and Chalisa. Khatu Shyam’s mantra is repeated 11,000 times and many more. The sacred ritual of Yagna is performed with the chanting of Aarti and the offering of pushpanjali (folded hands full of flowers) to Lord Khatushyamji.

What is the purpose of performing the ritual of Khatushyamji?

It is believed that Khatushyam helps fulfil all your aspirations and desires. The puja is performed to show gratitude and faithfulness toward him. It is strongly believed that the worshipper or all his devotees will never face financial losses or financial instability in their business after performing all the holy rituals of Khatu Shyam Puja. It is performed with all the proper rituals to accomplish success and financial growth and bring peace and joy to the house. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of having Khatu Shyam ji wallpaper is that it lets the native attain the blessings of Lord KhatuShyam and also tends to bless the individual with wealth and prosperity.
The idol of Khatushyam ji is said to be one of the most auspicious pictures to put up as phone wallpaper for an individual.
The most famous Khatu Shyam ji mandir is located in Rajasthan. The mandir is situated in Khatoo village.
Yes, KhatuShyam ji is known ot fulfil the wishes of devotees.
Lord Khatu Shyama is considered to be synonymous with Lord Vishnu’s Krishna avatar.
The favourite food of Lorf KhatuShyam is considered to be raw Cow milk.
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