Putlur Angala Parameswari Temple - The Temple Of Putlur Amman

Angala Parameswari Temple is a well-known sacred place in Thiruvallur that is fully committed to Ma Parameswari Amman, which is also recognised as Angala Parameswari, a manifestation of Ma Shakti Devi. This temple is almost 45 km away from Chennai. Putlur temple in Chennai is the only place in India where a temple's presiding idol may be found in the natural anthill structure.

The Putlur Amman, or Anthill, is a goddess with divine features and an appealing aura. Her expressions are one of compassion, love, and care. However, her pregnant belly stands for her severe labour pains. This feature is one of the most appealing and attractive features of the Goddess. The existing deity in the temple is believed to be made of sand and to have the appearance of a pregnant lady lying on her back. You will undoubtedly experience goosebumps entering this small, warmly coloured temple.

The history behind the temple

According to legend, there are many putlur amman temple history stories revolving around the construction of the temple, but we have put down the two most prominent stories.

Once, when this place was not known as Putlur, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati decided to travel by foot from Melmalayanur to Ramapuram disguised as aged men and women, which is where the temple is positioned. However, with time this temple came to be known as Putlur since the Goddess appeared there in the shape of an anthill or Putru. Also, back then, this area was a dense forest covered with thick neem trees. After walking through the woodland covering a wide area, they started feeling hungry and exhausted. They had almost reached Ramapuram (Putlur), and Parvati asked Shiva to bring some water for her. Lord Shiva then left Parvathi at Poongavanam and went to seek water from the Holy River Cooum.

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On reaching there, it started raining heavily, and therefore the river increasingly flooded. Lord Shiva had no other option than just to wait for the rain to stop for a while.Meanwhile, Goddess Parvati got restless, waiting for Lord Shiva to come back.Hence, she got drained from both thirst and hunger and collapsed to the ground. As she fell down on the ground, the anthill quickly rose over her and merged with it, becoming one big anthill.Shortly after, Lord Shiva discovered that Parvathi had moved in permanently. So he stood beside her and started performing Tandav. Since then, he has come to be known as Tandavarayan.

Due to Shiva's presence behind the Goddess, it is likely the only Amman temple where a Nandi can be found before the main temple.So this was one story or a miracle behind the positioning of the temple in this place.Probably we've got another interesting yet heartbreaking tale besides the construction of this holy monument.

A wealthy guy once punished a poor villager who borrowed a lot of money due to some circumstances and couldn't pay him back on time.The money lender punished the farmer. As a punishment, he ordered the farmer to plough a rocky region continuously overnight.The farmer knew it was impossible to do it, so he started praying to Maa Putlur.While ploughing the field, he discovered blood dripping from an anthill.Later the villagers came to know about the miracle. Therefore, they started to worship the Putru because they thought the Goddess was there, which is how the village got its name as Putlur Angala Parameswari.

Rituals performed in the temple

Putlur Amman temple is regarded as a famous Tamilnadu temple for the supernatural healer of all the fearful disorders of her worshippers.The majority of people visiting the temple are women, as this temple is famous for pregnant ladies.

Also, it's suggested that those who experience black magic and disharmony issues go and worship the holy Putlur Amman in order to address their ailments. During the festival days, some devotees would spend a few days and nights in this temple.In addition, thousands of female worshippers come to the temple daily to offer prayers for childbirth and various other desires.

Visitors are requested to bring five lemons before they enter the temple. A lemon is then circulated three times around the head. These rituals are done to eliminate the barriers in life and remove the 'drishti' evil eye or nazar.

Furthermore, the lemon is thrown to the ground and squashed under the left foot. Next, the three lemons must be stabbed on a Trishul or sword inside the temple in front of the Goddess, who Nandi surrounds.

After the rituals to be done inside the temple are completed, you need to go out and light the Neideepam (diya) at the anthill. There are containers kept near the anthill for the women, which must be filled with kumkum and haldi.After that, the priest offers a garland made of lemons which must be placed at the entrance door of your home. Then, the woman gives bangles to the priest, keeps them near the deity, and takes it back in the form of Prasad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Putlur Amman temple timings for visitors start from 6 am in the morning to 1 pm, and after that, the temple again opens from 2 pm to 7:30 pm. It is open seven days a week, but it's crowded on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays and full moon days.
This particular Temple is in the Ramapuram Thiruvallur District.
Putlur temple was believed to be most sacred for pregnant ladies, as many female devotees who want to have children visit the shrine. In addition, many pregnant ladies celebrate their baby shower in the temple to have a safe delivery.
There are several rituals followed in the temple, such as people tying cradles to pray for childbirth and also tying lemons in the abdomen to ask for offspring. However, the Thulabaram offering is one of the popular vows taken by devotees.
The temple hosts celebrations for Shivarathri and the Masi Magham, where the devotees offer prayers to their ancestors by taking a holy bath in the river. Also, people celebrate the New moon days with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The majority of the people visiting the temple are women. As soon as one enters the temple, one can sense pleasure and peace. However, the smell of kumkum and turmeric surrounds the shrine making it sacred. Moreover, women worship a child laying a lime fruit at the Goddess' feet along with their sari pallu. Hence, it's believed that if the fruit slides and settles on the pallu, their wish will come true, and it's a sign of good luck.
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