Mopidevi Temple - The Temple Of Lord Subrahmanya

Placed in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, Mopidevi is a village famous for its Mopidevi Temple. This particular architectural structure is also known by the name of Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam. The main deity of this historic temple is Swayambhu or Lord Subrahmanya, often known as 'The Lord of Snakes,' who appears to be an oval-shaped stone (Shiva lingam). However, the lingam is an entity that emerges by itself (Swayambhu). Thousand of people visit this holy shrine every day, as it is widely renowned for its Rahu Ketu and Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pujas.

If you are unaware of the Rahu Ketu puja and Sarpa Dosha puja, let us tell you about them. According to popular belief, people facing Kaal Sarp Dosh may experience various hurdles and difficulties in their lives, such as frequent postponement in marriage, career challenges and relationship difficulties. You will face such problems in life when Rahu and Ketu are on one side of the zodiac chart, and the other planets are in the middle of them, and that’s how the Kaalsarp dosh is established. So if you want to get rid of such issues and live a happy life, then performing a Rahu Ketu puja is recommended. InstaAstro has the facility of performing online puja. So you can get in touch with our team and book your online puja session which will help to solve your problems.

The history behind the temple

Every famous and powerful temple is built with some significance and deep history behind it. Similarly, even Mopidevi Temple has a fascinating history behind its construction. You’ll be amazed to read about the origin of the temple.

According to the legendary Sthala Puranas, the Veeravarapu Parvathalu was a pot maker who used to art and craft beautiful pots.He was also a great devotee of Subramanyeswar Swamy and had dedicated himself to the Lord.

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Once when Veeravarapu Parvathalu (pot maker) was in a deep sleep, he saw a dream that surprised him and all the villagers as well.

As mentioned by him, the Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy came to him when he was dreaming and instructed him that in a particular anthill in the village, there was a Lingam. So as soon as he woke up the next day, he told about his dreams to the local village people.

Later, he gathered some of the local people and climbed up the anthill, where everyone began digging the topsoil.

However, they were shocked and surprised to discover a Swayambhu Lingam. Since Subramanyeswar Swamy holds the statue of Nandi, Garuda, and the Cock, the pot maker decided to create an additional clay version of these deities out of utmost devotion and respect.

He further heated the clay idols in the Bhatti (furnace) so that it gets hard and the exact shape gets maintained. Then, finally, the icons were made to keep them in the temple to worship along with the Lingam.

So this was one of the most interesting mopidevi temple history stories with a prominent significance hidden behind it. There are a lot of other stories about this temple in the scriptures, but this is one of the most famous stories and the mopidevi temple miracle behind the construction of this house of worship.

Significance of visiting Mopidevi Temple

The Mopidevi temple greatly impacts your marriage life. We all yearn for a small family after marriage. But unfortunately, some people aren’t blessed with a baby after years of marriage. You might also be facing a hard time after marriage when things are not working in favour of your and your partner. Sometimes it could be because of the Rahu Ketu Dosh or maybe Kaal Sarp Dosh. So it’s recommended to get rid of such dosh because it can tremendously ruin your life.

Several worshippers from Andhra Pradesh and other South Indian states travel to the Mopidevi temple. There is a strong concept about the temple that if a couple spends one night in the temple, they will be blessed with an offspring. Also, people say that when childless couples visit this temple, they will get blessed with children by Lord Subrahmanya Swamy. This has been believed for ages, and many people have also experienced the benefit of visiting the temple.

However, if you want to be blessed with a baby and want to get a good life partner, there are a few rules you need to abide by. A person looking for a spouse donates sweet, and jaggery grains pongal at Mopidevi Temple, and worshippers longing for a baby hang a cradle to the holy tree on the temple’s site.

There are many other activities and pujas that devotees can perform according to their problems and issues in life when they visit the Mopidevi temple to receive Subramanyeswara Swamy's blessing and avail the benefits of performing the puja. Every activity and puja is performed after taking tickets from a particular counter.

  • Rahu Ketu Puja: A Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja or ritual can help alleviate issues such as the fear of death, legal problems such as court cases, losses, and health issues such as arthritis.
    Additionally, it also bestows success, happiness, and great health. The blessings of planet Rahu reward you with favourable achievements, reputation and popularity in your life.
  • Subramanyeshwaraswamy Mala: Devotees who perform this puja can get the benefit of cleansing the countless sins from earlier incarnations, and they will be blessed with an abundance of prosperity and luck.
  • Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja: This puja aids you in driving away existing evil spirits and fears. However, once the Kalsharp shanti puja is performed, all the Dosh will be removed from a person's life and promotes Rahu and Ketu's blessing.
  • Hair Donation: Donating hair to the temples is one of the sacred rituals followed in many temples. It’s believed to improve a person's appearance and change their life in the best way possible.
    Furthermore, hair shaving is a symbol of giving up arrogance and pride. Therefore, letting go of both the negative traits involves cutting hair and donating it to the temples.
  • Shani Dosha Nivarana Puja: Shani Puja is performed to balance its unfavourable effects, strengthen beneficent influence, calm down Saturn's destructive impacts, and infuse the worshipper's life with hopefulness.
  • Special Abhishekam: If you perform the Shiva Abhishekam in the name of someone who is affected by any health condition, that illness will soon leave them as Abhishekam heals deadly disorders.
    Additionally, Abhishekam provides offspring, fortune, wealth, and other blessings. It’s believed that performing the special Abhishekam on Mondays is very auspicious and lucky.
  • Anapathya Dosha Puja: When a person is affected by an Anapathya Dosh, they will face issues in childbirth and childlessness, which can be a great curse. So this puja enables an individual to remove all the pitra dosh and receives the blessings of Lord Shiva and Vishnu.
  • Naga Dosha Puja: Performing a Naga Dosha puja can be very beneficial as it helps achieve a fruitful marriage and removes delays in marriage.
    However, it can also improve the risk of miscarriage.
  • Shanthi Homam: The Homam should be performed depending on the nature of the troubles and the person's birth chart. A person can achieve physical and spiritual growth by eradicating the unfavourable influences of the planet.

What are the festivals celebrated at Mopidevi Temple?

People from all the neighbouring states visit during the auspicious festivals so that they can receive the divine blessings of Sri Subramanya Swamy. Many devotees offer sweets, donate food and many other things in the temple. Special prasads(food offered to god) are offered to all the people visiting the temple.

  • Sri Subrahmanya Sashti: This day is celebrated as Lord Subramanya has fought against the demon Tarakasur and killed him. It is mainly celebrated in some portions of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  • Maha Sivaratri: This festival is celebrated to honour Lord Shiva, and devotees observe fast throughout the day. The devotees are believed to shower the Shiva Lingam with milk and water on this day.
  • Ugadi: According to the Hindu calendar, Ugadi is celebrated on the first day and first month of the spring. This day is celebrated to mark the New Year in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  • Vinayaka Chavithi: This festival is also named Ganesh Chaturthi. This festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha and is celebrated with great pomp and devotion.
  • Vijaya Dasami: Vijaya Dasami is one of the sacred days in Indian culture, and this festival occurs in the lunar month. This day is celebrated to recognise the victory of good over evil as Goddess Durga fought against the demon Mahisasura.
  • Brahmotsavams: The most prominent festival in a Hindu temple, particularly in South India, is Brahmotsavam, and the most well-known Brahmotsavam is a nine-day day festival that is thought to bring happiness and positivity in the life of people.
  • Nagula Chaviti: The day is mainly committed towards Nag Devata, and of the favourable festivals observed in India for Naga Puja is Nagula Chavithi. However, only married women generally perform the Nagula Chavithi festival to ensure their offspring's well-being and safety.

Places to visit near Mopidevi Andhra Pradesh

If you are going to visit Mopidevi temple, then you must definitely visit the nearby places as there are various other temples and tourist spots.

  • Bhavani Island: The robotic dinosaur park, garden maze, mirror maze, golf and badminton simulators, cycling, and other activities are all included in this top tourist destination.
  • Hamsaladevi: Hamsaladeevi is a well-known temple of Venugopalaswamy (Lord Krishna).
  • Penuganchiprolu temple: This is where the divinity 'Sri Tirupathamma' is said to have her renowned temples, and also it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Paritala: Paritala is situated in Vijayawada's Kanchikacherla Mandal. The Anjaneya Swamy temple is one of the main attractions there as the temple has the statue of Lord Hanuman, which is approximately 135 feet tall.
  • Kondapalli Fort: The Kondapalli Fort was established by the Reddi kingdom in the fourteenth century, and this fort is well known as Kondapalli Quilla.
    The most fascinating thing about the fort is the place's entrance gate, known as the Dargah Darwaza.
  • Tirumalagiri: In Jaggaiahpet, Krishna district, Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple is situated on a tiny hillside Tirumalagiri. A lot of people visit every day from neighbouring places and villages.
  • Vedadri: Vedadi Narasimha Swamy Temple is an ideal location situated in Jaggaiahpet along the River Krishna, from where Vijayawada is around 60 kilometres away.
    It’s believed that there is the existence of almost five various forms of Lord, which are Jwala, Veera, Salagrama, Yogananda, and Lakshmi Narasimha.
  • Kanaka Durga Temple: Famous Hindu temple Kanaka Durga Temple is situated in Vijayawada. People from all around the nation visit the temple to pay homage to the goddess Durga.
    The temple is situated on Indrakeeladri Hill, which is beside the shores of the river Krishna offering a breathtaking view for the people to visit.
  • Machilipatnam beach: One of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the Krishna district is Machilipatnam Beach, and the other name for this place is called Manginapudi Beach.
  • Muktyala: The Muktyala fort is placed at Muktyala Village in Jaggaiahpet Mandal in the Krishna district. Visitors come here to see the historical artworks and architectural elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The temple is placed at Mopidevi Village, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. There are a lot of transport facilities such as air, train or bus. You can easily access all the transport facilities to reach the temple.
Mopidevi temple is very famous for the people who are going through problems in marriage and people who are struggling to have offspring. However, special puja is observed for people who want a prosperous marriage and a successful relationship. They can also donate food in the name of God, which will benefit them in many ways.
The temple timings are 5 am to 1pm, and then 4:30 pm to 8 pm.
You can find many hotels and guest houses for people travelling far away. You can book hotels so that you can take your time and perform all the rituals efficiently.
All the puja performed under the guidance of pandits has different benefits looking at the problems. Thousand of people visit every day to get rid of all the hurdles they have been facing throughout their life. Mopidevi temple is famous for puja related to people without children and many more.
Through the InstaAstro store, which is accessible through our website or app, you can book online Pooja sessions with some of the best astrologers or pandits.
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