Samayapuram Temple - The Temple Of Goddess Shakti

One might wonder what is special in Samayapuram Temple? This temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and situated in Samayapuram near the Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu, the Samayapuram amman Temple is among the most famous shrines of Goddess Shakti in Tamil Nadu. Maiamman devi is an ancient Goddess and expression of Maa Durda or Adhi shakti. It is believed to be the second most wealthiest temple in Tamil Nadu. You can read detailed information about various Gods and beliefs around it on our InstaAstro app and website.

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Samayapuram Temple History

As per the legend surrounding this Mariamman temple, the present deity in the temple was initially at the Ranganathaswamy temple in Srirangam. According to the history of the Samayapuram Temple, one of the leading priests of the Ranganathaswamy temple complained that the idol was causing him to fall ill and ordered the removal of the deity from the temple premises

As a result, the idol was moved outside Srirangam. When passersby and others saw this unattended idol, they built the Kannur Mariamman Temple. It was around the 17th century CE when Tiruchirappalli was an army base under the governance of the Vijayanagara kings. They were the ones who committed to building a temple if they won a particular war. Their victory led to the construction of the shrine of the Goddess.

What is the significance of the Samayapuram Mariamman Temple?

  • The trichy samayapuram temple follows unique traditions and culture in Tamil Nadu. The temple has a special feature of Samiyapuram Tamil Nadu, wherein the Goddess Mariamman takes over a devotee and helps devotees and gives blessings through talking to them. It is believed that the Goddess of this temple is a fierce protector of her devotees and has tremendous powers that can cure any illness.
  • On the holy days of the deity that are Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, She fulfils all the wishes and desires. On these particular days, thousands of believers flock to the temple to get solutions to their problems.
  • There is a ritual to buy metallic replicas of different body parts of the devi. The metals like silver and steel are used to make replicas and also offer a lamp called Maavilakku, made up of rice flour, jaggery and ghee.
  • It is considered that the Samayapuram Tamil Nadu only lets its visitors leave after finding their answers. The Goddess of samayapuram trichy graces her devotees by curing them of all their ailments. Unlike most Hindu temples and deities, the Abhishekam or sacred washing of the deity is not performed in this temple. Instead, the priests conduct an Abhishekam for the small stone idol kept in front of the deity.
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The Architecture of Samaypur Mariamman Temple

The style of this temple is like Dravidian architecture, highlighted by finely carved Gopurams (towers), ornate sculptures, and complex stonework, best exemplified by the Samaypur Mariamman Temple. The temple's architecture, which is primarily composed of stone, is renowned for its exquisite carvings and vibrant paintings. The temple has a Gopuram on the eastern entrance and a rectangular layout.

Five storeys of the Gopuram, or gateway tower, are decorated with exquisite sculptures and figures from Hindu mythology. The Gopuram's top levels are usually narrower and more elaborate, ending in a dome-shaped roof. The complex's main sanctum is situated in the middle and is reached by a sizable hall with pillars.

The primary shrine is home to the black stone Mariamman idol, which is decorated with diamonds, flowers, and vibrant sarees. Beautiful paintings and paintings that illustrate many legendary tales adorn the temple's interior walls.

A shrine of Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati is among the complex's numerous smaller temples and prayer halls. Another lovely aspect of the temple is the Mandapam, or pillared gallery, which sits in the centre of it and features exquisitely carved pillars and murals. The Samayapuram God temple is a significant cultural and religious monument in Delhi, and its architectural design is a stunning and elaborate example of Dravidian style architecture.

What are the festivals observed at this Mariamman Temple?

Many festivals are celebrated at this temple, and most of them are observed in honour of the Goddess.

  • The Thaipusam festival is celebrated in the temple for 11 days and is a big deal. The deity of the Goddess is taken in procession during the morning and evening in different vehicles. On the 10th day, Her procession is taken from samayapuram to srirangam(North Cauvery). This procession is made in a glass palanquin, especially for her Theerthavari or bath. On this day, the Goddess Mariamman receives gifts from her brother Sriranganathan and returns on the 11th day to her home, Samayapuram. During this festival, which takes place in January and February, devotees light ghee lamps for 15 days.
  • The Poochoriyal Festival is in the month of Maasi, or February, and gorgeous flowers are showered on the Moolavar deity. The Goddess undergoes a fast for twenty eight days on the last sunday of maasi. This fast is undertaken for growth and prosperity of the devotees. People offer only liquid food to the Goddess.
  • Another festival is the Chithirai Ther festival or the Chariot festival. It takes place in the months of Panguni-Chithirai, from March to April. During this time, Goddess Mariamman goes for a ride on her sacred wooden chariot.
  • The famous Panchaprakaram festival takes place on the 1st and 10th day of chithirai-vaikasi. The calendar month is from April to May.
  • The final is navratri and the month is september. It is called Purattasi Amavasai and lasts for nine days. During this period, the deity sits in the Navratri Mandapam inside the Gopuram or the Largest tower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 9 PM, you cannot have a darshan of the deity between 12 PM and 2 PM.
If you wish to come by air, the nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli Airport. If you are entering the city by train, then the nearest railway station is located in Tiruchirappalli too. Moreover, if you travel by road, you needn't worry because the temple location is well within road connectivity.
Samayapuram's legacy and grandeur have not just spread across the country but have also found their footing in other parts of the world. People who have migrated to places like Sri Lanka, South Africa, Fiji, and Singapore have maintained their devotion to the temple and built similar temples around them.
The Goddess Arriam Temple in Samaypur is devoted to her; she is thought to be a manifestation of the Goddess Durga. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, or holy places, in Hinduism where the bodily parts of Goddess Sati—a form of Goddess Durga—are believed to have fallen.
The Samaypur Arriam Temple hosts a number of well-known festivals, such as Navratri.
The dress code for men is a Shirt and Trousers. For women, it is a saree or Suit.
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